What is the best clinching for THT radial electronic components assembly

Cut and Clinch Footprints

The cut and clinch cuts the component leads after they are inserted

through the PC board and then clinches them against the underside

of the PC board, securing the component in place.


What is the lowest cost Intelligent SMT reel storage racks solution?


Simplifies receiving, storage and retrieval
Delivers full traceability
Automatically monitors stock levels

The SMT intelligent electronic material rack is a high floor area ratio shelf used to store the SMT patch devices.When loading, the materials are placed in the corresponding card position according to the plate, bind the LED indicator on the shelf through the corresponding relationship of the QR code of the material number / card position, and the ERP / MES system of the docking enterprise will automatically realize the operation of sending and receiving materials according to the light indication.
Delivery time is saved from two hours to 15 minutes, efficiency increase 8 times
Each shelf can store 1,400 plates of materials disorderly, and save the inventory area by 40%
The location of each item is quickly checked, and the inventory time can be reduced from 2 days to 2 hours
Material / warehouse / work order / station automatic binding, feeding and feeding process can prevent rigidity and error

The future development direction of the four PCB markets

Because PCBs (printed circuit boards) are so versatile, even small changes in consumer trends and emerging technologies can have an impact on the PCB market, including how it is used and manufactured.

Although there may be more time, the following four major technology trends are expected to maintain the leadership of the PCB market for a long time and lead the entire PCB industry in different directions.

1- High Density Interconnection and Miniaturization

When computers were first invented, some people probably spent their entire lives getting work done on computers that took up entire walls. And today, even calculator watches have orders of magnitude more computing power than those behemoths, let alone smartphones.

The entire manufacturing industry is currently in the sight of a whirlwind of innovation, much of which is in the service of miniaturization. Our computers are getting smaller and everything else is getting smaller.

Across the consumer base, there seems to be a gradual shift towards smaller electronics. Miniaturization means we can build smaller, more efficient homes and control them. And cheaper, more efficient cars and more.

Since PCBs are vital basic components in electronic products, PCBs must also relentlessly pursue miniaturization.

Especially in the PCB market, this means using high-density interconnect technology. Further improvements in HDI technology will further reduce the size of PCBs and touch more and more industries and commodities in the process.

2- Advanced Materials and Green Manufacturing

Nowadays, the PCB industry is being affected by some very real impacts such as climate and social pressure. The PCB manufacturing process needs to keep up with the trend of the times and evolve towards sustainable development.

In fact, PCB manufacturers have always been a hot topic when it comes to the crossroads of development and environmental protection. The introduction of lead-free solder, for example, required more energy-intensive manufacturing processes. Since then, the industry has been forced to find a new balance.

In other respects, PCB has been leading the way. Polychlorinated biphenyls have traditionally been made using fiberglass as a substrate, which is considered by most to be a relatively environmentally friendly material. Further advancements could see fiberglass replaced by materials better suited for high data transfer rates, such as resin-coated copper and liquid crystal polymers.

As manufacturing efforts of all types continue to adjust their footprints to a changing planet, the link between societal needs and the convenience of production and business will become a new norm.

3- Wearables and Pervasive Computing

We’ve briefly covered the fundamentals of PCB technologies and how they enable greater complexity on thinner boards. Now we put this concept into practice. PCBs are decreasing in thickness and increasing in functionality every year, and now we have a lot of practical applications for small circuit boards.

Consumer electronics as a whole has been a significant driver of PCB manufacturing and usage over the past few decades. Now that wearables have entered this space and are starting to become a reliable consumer product type, related PCBs will follow.

Like smartphones, wearable tech requires printed circuit boards, but they go a step further. They place an emphasis on design efficiency far beyond what past technologies have been able to achieve.

4- Health Medical Technology and Public Oversight

The introduction of modern digital technologies into medicine has been one of the greatest developments in recent human history. Technology now means we can store patient records securely in the cloud and manage them through apps and smartphones.

