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Welcome to #2930 IPC APEX EXPO 2016

2023-02-09 17:51:23

The need to reduce the size and weight of
electronic products is continuing as Surface
Mount Technology matures further. Size reduction
in both active and passive components coupled
with improved printed circuit board technology
is producing smaller, lighter weight, and
higher performing end products. Extensive
research and development continues to reduce
the size of active packages. Passive components
have also been reduced in size to enable designers
to use smaller printed circuit boards to perform
a given task. The use of 0603 and 0402
components have been prevalent for a number
of years. These component sizes can be run in
high volume applications at very high yields.
More recently, 0201 components have been
implemented in high density applications. The
0201 component is approximately one-quarter
the size of a 0402 component and this could
reduce the assembly process robustness and

Component Size Comparison