solder paste printing

Depth analysis: What are the factors that affect the thickness of SMT press solder paste printing?

Depth analysis: What are the factors that affect the thickness of SMT press solder paste printing?
In the solder paste printing machine, sometimes the printed solder paste is very thin, which causes the product to fall off due to too little solder paste after the furnace is finished. So how is this phenomenon caused? Below I will analyze some specific reasons for everyone.

First, the quality of the steel plate — stencil printing is contact printing, so the stencil thickness and opening size determine the amount of solder paste printing, too much solder paste will produce bridging, too little solder paste will occur solder deficiency or solder joint, template The shape of the opening and the smoothness of the opening also affect the quality of the release. The template opening must have the bell mouth down, otherwise the solder paste will be taken from the chamfered corner of the bell when the mold is released. DEK accessories

solder paste printing
solder paste printing
solder paste printing
solder paste printing

Second, the printing process parameters — solder paste is a thixotropic fluid, with viscosity, when the scraper moves forward at a certain speed and angle, push the solder paste to roll in front of the scraper, the need to inject solder paste into the mesh or leak hole The pressure, the viscous friction of the solder paste causes the solder paste to shear at the intersection of the squeegee and the stencil, and the shear force reduces the viscosity of the solder paste, which facilitates the smooth injection of the solder paste into the mesh. There is a certain constraint between the speed of the blade, the pressure of the blade, the angle of the blade and the stencil, and the viscosity of the solder paste. Therefore, only by properly controlling these parameters can the printing quality of the solder paste be ensured.


Semi-Auto Screen Printer SP-1200 for 1.2M LED assembly.

Semi-Auto Screen Printer SP-1200 for 1.2M LED assembly.
Semi-Auto Screen Printer SP-1200 for 1.2M LED assembly.



Third, contact printing blade pressure:

1 blade pressure 10~20 depends on the size of the press or template installation;

2 The blade pressure should be sufficient to scrape the template;

3 The blade pressure is too high, which may result in:

  1. Speed ​​up the wear of the template;

2, printing causes solder paste pattern adhesion;

  1. The solder paste is hollow;
  2. The solder paste is pressed out from the reverse side of the template to cause the solder ball.

Fourth, the contact printing blade speed:

1 fine pitch (12-20mil0.5-1.5 inches / sec (13-38mm /

2 custom pitch (20-50mil1.5-4.5 inches / sec (38-115mm /

3 solder paste viscosity will have a certain impact on the speed of the scraper

4 reduce the speed of the blade will increase the thickness of the solder paste printing

5 template thickness increases, scraper speed should be reduced accordingly

6 printing too fast is easy to cause insufficient solder paste


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1.Description 2.Specification 3.Feature 4.Operation panel 5.Operation Guide

  • Menu Function
  • Programming Process
    • Calibration
    • Place strip


  • Material Station Setting
  • Place PCB board
  • Import coordinate
  • Puzzle Set
  • Operation Procedure
    • Basic Procedure
    • Safety


  • Maintenance and management
    • Maintenance
    • Common Faults
  • Configuration
  • Quality Guarantee













  • Description

S-6000 is dedicated to research and develop electronic products, it is a small desktop type machine which suits for small and medium-sized enterprise assembly line is developed by our company. This machine has


superior function 1.small batch production. 2. Experiment, research and development. 3. Sample Preparation and trial-produce. 4. Processing and Mounting LED SMT, etc.

The main characteristic of S-6000 is small volume, Mounting very fast, high precision when it works, simple operation, stable running and competitive price. Not only can help you to avoid the mounting instability by man-made, but also can help you to solve the problem like high labor cost, high site cost, low production efficiency, and so on. Our product can greatly improve the productivity.




  • Specification


Desktop Automatic Budget SMT Machine



Applicable PCB


Visual System

up visual system

up and down visual system

Visual function

Mark point positioning function

Placement Head Quantity





Strip Roller Quantity




IC Tray




1 Shelves

Mounting Capability



Mounting Accuracy



Applicable Components


0402~24mm, CHIP, SOP, QFP, SOT

Tape Width: 8mm,12mm,16mm,24mm

External Dimension




59KG( 85.5KG including the package)

63.5KG( 90KG including the package)

Vacuum Pump

-92KPA (Included, Mute Pump)

Vacuum Pump Quantity

2(Included, Mute Pump)