However, the rapid development of medical technology has also affected PCBs and vice versa in some very interesting ways. The onboard camera is a new development, and it is even possible to fasten an ultra-high fidelity camera to the PCB itself. The medical implications are huge: When a camera needs to be inserted into the body, swallowed by the body, or otherwise introduced into the body, the smaller the better. Some onboard cameras are now small enough to be swallowed.

As for public surveillance, onboard cameras and smaller PCBs can also assist. For example, dash cams and vest cameras have shown useful roles in mitigating offenses, and a number of consumer technologies have emerged to meet this need. Many popular mobile accessory companies are exploring ways to offer drivers increasingly smaller, less obtrusive in-dash cameras that include and include connected hubs to interact with your phone while you’re driving.

New consumer technologies, advances in medicine, breakthroughs in manufacturing, and strong contemporary trends are fascinating. Incredibly, the PCB has the opportunity to be at the heart of it all.

That means entering the field is an exciting time.

In the future, what other technologies will bring new development to the PCB market? Let’s keep looking for answers.

One article to understand the important trend of circuit board cleaning entering a new era of water-based cleaning

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Before discussing the question of “why use water-based cleaners for PCBA circuit board cleaning”, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of solvent-based cleaners.

One article to understand the important trend of circuit board cleaning entering a new era of water-based cleaning

Organic solvent cleaning agents can be divided into flammable cleaning agents and non-flammable cleaning agents according to their safety performance. The former are mainly organic hydrocarbons, alcohols and esters, and the latter are mainly chlorinated hydrocarbons and fluorinated hydrocarbons. Its process characteristics are introduced as follows:

  1. H FC / H C FC: the main component is chlorofluorocarbons containing hydrogen, the advantages are good volatility, fast drying speed after PCBA cleaning, the disadvantages are relatively high price, weak cleaning ability, not environmentally friendly, and will produce atmospheric ozone layer. Destructive effect, future use will be limited.
  2. Chlorinated hydrocarbons: The main representative substances are dichloromethane, trichloroethane, etc., which have strong ability to clean grease pollutants, are non-flammable and explosive, and are safe to use. The disadvantages are high toxicity, poor compatibility with plastics and rubber, easy corrosion of circuit boards, and poor stability of such substances.
  3. Hydrocarbons: mainly hydrocarbons, such as gasoline, kerosene, etc. Hydrocarbons have strong cleaning ability to grease pollutants. Due to low surface tension, they have a good cleaning effect on PCBA cracks, do not corrode metals, have low toxicity and are easy to use. The main disadvantage is that due to flammable and explosive, there are potential safety hazards, strict precautions must be taken.
  4. Alcohols: such as methanol, ethanol and isopropanol, alcohols have strong dissolving ability to polar pollutants, good cleaning effect on rosin, but difficult to clean grease pollutants; not easy to corrode metals and plastics, etc., and dry quickly. The disadvantage is that it is volatile, easy to burn, and has potential safety hazards in use.

If we take advantage of the advantages and disadvantages of organic solvent cleaning and avoid the disadvantages, wouldn’t it be perfect? Is it feasible? The answer is yes! Water-based cleaners were born around solving this problem.

Water-based cleaning technology is made of water as the cleaning medium, and various additives such as surfactants, solvents, defoaming agents, and corrosion inhibitors are added, and various pollutants are removed through various mechanisms such as dissolution, adsorption, and infiltration.

The main features of the water cleaning process are non-flammable and explosive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, safe in operation, strong in cleaning ability, low in loss during cleaning, and low in cost. Because of the large degree of freedom of active ingredients, the formula can be formulated according to the special requirements of PCBA, which solves many problems. The problems that cannot be solved by organic solvent cleaning agents have a wide cleaning range and strong applicability. The flexible components of water-based cleaning agents can greatly meet the needs of customers, especially when ultrasonic cleaning and spray cleaning are used, they are more advantageous than organic solvents. .

