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2 Customer Favorites: Peripheral & Spare Parts

Some of Our Customer's Favorite Peripheral Equipment

Automatic Glue Dispensing & SMT Splicing Tool

We're sharing some of our most popular peripheral equipment & spare parts. We supply many premier factories with our high-quality, low-cost peripheral equipment & spare parts. Here are just two samples of some customer favorites:

1. Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine​

Equipment for dispensing SMT adhesive and glues. With its accurate robot, controller, and pumping system, our automatic glue dispensing machine can effectively dispense glue, saving large volumes of glue and increasing productivity & ROI.

automatic glue dispensing machine


Fully Automatic and Easy to Operate!

Major functions:

Drawing point, line, surface, arc, circle, irregular curve continuous complement, and triaxial linkage.

Size Setting for gluing area, speed of gluing, dispensing time, stopping glue time.
Stable glue exudation without glue leaking and dripping.

Draws dispensing path and imports from computer, or editable on the touch panel.

Easy operation, high precision.

Big working platform for putting several pieces of product together at a time.

High dispensing efficiency.

Adjustable working platform that adjusts according to the size of products.

Suitable for various kinds of fluid dispensing: UV glue, AB glue,
EPOXY(black glue), white glue, EMI conductive glue, silicon, epoxy resin, instant glue, silver glue,
red glue, paste, thermal grease, welding control paste, transparent paint, screw fixative…


Mobile phones
computer case
CD-ROM driver
ink folder
PCB board
digital camera
medical apparatus


UV glue
AB glue
EPOXY(black glue)
COB black glue
white glue
EMI conductive glue
epoxy resin
instant glue
silver glue
red glue
thermal grease,
welding control paste
transparent paint
screw fixative

2. SMT Splicing Tools

We offer many SMT Splicing Tools, Embossed Feeder Tape, Brass Stitch and Tape Splice. Including:

  • Equipment for Tape Splicing
  • Spicing staplers
  • Carrier Tape Cutting Tools
  • SMT Splicing Cart
  • Pin Jigs
  • Splicing Shim (Clip)
  • AI Splicing
  • Shim (Clip)
SMT Splicing Tools

How to save 10 times cost on wearing spare parts?

We have the most original spare parts drawing,with our good quality materials,can help you to save your cost by about 10 times comparing with original spare parts. Why don’t you have a try about our spare parts? We will satisfy you  100%.

AI,SMT wearing spare parts ,like UIC AI parts, Fuji,Samsung,Juki,YAMAHA and so on ,nozzle,feeders.

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