Power Supply

220V , 50Hz

Average Working Power




  • Feature
    • On the basis of programming and control system of WindowsXP, it is supported to import the coordinate file and online programming
    • vision correction: Mounting vision correction, Machine tool vision correction
    • 2 Placement Heads can work in the same time and the mounting range is big. It supports big and thick component. 4 placement heads can be choosed
    • Laser alignment, online programming
    • Vacuum detection, intelligent discriminant good or bad adsorption
    • Detection of material lack, automatic alarm
    • Support multi-feeding ways: feeder belt, feeder, IC tray, IC material tray
    • Encapsulation apply


  • common resistance, capacitance, inductance    and diode


  • SOP series




  • TO252    SMA SMB





SOP-8 (SO8) narrow

SSOP-20 wide








5. SOT series  




0402, 0603

0805, 1206

1210, 1812

2010, 2512

3528, 5050












  • Operation panel

    • Reset Button:    Reset the system data can be restored to the initial state
    • Lighting Button:    The light switch
    • Acceleration and deceleration: Adjust the machine speed
    • Step Distance Button:    Adjust the step distance, step distance: 0.025    0.2    1    5    25 100    mm) Standard step distance: 5
    • Left and right, Up and down Button:    Move the direction key
    • Start/stop:    decide when the machine work start and suspend
    • Emergency stop button: Machine is in wrong operation, click this button, the machine stops running and in the locked state. After solve the problems, this button will rotate rightwill be back to start, open unlock Safe , the machine will work properly
    • Alarm:    Color light alarm, Red is stop state, green is working state. When the machine at work when a fault occurs, the red lights and alarm


  • Operation Guide

    • Menu Function

Level 1 menu
nameLevel 2menu
nameMenu functions instructions
FileNew FileImport and build new coordinate filesOpen FileOpen the saved file SMT programmingEditCheck the dataCheck list configuration material stand material unit
configurationshortcut keyCut and paste, paste, copy, delete

SettingBackup and recovery machine
parametersMachine tool fault
solvingCheck system failureCalibrationBefore using equipment calibration machineSystem of
material stripBuilding material components encapsulation, information and
material feed configurationSystem of
componentEstablish station components packaging information

ControlUnlockUnlock the machineLockLock the machineHeatingHeating the machineOpen cursorOpen the machine cross cursorClose cursorClose the machine cross cursor
ViewToolbarCould show and hide the toolbarList to adapt to
the widthReduce and enlarge the programming listHelpAboutView the system version informationMachine
debugging toolsCan debug and test the function of each part of the machine

Programming Process

Machine Calibration -> Put Material Strip    –> Set Material Stationcheck material -> Put PCB    -> Import Coordinates -> Puzzle SetCheck PCB

  • Calibration

Enter the menu- Set -> Calibration, Align the cursor, nozzle, pull needles and other equipment in order one by one, details are in the corresponding instructional videos.


  • Put Material Strip

Put the material strip on the shelf, details are in the corresponding instructional videos.

  • Material Station Setting

Set the material stand center coordinates, broaching coordinates (for belt material stand), Set column spacing (for disc material stand), This process is referred to as “Material Station Setting”, details are in the corresponding instructional videos.

  • Place PCB board

Put empty PCB board with no solder paste on the machine, Carefully adjust the distance of the jig, To ensure that the PCB securely holding.

  • Import coordinate

Enter the main menu file – > new file, import a coordinate file. Support import the coordinate file and online programming coordinate file PCB software: PADS, CAM350, protel99, Altium Designer and so on, details are in the corresponding instructional videos.

  • Puzzle Set

Choose from two of the far patch points, To establish the corresponding relation of the origin and the origin of
the machine tool programming, This process is referred to as “Puzzle Set”, details are in the corresponding
instructional videos.

  • Operation Procedure

    • Basic Procedure







Solder Paste




Solder Paste -> SMT pick and place machine -> Reflow Soldering



  • This machine has a certain dangerous, non-professional workers do not operate.
  • Before using,Please ensure that the machines work platform area no obstacle to run again, in the run process, do not put your hands in the working area and cover the protect shell.


  • Maintenance and management

    • Maintenance

      • Keep the machine clean,do not put anything on the machine, and also close the protection shell. Cover the protection shell and disconnect the power switch under no use the machine circumstance.
      • Stopped for a long time before using again, put lubricating oil in the X Y axis,keep the machine running smoothly.
      • Using the nozzle for the long time, please clean and make sure the machine is unblocked.
    • Common Faults

      • The needle do not work: Possible reasons:
  • Pull needle can not move down, check to pull needle power supply.
  • Needle couldn’t lift, check whether the needle stuck, the system will be an error. If stuck to artificial troubleshooting, to pull the needle back to normal.
    • The nozzle do not work:

      Possible reasons:

      • Check whether the suction nozzle is fixed in place.
      • Whether the suction nozzle deformation or blocked.



