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Vacuum Reflow oven S-V8000

2023-02-09 17:51:24

Vacuum Reflow oven S-V8000

Applications: IGBT packaging, LED eutectic, solder paste process, high clean soldering process, laser diode package, hybrid integrated circuit package, package cover package, MEMS and vacuum package.
Industry application: S-V series vacuum reflow soldering machine is an ideal choice for R&D, process research and development, high-capacity production, and is the best choice for high-end R&D and production in military enterprises, research institutes, universities, aerospace and other fields.The product weld void rate is as low as 3% or less.

If you're looking for a reliable and efficient way to achieve high-quality soldering, a vacuum reflow oven is the perfect solution. This advanced technology offers a range of benefits that make it the go-to choice for many industries, including electronics, aerospace, and medical devices.

One of the key advantages of a vacuum reflow oven is its ability to create a controlled environment for soldering. By removing the air from the chamber, the oven eliminates the risk of oxidation and other contaminants that can compromise the quality of the solder joint. This results in a stronger, more reliable connection that can withstand even the most demanding applications.

Another benefit of a vacuum reflow oven is its versatility. With the ability to handle a wide range of materials and components, this technology can be used for everything from simple PCB assemblies to complex microelectronics. And with advanced features like programmable temperature profiles and real-time monitoring, you can ensure that your soldering process is always optimized for maximum efficiency and quality.

At the end of the day, a vacuum reflow oven is the ultimate solution for high-quality soldering. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, this technology can help you achieve the results you need to stay competitive in today's fast-paced market. So why wait? Invest in a vacuum reflow oven today and take your soldering process to the next level!"


It adopts imported heating parts, uniform temperature and high thermal compensation efficiency. It is suitable for CSP, BGA, automobile lamp, UV lamp, LED flip chip process, laser device package, IGBT power device package process soldering;

Special wind wheel design, large air exchange and stable wind speed;

Each temperature zone adopts forced independent circulation, independent PID control, and independent heating mode to make the furnace cavity temperature accurate and uniform, and the heat capacity is large:
4, the temperature rises quickly, from room temperature to working temperature ≦ 30 minutes;

Imported high-quality high-temperature high-speed motor has stable wind, low vibration and low noise;

The furnace body adopts double cylinder (electric push rod) jacking device, which is safe and reliable;
7, chain, mesh belt synchronous constant speed transportation, using frequency conversion precision high speed;
8, special high-quality aluminum alloy rail design, small deformation, chain automatic refueling device;
9, UPS power-off protection function, to ensure the normal output of the PCB after power-off, not damaged;

Powerful software function, monitor and measure the temperature of the PCB board online, and analyze, store and print the data curve at any time;
11, industrial control PC and PLC communication using MODBUS protocol, work stable, to prevent the phenomenon of crash;
12, automatic monitoring, display equipment working status, you can make correction parameters at any time;

Special patented furnace design, good thermal insulation, and the lowest power consumption in the same industry;

The patented guide rail is not deformed at high temperature, and the three-wire rod synchronously widens the structure, effectively ensuring that the guide rails are parallel, preventing the board from falling, the occurrence of the card board, no cleaning, and easy adjustment. The adjustment operation can be performed both automatically and manually.

Standard chain and net chain synchronous iso-speed parallel transportation, can process single-sided and double-sided PCB boards, and optional double-rail transportation system.

The automatic width adjustment system adopts closed-loop PID control, which can be automatically adjusted to the required width according to the parameters input by the computer, and the accuracy can reach 0.2mm.

Due to the modular design of each temperature zone, hot air motor and heating wire are convenient for maintenance and repair.
18, strong cooling air cooling, cold air exchange fast, uniform wind speed, slope can be controlled by frequency conversion, tin point is smooth and bright;

The nitrogen flow meter can monitor the nitrogen flow at any time;
20, in the traditional SMT welding process, to improve, reduce the voids in the solder, the void rate can reach less than 5%;
21, high-quality products for mass production, the shortest product welding process cycle is 30S, to maintain continuous production;

At the same time, the equipment meets the traditional SMT process production configuration, nitrogen welding process and air welding process;

The vacuum part is independently controlled, and can be configured according to the process of the product, or can be shielded with the traditional process product to close this function;

Heating part parameters
Number of pre-zones8/8
Heating zone length 3000mm
number of cooling zones2/2
Vacuum zone
Number of vacuum zones1
Product size smallest size:100*100MM;biggest size:300*350MM, 
Vacuum pumping speed40m³/h  Adjustable
Visual observation window1
Heating system (optional)Space maximum temperature 350 degrees
Flux recovery systemReduces equipment maintenance and increases component life
System ControlTouch Screen + Siemens PLC
Process control actionVacuuming time, vacuum pressure, vacuum pumping speed, vacuum maintenance time, deflation time free control setting
Transmission part parameters
Mesh belt width 500MM
Transport rail adjustment range 50-450MM
Transmission directionL-R(R-L)
Transportation height 900±20MM
Transmission mode mesh belt + chain transmission
Transmission speed300-2000mm/min
power supply Three five-line 380V 50/60HZ
Starting power52KW
Normal work consumption ApproxApprox.10KW
Heating time20min
Temperature control rangeRoom temperature -350 degrees
Temperature control Full computer PID closed loop control, SSR drive
Machine control modePC+PLC
Temperature control accuracy±1
PCB board temperature distribution difference±1-2
Cooling methodCold water cooling
Alarm temperature    Abnormal temperature (super high temperature or ultra low temperature after constant temperature)
Tricolor light indicationThree-color signal indicator: yellow – warming green – constant temperature red – abnormal
Exhaust requirements 110 cubic / min   2 channels φ180mm
Nitrogen protection deviceNitrogen flow rate 20-30 cubic meters / hour oxygen concentration 500-800PPM
External water cooling systemPower 3P cooling speed ≥6 degrees / sec

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