Quantifying PCB Design Efforts with μPCBComplexity


Quantifying PCB Design Efforts

The current design approach to PCBs does not fully account for quantifying efforts toward understanding the full scope of what a PCB design project can cost in its totality. It is valuable to consider the methods established to solve this problem proposed by Gollapudi Ramya and M.Anil Kumar in their study "μPCBComplexity" featured in the International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications. These methods are continually being evaluated, yet there is room for establishing an official algorithm for calculating the efforts (time & costs) for PCB design for your factory.

Factors that Contribute to the Complexity of Design Include:

# passive

# digital

# analog

# mixed signal

Total #

Total area (mm2)





Mixed Signal

PCB Size (mm2)

# of sides with components

# of routing layers

# of layers


Component Density


Pin Density

μPCBComplexity (hours)

Productivity Factory (level of designer experience)

Equations to Measure μPCBComplexity:

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Whereby ρ is a constant measuring design team productivity, per company/team, inversely proportional to S, the aggregate set of statistics that are weighted by (w) a constant associated with it which assigns a weight to the importance of every statistics used in the model.

Sample Measuring μPCBComplexity:

PCB Complexity Measurements

Finally, the factors that contribute to time and costs loss by not pre-calculating PCB design efforts should be allocated and quantified for best practices of design model systems. Only when we can begin to quantify complexity and relate that to design efforts will we be able to mark a designated expected outcome for cost and time.

PCB AOI Testing

THT Dual Sided AOI

THT Dual Sided AOI

THT Dual Sided AOI (DIP AVI)  - Before or after wave soldering, use high speed in-line AOI solution – Applicable for • Before or after Wave solder THT/DIP component insertion check (DIP through hole component) • Optional: Press-fit inspection ability of pressing parts • Optional: SMD component placement test ability.