  • Configuration



  • Quality Guarantee

We are not in favor of users to repair itself.

The machine warranty is 1 years, When the machine has any problems in this period, we could repair and change. But in any case, our company’s responsibility can’t more than the purchase price of the product.

If the machine have any problems in the using process, according to the common failures suggest and the solution still cannot be solved, the user shall not open the case, please contact our company’s Marketing Department or agents.

For the faults caused by the manufacturing defects, our company is responsible for free repair or

replacement products.

This guarantee is only applicable to normal use of equipment, and the absence of damage or improper use. The warranty does not include the problem/fault caused by the following reasons:

  • Repair or change the machine without authorization.
  • The proper use of, inadvertent use or accidental, etc.

Please keep the warranty registration card and the Invoice, for the record when we need to maintenance, Technological innovation, Calibration, etc.

How to use Bowl vibration feeder for Bulk Electronic components for PCBA

For the last 20 years any odd-form components that did not come pre-packaged have been assembled BY HAND. Any PCB Assembly in today’s market can gain quick advantages by automating their assembly line. Huge costs are spent unnecessarily on labor and import fees.
If you are considering automation of odd-form components in your PCBA, consider these questions:
  1. Does your desired component come available in a package?
  2. Is your lead to hole ratio appropriate for automating?
  3. Is the quality and repeatability of the component suitable for automation?
  4. Does your component require lead preparation prior to insertion?
  5. Does your process require that the component is clinched?
Need help with these questions? Let us know and we will help design your Odd-Form Assembly tailored to your needs!


[Canvasio3DPro templateID=”15″ objectID=”18″]

PCB Board handling system in Smart factory

The Southern Machinery is a Shenzhen-based company, providing professional automatic insertion machines tailor-made for Electronic Manufacturing Factory. Our team works with recognized experts that have many years of working experience in the industry.

As an industry leader with over 20 years of experience in electronic manufacturing, we provide comprehensive guidance from the AI / PCB design (DFM), AIprocess (NPI) to equipment importing, installation, and auto insertion technology (THT) training, machine troubleshooting/ upgrading/ overhauling / relocating/ fittings. We also offer an affordable line-up of all brand spare parts.
By saving your time and money through getting your PCB Assembly automated, your long-term return on invest (ROI) will also increase with producing PCBs in-house. Working with a proven industry leader allows you to focus on your core business with PCB assembly handled by the proven specialists at Southern Machinery.
We are committed to conducting any level of EMS design work and providing electronic design services. These value-added design services can verify the accuracy and precision of electronic designs, leading to significant improvements for production output and resulting in superior products with higher quality that your target market will love.

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[Canvasio3DPro templateID=”14″ objectID=”15″][/Canvasio3DPro]



[Canvasio3DPro templateID=”14″ objectID=”16″][/Canvasio3DPro]


[Canvasio3DPro templateID=”14″ objectID=”17″][/Canvasio3DPro]

Spare Parts – Nozzles & Rotary Tables

Spare Parts:

Featuring Nozzles & Rotary Tables

Name brand nozzles spart parts.

Have you invested in one of our AI/SMT machines? Then you know that quality is our TOP priority. Our spare parts are of that same superior quality. We know first hand how important choosing the right spare parts are to the success of your factory, as it means higher productivity, efficiency, ultimately bringing you more business. We are dedicated to providing the lowest prices and the highest quality.

Check out our shop, and if you have any questions we are here to fill your needs with the highest quality advice, machines, and parts.

juki nozzle spare partsWe provide Different Nozzle Brands:

Juki Nozzle, Fuji, Panasonic, YAMAHA, Samsung, odd form nozzle and MORE! Order at or contact us for more information!

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ON SALE: Rotary Table assy for Universal Axial Insertion machinerotary table spare parts

We are your one-stop shop for your accessories. Don’t miss our sales. We are currently offering Rotary Table assy for Universal Axial Insertion Machines for a discount. Visit for more spare parts or click below to purchase this item!

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Free Gerber File Download

Attention PCB Design Engineers:

For a brief time, we will be giving away a FREE Gerber File. Gerber File Download

For the first time, Southern Machinery is giving away a FREE Gerber File! If you need help with your design process, we are gladly here to help. Let us make your manufacturing set-up easy and efficient.

We at Southern Machinery know and understand what is needed for a successful PCB Assembly. If you need pharmacy guidance with design, CAD, equipment configuration, training, just ask! Southern Machinery is not just a place to buy machines, but also a place to get your technical questions answered. So ask us! We want to help you find your PCBA solutions.

