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Name brand nozzles spart parts.

Have you invested in one of our AI/SMT machines? Then you know that quality is our TOP priority. Our spare parts are of that same superior quality. We know first hand how important choosing the right spare parts are to the success of your factory, as it means higher productivity, efficiency, ultimately bringing you more business. We are dedicated to providing the lowest prices and the highest quality.

Check out our shop, and if you have any questions we are here to fill your needs with the highest quality advice, machines, and parts.

juki nozzle spare partsWe provide Different Nozzle Brands:

Juki Nozzle, Fuji, Panasonic, YAMAHA, Samsung, odd form nozzle and MORE! Order at or contact us for more information!

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ON SALE: Rotary Table assy for Universal Axial Insertion machinerotary table spare parts

We are your one-stop shop for your accessories. Don’t miss our sales. We are currently offering Rotary Table assy for Universal Axial Insertion Machines for a discount. Visit for more spare parts or click below to purchase this item!

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Free Gerber File Download

Attention PCB Design Engineers:

For a brief time, we will be giving away a FREE Gerber File. Gerber File Download

For the first time, Southern Machinery is giving away a FREE Gerber File! If you need help with your design process, we are gladly here to help. Let us make your manufacturing set-up easy and efficient.

We at Southern Machinery know and understand what is needed for a successful PCB Assembly. If you need pharmacy guidance with design, CAD, equipment configuration, training, just ask! Southern Machinery is not just a place to buy machines, but also a place to get your technical questions answered. So ask us! We want to help you find your PCBA solutions.

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Through hole design guidness

  • Automation Benefits
  • Board Design Considerations for Automatic Insertion
  • Workboard Holder Considerations
  • Axial Component Insertion
  • Radial Component Insertion
  • Dual In-Line Package Insertion
  • Insertion Machine Division

Automation Benefits
The purpose of this document is to improve printed circuit board
design and layout by detailing the basic considerations associated
with the electronic assembly process.  Experience has
shown that applying these design principles produces efficient,
reliable board designs.
Automatic component insertion provides the consistency required to
ensure the highest levels of circuit board quality, throughput, and
process control. When properly planned and implemented, automatic
component insertion provides significant cost savings in the
printed circuit board assembly process.
The benefits realized from automating circuit board assembly processes
span all areas of manufacturing. Ultimately, all of these
benefits result in improved products and reduced production costs.
Three key inputs affect the economics and logistics of PC board
assembly: (1) the circuit boards, (2) the equipment used to assemble
the boards, and (3) the components to be inserted. By precisely
understanding and standardizing these three primary elements,
manufacturers can improve the quality of the finished boards,
increase the throughput of the assembly equipment and the system,
and more precisely define the process control standards to provide a
basis for future applications. Standardizing these elements reduces
process variability, which leads to increased insertion reliability,
improved product quality, enhanced system price/performance and,
ultimately, reduced production costs.

We designed and manufactured Auto Insertion machine in Shenzhen China, and provide SMT equipments, spare parts services support.

Posted by Auto Insertion on 2015年9月21日