wave soldering machine S-WS350

One: product features

  • Transportation system
  • Direct-connected plate-in device, using 25B chain, smooth into the board.
  • Special high-strength aluminum alloy transport rails, never deformed.
  • Auxiliary guide rail adopts 40mm×80mm thick square pass.
  • Central support system to prevent deformation of the guide rail
  • Titanium alloy reinforced titanium claw, titanium claw thickness 2.0mm, deformation resistance up to 20kg / cm.
  • conveying speed 0 -1.8m / min.
  • The drive system uses Delta inverter to control the motor.
  • Manual angle adjustment device, angle adjustment range 3 °C-7 °C.
  • Intrusion board sensor, providing production quantity record function.


 Preheating system

  • The preheating tank liner is made of special materials and has high insulation performance.
  • The third section of the hot air preheating zone, the length of the preheating zone is about 1800mm
  • The surface is specially made of transparent tempered glass to monitor the operation of PCB board.
  • Using hot air transport mode, high temperature resistant special motor, long life and low noise.

Special heating wire is a star-shaped heating element that is wound in a special way, with fast

Tin furnace part

  • The tin furnace liner is made of titanium alloy and has a capacity of 380kg.
  • The tin bath material is made of titanium alloy.
  • External modular heating, special stainless steel heating element.
  • Power 12KW, room temperature – 260 ° C takes 2 hours, the maximum heating temperature can reach 350 ° C.
  • The tin furnace does not pass the set temperature, the automatic protection of the tin pump will not start.
  • Delta inverter controls the peak motor speed
  • wave crest can reach 12-13mm.
  • tin furnace overall electric access system

Spray system

  • Driven by stepper motor, the motor is smooth and noiseless;
  • spray width, automatically adjust the spray distance with the width of the PCB, equipped with a micro-regulation valve and flow valve.
  • Automatically add flux to eliminate manual and frequent operation and shutdown;
  • Stainless steel exhaust filter system.
  • The sprayer seat is adjustable in height, easy to disassemble, repair and maintenance.

Control System

  • The whole machine adopts Dell computer + Siemens PLC control, and the performance is stable and reliable.
  • Imported thermocouple detection system, automatic cold junction compensation, stable temperature control
  • Siemens temperature control module with imported SSR drive system
  • PID temperature control mode, uniform temperature
  • Emergency engine, ultra high and low temperature alarm device
  • Set the time to automatically switch on and off.
  • Imported electrical control, stable and reliable performance.
  • conveying speed, peak height can be set directly by computer
  • Using Windows system to operate, the system is stable and reliable
  • Menu operation interface is easy and fast to operate
  • The set temperature and actual value of temperature, hot air speed and running speed in the temperature range are displayed.
  • The sinusoidal column animation shows the warming state of each temperature zone, which is intuitive and easy to understand.
  • Various PCB board parameter settings can be stored and adjusted for different types of PCB board parameters

Cooling System

  • Forced cooling with industrial cooling fan to rapidly cool the welding surface

Washing system

  • claw box, the water tank is made of thickness 1.2 stainless steel.
  • 10W magnetic pump rehydration.

Rack structure

  • The integral bracket is welded with a thickness of 3.0 steel, and the outer sealing plate is extruded with high quality steel.
  • The overall appearance of the curved design, clamshell activity visible doors and windows.
  • Surface professional anti-rust, phosphating, color is computer white.

Main technical parameters of wave soldering:

  • Control Method  PC +PLC
  • Conveyor Motor 1P AC220V  90W
  • Conveyor Speed 300-1800mm/Min.
  • PCB Size 50-350mm
  • Preheating Length  15KW,1800mm Three PID control
  • (Room Temp.-250)
  • Preheating Way Hot Air
  • Solder Temperature 10KW    Room Temp. To 300
  • Solder Capacity 360Kg
  • Wave Height 0-12mm
  • Wave Motor 3P AC220V 0.36KW*2PCS
  • Finger Cleaning Pump 1P AC220V  6W
  • Cooling Method Ordinary Air/Forced Air
  • PCB Transport Direction L-R / R-L
  • Flux Capacity 6 LITRES
  • Air Pressure of Flux 3-5BAR
  • Conveyor Angle 4-6
  • Power Supply 3P AC380V 50Hz
  • Normal/Starting Power 22KW/5KW
  • Dimension 2800x1400x1650
  • Appearance Size 3500x1400x1650
  • furnace material High quality Titanium alloy
  • Weight 1200Kg


Product configuration list:

NOName Brand Quantity
1.  PLC Siemens 1 SET
2.  Computer  Dell1 SET
3. Guide rail   temperature resistant guide rail1 SET
4. Chain clawsTitanium alloy stamping parts 2.0mm thickening1 SET
5. Solid State Relays Jiale6 PCS
6. Power supply system Chint1 SET
7.  Power Circuit Breaker Chint 10 PCS
8. Contactor  Chint 3PCS
9. Intermediate relayOMRON10 PCS
10. Switching power supplyMEANWELL1 PCS
11. . Flux pumpSMC1 PCS
12. . InverterTaiwan Delta  3 PCS
13. Proximity switchOMRON 2 PCS
14. Photoelectric sensorOMRON1 PCS
15. Transmission motorOUTA1 PCS
16. Wave motor,Tai Chuang1 PCS
17. Preheating hot air motor Taiwan Sanyue 1 PCS
18. NozzleMeiji, Japan1 PCS
19. Preheating zone heating taizhan  3 SET
20. furnace heating platetaizhan 9 PCS
21. Tin furnace protection temperature control tableOMRON1 PCS

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