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Stencil Cleaning without VOCs | Every SMT Factory Should Have One of These

Pneumatic Cleaning Systems

Stencil Cleaning without VOCs

Stencil Cleaning without VOCs |

There are three main pollution sources to consider when dealing with Stencil Cleaning Equipment for your PCBA. They include gaseous emissions, wastewater, and solid emissions. Depending on the regulations of the location you conduct manufacturing, the quantity of the emissions, and any fines or penalties associated with these emissions, we recommend learning about environmental pitfalls and avoiding them all together.

We want to bring cleaner solutions to the PCBA process. In the spirit of education we want to share the environmental pitfalls you can avoid by choosing a Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner:

Air Pollution:
Ozone Depleting Substances
Climate Change Contributing Substances

Solid Waste:

Heavy metal cations (notably lead,
tin and copper)
All leachable toxic materials up to 100 years in authorized discharge conditions
Used solvent
Waste Water Pollution:

Heavy metal cations (notably lead, tin and copper)
Anions (notably phosphates, nitrites and sulfates)
Complexing/chelating agents (notably EDTA salts and
ammonium/amine compounds
PH (acid or base condition)
Other (temperature, solid matter, suspended matter,
Toxicity to aqueous life before and after biodegradation surface tension modifiers, etc.)
Stencil Cleaning without VOCs |
Stencil Cleaning without VOCs |

Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner: Filter Changing

CLEAN! Zero pollution SMT stencil cleaning machine
EASY! 2 grade filter for SMT stencil cleaning machine cleaning fluid circulation use
FAST! 3 minutes cleaning process for quick improvement of printing quality

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THT Thriving in Specialized Music Industry

THT Thriving in the Pro-Audio Industry

NAMM Show 2017

NAMM THT Music Industry Odd-form automation machines PCB Boards

While in attendance at the 2017 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show last month we found one thing to be true… THT Equipment is far from dead. The music industry continues to require robust and durable components for high quality and heavy duty gear. GEAR, GEAR, GEAR! And the better the gear the more likely THT was involved in the assembly. Proving that THT is not just surviving but thriving in our high-tech world.

But there are many missing links! Many of these specialty components are still placed by hand and many more are still IMPORTED. Opportunities abound for manufacturers to bring all assembly, quality control, and profits back home. Quality is the name of the game when it comes to being #1 in any product category but costs sometimes hold back some manufacturers. According to Joel Menchey, Menchey Music Service, import costs for audio manufacturers are the highest of all costs. This doesn’t have to be so.

We at Southern Machinery have the solutions to lower costs and improve your manufacturing assembly quality! Our S-600-OF Through-hole & Surface Mounting Multifunction Machine paves the way to incorporate THT with SMT technologies. We can help you design the exact machine for your needs, ordered to spec. It’s a simple conversation for a huge shift in ideology and savings.

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THT Music Industry Odd-form automation machines PCB Boards


