Southern Machinery Wave soldering machine for THT PCB assembly of 1 Year ROI

Lead time:8 weeks

Warranty:1 year

Place of origin:China


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Package: wooden box

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Wave soldering machine supplier;all kinds of Wave soldering machines,

like S-WS450C Wave Soldering Machine;S-WS250 Wave Soldering Machine

Southern Machinery,a professional Wave soldering machine supplier, is experienced in THT solutions. We supply all kinds of Wave soldering machines.

S-WS450C Wave Soldering Machine and S-WS250 Wave Soldering Machine are the best sellers of all. The Wave Soldering Machine is used to solder the liquid tin in the PCB.

S-WS250 Wave Solder ing Machine:

Product Characters:

1.Suitable for the welding device of long legs and SMD, SMC components
2.Lead-free soldering process, accord with the requirement of environmental protection industry
to reduce pollution
3.Directly pull out of the preheating zone of the module design and filter system, convenient
4.Lengthening preheating zone and preheating curve smoothly, ensure the PCB uniform heat, not
5.Intelligent automatic tracking spray system, the area of the spray along with the PCB evenly
heat, not deformation
6.With speed automatic tracking program
7.With flux nozzle automatic cleaning device, use for a long time, without cleaning
8.Furnace adopts the XT special structural design, can save electricity and reduce oxygen cargo
9.Guide rail USES the XT unique design, can greatly reduce the thermal deformation, can
guarantee the PCB is complete, welding and transport
10.The stepless frequency conversion technology, precise control wave height
11.All motor is equipped with overload protection system
12.Precision titanium alloy elastic titanium claws, transportation, PCB, stable and reliable and
never adhered tin
13.The whole control system adopts three ling series PLC and touch screen
14.Furnace and nozzle uses the XT unique design, two tin bath outside heating type to prevent tin
explosion and decrease the oxidation