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Are You Finding the Odd Form Components Machine?

2023-02-09 17:51:23

We designed and manufactured Auto Insertion machine in Shenzhen China, — Decreasing labor cost — Easier manufacturing and operations management — Predictable Product Quality – Less repairs — No wrong parts nor wrong polarity — Less risk of damage due to human contact (contamination, ESD, physical damage to components) — Better clinching, less risk of solder issues. — Smaller factory space required to produce same volume of product.

Odd-form components are the only remaining discrete components left to hand assessmbly of a Printed Circuit Board.

The reasons are many,but the fundamental reason is that there are no standards that govern the shape,lead count,packaging,etc.Therefore,most manufacturers are left to handle the components as a special request for proposal and address the problem with a very customized platform.

Our odd components machine is one of the best automation machine for the job can handle components ranging from a 0.01“single pin to a 12”square block if required and do it without tool change or at least an automatic tool change.

This machine also be equipped with vision to inspect the leads and the top of the device for orientation or even position correction.

S 7000 terminal insertion machine from Quella Fan