  • Six pick-up heads.
  • Practical placement speed to 18,000 cph.
  • Huge Component Range: places SMDs from 0402 to 15 mm x 15 mm, including resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes/
    audion , IC, SOTs, SOPs, QFPs and CSPs, and THT components.
  • Feeder racks can accommodate a mix of tape feeders and IC tube/stick feeders or 5 THT components feeder.
  • Teaching/fiducial recognition camera for easy programming & operation
  • Customized nozzles available.
  • Bottom fixed-camera vision system for fast, accurate alignment.
  • Ball screw drive and heavy-duty, uni-body construction ensure smooth, high-speed movement and high accuracy and repeatability.
  • SMEMA-compatible inline
SPECIFICATIONS:Placement Specifications
Number of Placement Heads 6
Maximum Placement Speed 25,000 cph
Average Practical Placement Speed 18,000 cph
Placement Accuracy ±0.05 (0.002″)
Minimum SMD Size 1.02 mm × 0.51 mm (0.04 in × 0.02 in)
Maximum SMD Size 15 mm × 15 mm × 10 mm (0.59” × 0.59” × 0.39“)
Alignment Method Bottom vision standard
Capability for SMDs LEDs, Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Diodes, Audion,
Transistors, SOTs, SOPs, QFP,s QFNs, CSPs
Pick Up Specifications
Negative Pressure Detection Yes
Components Shortage Alarm Yes
Board Handling Specifications
Board Loading Method Inline Conveyor
Maximum Board Length 400 mm (31.5“) standard
Maximum Board Width 360 mm (17.2“)
Minimum Board Length 50 mm (1.97”)
Minimum Board Width 50 mm (1.97”)
Board Thickness 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm (0.02” to 0.12″)
Fiducial Recognition/ Yes
Coordinate Correction
Feeder Capacity
Feeder Type Pneumatic
Maximum No. of Feeder Ports 30 Or 5 THT components Feeders.
Tape Feeder Sizes 8, 12, 16 and 24 mm
Operating System Windows XP
PC, Keyboard, Mouse Yes
Monitor Flat LCD
Programming Camera Yes
Numeric Data Entry Yes
CSV Import Yes
Step and Repeat for Matrix Boards Yes
Mechanical Specifications
X Axis Drive Mechanism Ball Screw & Linear Guide Rail
X Axis Drive Motor AC Servo
Y Axis Drive Mechanism Ball Screw & Linear Guide Rail
Y Axis Drive Motor AC Servo
Conveyor Drive Mechanism Ball Screw & Linear Guide Rail
Conveyor Drive Motor AC Servo
Transmission Drive Mechanism Belt
Transmission Drive Motor DC Stepper
Z Axis Drive Mechanism Belt
Z Axis Drive Motor DC Stepper
X-Y Axis Resolution 0.005 mm (0.0002“)
Z Axis Resolution 0.005 mm (0.0002“)
T Axis Range of Motion 360°
Physical Specifications
Overall Dimensions 1300 mm x 1380 mm x 1410 mm (51.2” x 54.3” x 55.5“)
(L x W x H)
Approximate Net Weight 1000 Kg
Facility Requirements
Standard Voltage 220 V – Single Phase, 50Hz
Air Pressure 0.6MPa (6.1kgf/cm2)
Service and Support
Remote Diagnostics On-line
Warranty 1 Year







Your PCB Assembly Quality Checklist ✏

We have EVERYTHING you need…

Your PCB Assembly Quality Checklist

After many requests, we are thrilled to announce our Industry Leader Newsletter. As an Industry Leader, Southern Machinery wants to provide your company with the same excellence we put into our equipment and services. We know your job is important and you must always stay ahead of trends in PCB Assembly. Changes in labor costs, shifting environmental laws and policies, energy conservation efforts, advancing industries, international trade politics, etc., are causing a reemergence of in-house manufacturing systems to be put into place. The tide has shifted and it is now time to begin transitioning to a more self-sufficient manufacturing system.

Welcome to our Newsletter! No matter what your company role is, this Newsletter will keep you up-to-date with the most important topics and events that affect the quality and profitability of your manufacturing systems. If it has been a while since we last spoke, stay tuned! We will be delivering important PCB topics to your inbox. In the meantime, we have put a quality checklist together for you!

Your Manufacturing Quality Checklist here:

  • Do you have ROI-Driven Design and Implementation of reliable PCB Assembly Equipment?
  • Is your equipment Low-Cost with High-Intelligence?
  • What is the speed of your PCB throughput?
  • Is your efficiency high?
  • Is your productivity high?
  • Are you increasing your profits by using affordable and reliable equipment?
  • Is your short-term investment low?
  • Is your long-term investment low?
  • Have you eliminated hand insertion for Automatic Insertion for improved time and profits?
  • Finally, have you eliminated your import fees by producing your own PCBs?


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Pneumatic stencil cleaner replaces manual cleaning step by step

S-1688 Pneumatic stencil cleaner

  • Complete pneumatic operation without any fire risk
  • Equipment is ergonomically in designed
  • Cleaning and drying process is a simple one-button operation
  • Patented nozzle precision design ensure high cleaning process
  • Interior special design for better effect on rinsing and drying
  • Stencil tension is not affected during the cleaning process
  • Auto liquid feeding and draining system
    our levels filtering system with precise exhaust design and control
  • Liquid can be recycled which results in lower solvent consumption
  • Internationally recognized critical components are used to ensure
    long-term quality and reliability
  • Modular design to ensure easy maintenance
  • Solder paste and glue will adhere to the stencil hole during printing process
  • Manual cleaning is not effective in removing the solder paste deposit. Solidified and hardened deposits can cause the stencil mesh to deform
  • The printing quality will be adversely affected if the stencil is used
    without proper cleaning

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Pnumatic stencil cleaner packing
Pneumatic stencil cleaner
Pnumatic stencil cleaner
Pneumatic stencil cleaner
Pnumatic stencil cleaner
Pneumatic stencil cleaner
Pnumatic stencil cleaner
Pneumatic stencil cleaner
Pnumatic stencil cleaner
Pneumatic stencil cleaner