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After-Sales Installation Service Get the Best in After-Sales Service

Industrial IoT, exciting words that get thrown around in today’s EMS. While we are actively engaged with developing Smart Factories with embedded technologies, we know that today’s after-sales services are vital. Here’s a look at our process and how you can find confidence in our approach to After-Sales Services.

After Sales Service Plan:

  1. We arrange for your engineers to come to China and offer accommodationsincluding meals, and transportation while learning in our facilities.
  2. Installation –  your equipment is delivered and installed by our engineers
  3. We then send our engineers to your home factory
  4. We recommend 7-15 days of Training and Production for full quality control
  5. Our Engineers are responsible for training your team and work with you to produce your products
  6. Follow-up – our team follows-up to ensure things are running smoothly Get the Best in After-Sales Service

Our engineers are always here to make sure that your EMS Factory is always performing at top capacity. Here are some of the ways we ensure that you have everything you need to maintain top performing Equipment. We offer video trainings, Skype trainings, troubleshooting via Team Viewer, amongst other channels.

The future of After Installation Service with IoT:

With Industrial IoT, we look toward a future where all sensors will be extremely intelligent and collaborate to perform tasks via an entire network geared toward constant monitoring and improvement. Southern Machinery will continue to provide the customer service you are used to but will also have the capability to offer instant feedback with intelligent sensors that constantly read data and measure equipment output and quality. We look forward to this future with you.

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Service Engineers Built Southern Machinery

Higher Quality, Lower Costs, Most Knowledgeable and helpful Engineers

Service Engineer Built Southern Machinery

Service Engineer Built Southern Machinery

Did you know that Southern Machinery was founded by a Veteran Service Engineer? Founder, Jason Wu spent over 12 years as a service engineer. Jason’s mode of operation is tailored to the engineering needs of your manufacturing system. If you need guidance with design, CAD, equipment configuration, training, just ask! Southern Machinery is not just a place to buy machines, but also a place to get your technical questions answered. So ask us! We want to help you solve your PCBA problems.

Do you have a question you need answered and can’t seem to locate the information you need? Ask us and we will feature your Q&A!

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SMT Reel Scrap Tape cutter operating introduction

Functional description
The Scrap Tape Cutter is designed to cut off small pieces of reel

tape and collect them in a trash bin for ease of disposal.

Prodcut safety

• Do not put objects other than reel tape in the cutter unit.
• Use caution with long hair and when wearing loose clothing
near the cutter unit.
• Unplug the unit when performing maintenance of the
• Do not operate the machine near flammable gas.
• Do not open/disassemble the cutter unit while the machine
is operating.
• Follow all safety labels on the cutter unit.

Automatic Mode

1. Rotate the Emergency Stop switch.
2. Push [ON] button at AUTO. The blade unit begins to move.
The blade continues to cycle until the collection bin is
removed or the Emergency Stop switch is pushed.

Recover From Jam

Use the following procedure to clear a jam.
1. Push the Emergency Stop switch to stop the buzzer.
2. Rotate the Emergency Stop switch.
3. Turn power on by pushing [ON] button at POWER.
4. Push and hold the Left or Right Directional Arrow button to
move the blade back away from the jam.
5. Push the Emergency Stop switch and clear the jam.
6. Rotate the Emergency Stop switch.
7. Turn power on by pushing [ON] button at POWER.
8. Push [ON] button at AUTO. Resume auto cutting.

Empty the Trash Bin

Use the following procedure when emptying the Scrap Tape Cutter
collection bin.

1. Grasp the handles on the trash bin and slide the bin out from
the Scrap Tape Cutter unit. The cutter automatically stops.
2. Empty and then re-install the trash bin. Push the [ON] button
at AUTO to resume operation.

Replace the Blades
The blade unit of the Scrap Tape Cutter consists of a fixed and hex blade.
Replace both blades when the cutter jams frequently or when the blades
become damaged or worn. Use the following procedure when replacing the
cutter blades.
1. Push the Emergency Stop switch and unplug the unit.
2. Remove the back cover and tape inlet guide from the cutter unit.
3. Remove the 4 screws that secure the fixed blade to the housing. Use
caution so as not to lose the washers that are under the blade.

4. Remove the idler guide from the housing.
5. Remove the 6 screws that secure the hex blade to the housing.
6. Clean any debris that may have gathered under the blades.
7. Install the new hex blade. Note the correct orientation of the blade.
8. Install the idler guide and secure to the housing.
9. Verify that the washers are in place and install the new fixed blade.
10. Install the tape inlet guide making certain the plate is aligned with the
screw holes.
11. Install the back cover, plug in the unit, and rotate the Emergency Stop
switch. The unit is ready for operation.

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