Of course, water-based cleaning agents also have shortcomings, such as high requirements for cleaning equipment, and the need to treat invalid cleaning agents, that is, waste water.

Combining the characteristics of solvent-based cleaning agents and water-based cleaning agents, it is not difficult to find that with the strengthening of safety and environmental protection awareness and the increase of special cleaning needs for PCBA, water-based cleaning agents stand out because of their flexible formulas and components, representing the future of PCBA cleaning. Technology development direction.

3D SMT machine model for better training and evaluation

We understand that SMT machine training and after sales service are a key to choose a new supplier.
Please click below links to see machine 3D models:
https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Production line.html https://www.smthelp.com/html/THT_Auto_Insertion_full_line.html

SMT AI Peripheral Equipments and Spare parts

ItemProduct NameURL 
1Bicycle https://www.smthelp.com/html/Bicycle.html
2FUJI_NXT_8mmfeeder https://www.smthelp.com/html/FUJI_NXT_8mmfeeder.html
3IC_tube_to_reeltapepackingmachine https://www.smthelp.com/html/IC_tube_to_reeltapepackingmachine.html
4PCBA_THT_fixture https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCBA_THT_fixture.html
5RS-1_Vibration_tube_FEEDER_BANK https://www.smthelp.com/html/RS-1_Vibration_tube_FEEDER_BANK.html
6SMT Label feeder.htmhttps://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Label feeder.htm
7SMT reel tape feeder 72mm width https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT reel tape feeder 72mm width.html
8SMT_axial_Radial_feeder_bank https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT_axial_Radial_feeder_bank.html
9SMT_label_mounter https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT_label_mounter.html
10SMT_Odd_Bowl_feeder https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT_Odd_Bowl_feeder.html
11SMT_tray_feeder_B https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT_tray_feeder_B.html
12SMThelp_PCBA-smt https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp_PCBA-smt.html
13UIC_autoinsertion_Spareparts_list https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC_autoinsertion_Spareparts_list.html
14wave_soldering_line https://www.smthelp.com/html/wave_soldering_line.html
15Wave soldering machine  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Wave soldering machine.html 
16Adapter JUKI Nozzle with Nozzle  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Adapter JUKI Nozzle with Nozzle.html 
17Auto Insertion Axial Radial Oddform Production line  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Auto Insertion Axial Radial Oddform Production line.html 
18Bowl Radial reel feeder w JUKI cart https://www.smthelp.com/html/Bowl Radial reel feeder w JUKI cart.html
19Conveyor 1M nolight  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Conveyor 1M nolight.html 
20Feeder cart-Bowl Axial Radial Tube https://www.smthelp.com/html/Feeder cart-Bowl Axial Radial Tube.html
21FUJI glue nozzle  https://www.smthelp.com/html/FUJI glue nozzle.html 
22FUJI nozzle WGW-CZ  https://www.smthelp.com/html/FUJI nozzle WGW-CZ.html 
23FUJI nozzle WJH-CZ https://www.smthelp.com/html/FUJI nozzle WJH-CZ.html
24fuji NXT 8mm feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/fuji NXT 8mm feeder.html 
25fuji NXT 8mm feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/fuji NXT 8mm feeder.html 
26FUJI Sfab Radial tape feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/FUJI Sfab Radial tape feeder.html 
27Gripper nozzle for E-cap https://www.smthelp.com/html/Gripper nozzle for E-cap.html
28Hign end conveyor 1M w PCBA https://www.smthelp.com/html/Hign end conveyor 1M w PCBA.html
29JUKI 2 layer bowl feeder w cart  https://www.smthelp.com/html/JUKI 2 layer bowl feeder w cart.html 
30JUKI Gripper_Nozzle 2583 C https://www.smthelp.com/html/JUKI Gripper_Nozzle 2583 C.html
31Juki Nozzle 500 Assembly https://www.smthelp.com/html/Juki Nozzle 500 Assembly.html
32Juki Nozzle 500 Head Assembly  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Juki Nozzle 500 Head Assembly.html 
33JUKI Radial tape feeder big span https://www.smthelp.com/html/JUKI Radial tape feeder big span.html
34JUKI Radial tape L lead feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/JUKI Radial tape L lead feeder .html
35Juki2050 Feeder Cart w Radial axial https://www.smthelp.com/html/Juki2050 Feeder Cart w Radial axial.html
