Odd-form component mounter

Odd-form component mounter
Improve product quality and increase production capacity solution.

odd-form solutions are designed for high volume and high mix production. Odd-form process automation is an efficient way to improve profitability significantly by increasing the throughput and assembly quality.
The benefits can be measured in assembly reliability, accuracy and flexibility, labor savings, assembly yield improvements, floor space savings and optimization of processes.

Are you finding the automatic nozzles cleaner?We can provide!

nozzles cleaner

In the process of SMT, the suction nozzle is quite easily adhered with solder paste or dirt etc. If maintenance has not been done for a long time or the cleaning is not thorough enough while maintaining it, the paste and dirt will be hardened so as to increase the difficulty of cleaning, even it will result in blockage and scraps after long-time accumulation. It practically proves that the S-U24cleaning machine can effectively deal with inflexible solder paste and thoroughly clean the suction nozzle with complex structure.


Equipment size    L× W×H (mm)505 ×570 ×500
Equipment weightquality70KG
Cleaning liquor  Cleaning liquor typeIndustrial purify water
Liquid usedAir sourceCompressed air
Pressure range0.5 -0.6Mpa(While cleaning)
Jet pressure0.4Mpa
Air consumption280NL/min.or less
Rated power consumptionMax. 200W
Suction nozzle traySpecificationDefault 24 positions
Object to be cleanedMounting nozzle 01005-2125

What is the NEXT of Through Hole Technology in Electronic Manufacturing

We designed and manufactured Auto Insertion machine in Shenzhen China,  -- Decreasing labor cost  -- Easier manufacturing and operations management  -- Predictable Product Quality – Less repairs  -- No wrong parts nor wrong polarity  -- Less risk of damage due to human contact (contamination, ESD, physical damage to components)  -- Better clinching, less risk of solder issues.  -- Smaller factory space required to produce same volume of product

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Carrier clips — UIC Spare parts for Auto Insertion Machine

Carrier Clip is the very common wearing parts in Radial insertion machine. We manufacture the high copy spare parts , promise the quality and keep low cost .

Helps the Environment — S1688 stencil cleaner machine

Waste Streams from Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing
Waste Stream Waste Stream
Waste Source Description Composition
Cleaning/Surface preparation 1. Airborne particulates
2. Acid fumes/organic vapors
3. Spent acid/alkaline solution
4. Spent halogenated solvents
5. Waste rinse water
Catalyst application/
Electroless plating
1. Spent electroless copper bath
2. Spent catalyst solution
3. Spent acid solution
4. Waste rinse water
Pattern printing/masking 1. Spent developing solution
2. Spent resist removal solution
3. Spent acid solution
4. Waste rinse water
Electroplating 1. Spent plating bath
2. Waste rinse water
Etching 1. Spent etchant
2. Waste rinse water
Board materials,
sanding materials,
metals, fluoride,
acids, halogenated
solvents, alkali.
Acids, stannic
oxide, palladium,
complexed metals,
chelating agents.
Vinyl polymers,
hydrocarbons, organic
solvents, alkali.
Copper, nickel, tin,
tin/lead, gold,
fluoride, cyanide, sulfate.
Ammonia, chromium,
copper, iron, acids.



One key point to consider Radial machine spare parts design and manufacturing

Reels or ammo packs of radial leaded components are loaded on the sequencer module, dispensed, and inserted in the PCB following the programmed sequence. Component dispensing heads remove components from the carrier tape and place them in component carrier clips located on the sequencer chain assembly. The sequencer chain assembly transports the components to the insertion area. While the components are on the sequencer chain assembly, the carrier tape is removed. The component transfer assembly transfers components from the sequencer chain assembly into the insertion head tooling. The insertion tooling guides the leads through the holes in the PC board. The cut and clinch unit cuts and then forms the leads, securing the component in the PC board.

Do you really know how to build a SMT dust-free workshop in LED solution?

Before manufacturing led lights, it’s very important to conduct SMT factory planning, especially for any newly-built SMT factory. New factories have little experience in SMT factory design layout and SMT workshop design so there may be some details lost during the set-up phase. After production begins, discovering problems after the fact can cause unnecessary losses. So why not design your SMT factory layout and plan with these potential issues in mind and prepare in advance? Learn SMT clean mounting workshop production requirements in this article.


 SMT workshop production requirements:

1. Workshop bearing capacity, vibration, noise requirements:
Factory ground bearing capacity should be greater than 8 kn/m2.
Vibration should be controlled in less than 70 db, the maximum value of no more than 80db.
The noise should be controlled within 70 dba.
2.  Power supply:
General requirements of single-phase AC220 (220 + / – 10%, 0/60 hz), three-phase AC
380 (380 + / – 10%, 50/60 hz), more than double the power consumption of power supply of power than.
3. Air:
According to the requirement of the equipment configuration of air pressure, can use plant air, and  also be configured individually oil-free compressed air machine, general pressure is greater than 7 kg/cm2.
For clean, dry cleaning the air, so the need for compressed air to oil, dust and water treatment.Made from stainless steel or pressure plastic air duct.
4. Exhaust:
Reflow soldering and wave soldering equipment need exhaust fan.For hot blast stove, exhaust pipe of the minimum flow rate value is 500 cubic feet per minute (14.15 m3 / min).
5. Lighting:
In the ideal of the plant Illumination is 800 ~ 1200 lux, at least not less than 300 lux, when low intensity of illumination, in the inspection, repair, measurement work areas should install local lighting.

6. Work environment:
Factory to keep clean, no dust, no corrosivegas.Production workshop should have cleanliness control, control the cleanliness: the class of 500000.
Production workshop environment temperature to 23 + / – 3 ℃ is the best, average of 17 ~ 28℃,relative humidity is 45% ~ 45% RH.


Why choose “One stop solution “?

Southern Machinery provide the whole line installation ,training and after sales services. Improve efficiency , reduce cost.

The wole SMT line process including: Printer, pick &place ,reflow oven, conveyor.
One stop improve the whole line pruduction capacity , with line balance.
Overall considering to improve product quality , not just by a single machine.
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