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The Barcode Validation System provides a reliable, efficient means of verifying component setup prior to the start of a production run

2023-02-09 17:51:23

The Barcode Validation System provides a reliable, efficient means of verifying component setup prior to the start of a
production run 

In an increasing number of circuit board applications, it is important to verify component and feeder
set up prior the start of a production run due to the high cost of post process board repair and
unacceptability of board failure.  It is therfore critical to make sure that the correct components will be
placed before production begins. 

The Barcode Validation System provides the ability to verify that the correct component is in the
correct feeder lane position for a given product, prior to the start of the production run.
Using the Barcode Validation System, feeders are set up and prepared for production off line.  When
the time comes to use these feeders in production, they are mounted to the machine.  At the start of the
production run, the Barode Validation System verifies that each one of these feeders, and their respective
components, has been placed in the correct location before allowing the production sequence to begin. 


Component validation process begins with off-line feeder set up, eliminating the need
to check each feeder as it is loaded onto the machine. 

Board production cannot begin until feeder configuration is verified, eliminating the
occurrence of placing the wrong components. 

System can be used with both tape and bulk style feeders, expanding flexibility with
alternative packaging methods. 

Relevant checking and process information is logged for easy report generation and

Barcode Validation System – Features 

The operation of the Barcode Validation System is based on the interaction between the machine’s
internal control system, “smart” component feeders, an off-line bar code scanning system and barcode
labels presented on component reels during feeder set up (see diagram).

Each feeder used in the system is fitted with an electronic  memory tag that is capable of storing data
relevant to the component that is mounted on the feeder.

During the feeder set up operation, typically performed off-line, a feeder is loaded with a reel of
components and placed in a holding fixture.  Next, the barcode(s) on the component reel is scanned
using a hand-held barcode scanner.  Simultaneously, the scanned information is “written”to the
feeder’s memory tag.  All information collected during this process is logged by the BVS system.

Once all feeders for a particular product are set up and ready for production use, they are mounted on
the machine in feeder slots coinciding with the pattern program. 

As the placement sequence begins, the memory tags of all feeders used to build the particular product
are read by the machine’s read/write antennas.  The system then compares this information to the
pattern program data to verify that all relevant components have been loaded into the correct feeder
slots pertaining to the product about to be built.

Once the component configuration has been verified, production begins. 

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