36Mobile charger PCBA  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Mobile charger PCBA.html 
37Nozzle adepter  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Nozzle adepter.html 
38Nozzle base  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Nozzle base.html 
39Odd form insertion Feeders w loader-unloader  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Odd form insertion Feeders w loader-unloader.html 
40Panasonic Al Spare parts list 2  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Panasonic Al Spare parts list 2.html 
41Panasonic CM602 Bowl feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Panasonic CM602 Bowl feeder.html 
42PCB Combo loader destacker+Magazine  https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB Combo loader destacker+Magazine.html 
43PCB Magazine  https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB Magazine.html 
44Power supplier  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Power supplier.html 
45Radial Cutter clinch head https://www.smthelp.com/html/Radial Cutter clinch head.html
46Radial Insertion Head Assy w Ecap  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Radial Insertion Head Assy w Ecap.html 
47RS-1 FEEDER BANK w Vibe tube feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/RS-1 FEEDER BANK w Vibe tube feeder.html 
48S3010A Radial Insertion machine inline https://www.smthelp.com/html/S3010A Radial Insertion machine inline.html
49S3010A Radial machine no cover  https://www.smthelp.com/html/S3010A Radial machine no cover.html 
50S7000 Odd Form Insertion machine https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7000 Odd Form Insertion machine.html
51S7000 Oddform insertion 3 bowl feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7000 Oddform insertion 3 bowl feeder.html 
52S700D Odd Form Insertion machine https://www.smthelp.com/html/S700D Odd Form Insertion machine.html
53S-7020T Terminal insertion  https://www.smthelp.com/html/S-7020T Terminal insertion.html 
54S-7040 Oddform insertion w 4 bowl feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/S-7040 Oddform insertion w 4 bowl feeder.html 
55S-7040T Oddform insertion w Tray feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/S-7040T Oddform insertion w Tray feeder.html 
56SBH250 NGOK dual nagazine PCB unloader w magazine https://www.smthelp.com/html/SBH250 NGOK dual nagazine PCB unloader w magazine.html
57SBU460 Bare PCB destacker loader +conveyor  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SBU460 Bare PCB destacker loader +conveyor.html 
58SLD250 PCB loader w magazine https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250 PCB loader w magazine.html
59SLD250 S4020A+S3010A SULD250 Al machine production line https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250 S4020A+S3010A SULD250 Al machine production line.html
60SLD250+ S3020A +SULD250 Radial Insertion machine inline https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250+ S3020A +SULD250 Radial Insertion machine inline.html
61SLD250+S3010A(s)+SULD250 Al machine production line  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250+S3010A(s)+SULD250 Al machine production line.html 
62SLD250+S3010A+S7040T(tray feeder)+SULD250 Al machine production line https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250+S3010A+S7040T(tray feeder)+SULD250 Al machine production line.html
63SLD390 SMT PCB loader (L-R) https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD390 SMT PCB loader (L-R).html
64SLD390L SMT PCB loader(L-R)  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD390L SMT PCB loader(L-R).html 
65SLD390L SMT PCB loader(L-R)w magazine  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD390L SMT PCB loader(L-R)w magazine.html 
66SLVC200 Vacuum PCB loader +conveyor  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLVC200 Vacuum PCB loader +conveyor.html 
67SLVC200 Vacuum PCB loader  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLVC200 Vacuum PCB loader.html 
68SMT 2 rail bowl feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT 2 rail bowl feeder.html 
69SMT BHS line1  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT BHS line1.html 
70SMT CART FEEDER  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT CART FEEDER.html 
71SMT customized nozzle design n manufacturing https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT customized nozzle design n manufacturing.html
72SMT Drone main control board  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Drone main control board.html 
73SMT Gripper nozzle customized https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Gripper nozzle customized.html
