Successful Install: S-5000 Electronic Component Lead Cutter Machine

Southern Machinery's After Sales Services

The Successful Install of Our S-5000 Electronic Component Lead Cutter Machine

Meet our Engineer Albert Wen. Albert recently helped one of our premier client's install their new S-5000 Electronic Component Lead Cutting Machine. Southern Machinery has over 20 years of experience, carefully designing customized tailor-made SMT machines to fit your production. We provide full-service install and excellent after sales service and support. Here is a short list of what we provide to our customers.

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What we provide:

  1. We arrange for your engineers to come to China, and offer accommodations including meals and transportation while learning in our facilities
  2. Installation - your equipment is delivered and installed by our engineers
  3. We then send our engineers to your home factory
  4. We recommend 7-15 days of Training and Production for full quality control
  5. Our Engineers are responsible for training your team and work with you to produce your products
  6. Follow-up - our team follows-up to ensure things are running smoothly