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How to Use Splicing Methods to Improve SMT Machine Efficiency

Increasing Productivity, Efficiency and Costs

How to Implement Splicing in Your SMT Factory

By utilizing the advantageous methods of tape splicing with splicing tools to join component reels together, you reduce the need to reload feeders. In addition, leader tape extenders add extra length to a part reel reducing the waste of components, thus saving costs, materials, and time. Splicing shouldn't only be considered when components run out - tape splicing should also be considered when you have to pull a part reel from stock, swap it across machines with different feeders, or when the tape snaps.

Don't let splicing be an after thought for your machines that do not allow feeder removal and replacement during machine operation. Consider if you can implement splicing ahead of time to improve operation efficiency. Ask these questions: 1) Does your machine have the ability to recognize that a feeder has been removed? 2) What are the pros to adding tape splicing to your process?

How to Implement Splicing in Your SMT Factory

Benefits of Splicing:

• Increased throughput of pick & place machinery.

• A reduction in downtime through reducing reel changes.

• Decreased component cost by using 100% of the components on a reel.

How to SPLICE 8 MM PAPER in SMT. PRE SPLICING (for all carrier tape sizes):

  1. Determine which pins to use to avoid cutting into a pocket.
  2. Make sure the pocket is toward the center of the cutter. (This wilallow for the biggest cutting area.)
  3. Peel back the Mylar up to the first full pocket.
  4. Cut the carrier tape on a new reel, making sure not to leave empty pockets and not to
  5. Cut through the Mylar.
  6. Cut the Mylar leaving a small tab.


  1. Cut the carrier tape in the feeder, making sure not to leave empty pockets.
  2. Peel backing on splice tape.
  3. Line up the dimples on the splice tape with the holes in the carrier tape in the feeder.
  4. Line up the dimples on the new reel, making sure to mate up the ends and line up the Mylar tab.
  5. Fold over tape and press with fingers.
  6. Remove clear plastic.


PRE SPLICING (for all carrier tape sizes):

Determine which pins to use to avoid cutting into pocket. Make sure the pocket is toward the center of the cutter. (This will allow for the biggest cutting area).

  1. Cut the carrier tape on a new reel, making sure to leave one empty pocket.
  2. Lift the Mylar off of the empty pocket.
  3. Cut the carrier tape in the feeder, making sure not to leave empty pockets.
  5. Place the last full pocket on the feeder into the first empty
  6. pocket of the new reel.
  7. Peel backing on splice tape.
  8. Place on Mylar side of the carrier tape. (To make it easier use hold downs on tool.)
  9. Remove carrier tape from tool. Peel backing on the second
  10. splice tape.
  11. Place on carrier side, making sure to form to pocket. (Do
  12. not place second Mylar on 603 embossed.)
  13. SMT Splicing Tools

We offer many SMT Splicing Tools, Embossed Feeder Tape, Brass Stitch and Tape Splice. Including:

  1. Equipment for Tape Splicing
  2. Spicing staplers
  3. Carrier Tape Cutting Tools
  4. SMT Splicing Cart
  5. Pin Jigs
  6. Splicing Shim (Clip)
  7. AI Splicing
  8. Shim (Clip)

smt splicing tools to improve efficiency

The SMT Splicing Cart is ideal for splicing SMT component tape on-the-fly to dramatically reduce downtime on pick-and-place equipment. The cart rolls up to the feeder bank for easy splicing of reels and features storage space for spliced strips. Additionally, the cart offers storage for three splicing tools and to be used in conjunction with stapler.

Improve Your SMT Machine Efficiency with Splicing

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One Company Makes it Easy to Shop SMT Equipment from China

One Company Makes it Easy to Shop SMT Equipment from China

One Company Makes it Easy to Shop SMT Equipment from China | smthelp.com

For International PCB Manufacturers outside of China, finding the AI/SMT supplier they need to meet many demanding forces of timeliness, support services, superior quality as well as consistency is sometimes an overwhelming task. It is especially challenging to discern that diamond in the rough supplier when using popular shopping platforms like Alibaba that barrages users with varying degrees of quality and quotes.

One man, Jason Wu, has taken his 30 years of engineering experience in servicing AI and SMT equipment to the next level to serve those clients looking for the best way to source SMT from China. Mr. Wu and his sales team lead the way in offering international manufacturing customers something beyond the experience of affordable equipment. Beyond the selling of equipment, Mr. Wu and his team aim to educate and train on top quality automated manufacturing processes at every angle possible.

The idea of Southern Machinery was born of the necessity for an online support tool for PCB Engineers internationally. Mr. Wu believes in helping companies move their manufacturing factories back to their home country where they can reap the benefits and rewards for themselves. Southern Machinery helps PCB Manufacturers at every level by walking investors of new factories, refurbished factories, etc., through a Full Factory Assessment, to help manufacturers get the most ROI from their PCB Manufacturing Investment.

Mr. Wu and his team are constantly updating their audience on PCB assembly best practices, procedures, equipment, and how-to’s with videos, infographics, and articles that come directly from Service Engineer experience.

Their website SMTHelp.com was created as an easy shopping tool for factory purchasing departments and trusted customers to return and make quick and easy purchases of spare parts and other peripheral equipment that saves customers time.

To make shopping as convenient and safe as possible for PCB Manufacturers, Southern Machinery accepts Paypal direct from their website in addition to the traditional transfer wire.

Mr. Wu has witnessed consistent growth and recognition by Fortune 100 Manufacturing Companies for offering impeccable service and quality at prices that are often times 10x lower than name brand suppliers. “We are currently working with some major players in the Worldwide Lighting Industry and offering them the same superior quality of SMT Equipment and service they are accustomed to but at much more affordable pricing that allows their budget to be spent elsewhere,” stated Wu.

With the upsurge of PCB Suppliers needing to overhaul their production and processes, automation of every step from printing and stencil cleaning to component placement and soldering, has become a matter of high urgency. It can be challenging to choose the right supplier that can meet every need but when you choose a supplier that walks you through the entire process and is still by your side 30 years later to support your every need, you know you’ve chosen the best way to SMT from China.

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