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How SMT solder paste is mixed. Is there any quick way?

How SMT solder paste is mixed. Is there any quick way?

The solder paste should be fully stirred before using
Purpose: To make the flux and tin powder evenly distributed, give full play to various characteristics;
Mixing method: manual mixing or machine mixing can be; mixing time: manual: about 4 minutes machine: 1 ~ 3 minutes
1) Manual Mixing: Remove the solder paste from the freezer and open the cover until it returns to room temperature (about three to four hours at 25 ° C). Stir the solder paste with a stirring knife. If the cover is broken, tin The cream will become tin pieces by absorbing moisture.
2) with automatic mixer:. If the solder paste is removed from the freezer, there is only a brief warm-up period and you will need to use an automatic mixer to use automatic mixing without affecting the solder paste characteristics. After a period of agitation, the solder paste will. Gradual warm-up If the mixing time is too long, it may cause the solder paste to be higher than the operating room temperature, causing the solder paste to be poured over the board in one piece, and flow (bleeding) during printing, so be careful. Due to different machines, room temperature and other conditions change, will result in different mixing time, so before proceeding, please prepare enough test.
Stirring effect of the judge: Scraping part of the solder paste with a scraper blade tilt, if the solder paste can slide down smoothly, that is, the right to meet the requirements of the appropriate mixing time due to the mixing method, the device and the ambient temperature and other factors vary, should Do more experiments in advance to determine.

We have a fully automatic tin paste mixer which can solve these problems:

Solder Paste Mixer

automatic solder paste mixer for SMT production , this solder paste mixer , mix the solder paste when SMT production before solder paste printer .

Solder Paste Mixer-1

 the machine features Features:    

 1. 0 speed can reach 1000 rpm     

1.1 Solder Paste not need to first thaw stirring;     

1.2 do not have to open the container;    

 1.3 single-phase power supply 110v-220v:    

 1.4 No problem with water vapor:    

 1.5 does not destroy the shape of solder paste powder:  

  1.6 fixture for all kinds of 500g package Paste cans;    

 1.7 mixing time can be set free;  

  1.8 with manual speed control


Solder Paste Mixer

Solder Paste Mixer

Solder Paste Mixer

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Product Description

This solder paste special for SMT production process. It is made from the special solder paste and sphere tin power with little oxide content. It has the excellent performance in continuous printing. It has very little residue after reflow and very good insulation impedance. With various alloy composition, different diameter of tin powder, and metal content to meet the customer need in products and process requirement.

Product Feature and Selling points                                                                                                           

  1. 1.    Good http://shopantibioticsonline.com rollability in printing, excellent performance in printing even for 0.3mm part spacing in steel plate.
  2. 2.    Little changes for the viscosity for continuous printing, longer life time for the stencil, and good printing performance even for continuous 8 hours printing.
  3. 3.    No slump electron migration several hours after printing.
  4. 4.    Excellent welding performance and proper wettability in different parts.
  5. 5.    Adaptable to different level of welding equipments, finish welding with no nitrogenization, good performance in welding even in wide range reform temperature.
  6. 6.    Very little residue, light in color, and good insulation impedance and no corrosion to PCB, no need clean.
  7. 7.    Good testing performance in ICT.
  8. 8.    Workable for paste in Hole process
  9. Solder paste3 Solder paste6 Solder paste2 Solder paste1 Solder paste IMG_2792