74SMT Gripper nozzle JUKI  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Gripper nozzle JUKI.html 
75SMT label feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT label feeder.html 
76SMT nozzle list 1  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT nozzle list 1.html 
77SMT Nozzle MiniChuck_closing w component  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Nozzle MiniChuck_closing w component.html 
78SMT PCB 90 turn conveyor  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB 90 turn conveyor.html 
79SMT PCB conveyor 1M w lighting https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB conveyor 1M w lighting.html
80SMT PCB Flipper (turn over) + conveyor w PCBA  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB Flipper (turn over) + conveyor w PCBA.html 
81SMT PCB Flipper (turn over) conveyor https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB Flipper (turn over) conveyor.html
82SMT PCB Shuttle conveyor https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB Shuttle conveyor.html
83SMT PnP mounter  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PnP mounter.html 
84SMT Production line  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Production line.html 
85SMT reflow oven https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT reflow oven.html
86SMT Screen printer  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Screen printer.html 
87SMT THT bare PCB board https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT THT bare PCB board.html
88SMT THT DC Power PCBA  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT THT DC Power PCBA.html 
89SMT tray feeder -B  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT tray feeder -B.html 
90SMT Tray feeder https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Tray feeder.html
91SMT tube feeder  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT tube feeder.html 
92SMT Vacuum Nozzle 505 https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Vacuum Nozzle 505.html
93SMThelp Axial taped feeder https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp Axial taped feeder.html
94SMThelp PCB BHS production line  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp PCB BHS production line.html 
95SMThelp PCB Magazine w PCBA  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp PCB Magazine w PCBA.html 
96SMThelp PCBA 2 in 1  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp PCBA 2 in 1.html 
97SMThelp SMT-THT pcba 8in1 https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp SMT-THT pcba 8in1.html
98SMThelp THT pcb assembly 9in1 https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp THT pcb assembly 9in1.html
99SMThelp THT pcba  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMThelp THT pcba.html 
100SULD250 PCB Unloader (R-L)  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SULD250 PCB Unloader (R-L).html 
101SULD390 PCB Unloader (L-R) https://www.smthelp.com/html/SULD390 PCB Unloader (L-R).html
102SULD390 PCB Unloader (R-L) w Magazine  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SULD390 PCB Unloader (R-L) w Magazine.html 
103SULD390 PCB Unloader (R-L)  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SULD390 PCB Unloader (R-L).html 
104SULD390 PCB Unloader (R-L)  https://www.smthelp.com/html/SULD390 PCB Unloader (R-L).html 
105SULD460 L-type PCB unloader (L-R) https://www.smthelp.com/html/SULD460 L-type PCB unloader (L-R).html
106THT axial radial PCBA https://www.smthelp.com/html/THT axial radial PCBA.html
107THT Capacitor lead cut-forming https://www.smthelp.com/html/THT Capacitor lead cut-forming.html
108Tray feeder w feeder bank https://www.smthelp.com/html/Tray feeder w feeder bank.html
109Tray feeder https://www.smthelp.com/html/Tray feeder.html
110UIC BHS Assy https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC BHS Assy.html
111UIC FJ head assy  https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC FJ head assy.html 
112UIC Radial Carrier Clip  https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC Radial Carrier Clip.html 
113UIC Radial Feeder and Carrier Clip (1)  https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC Radial Feeder and Carrier Clip (1).html 
114UIC Radial lead component carrier clip w Ecap https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC Radial lead component carrier clip w Ecap.html
115UIC Radial lead component carrier clip https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC Radial lead component carrier clip.html
116UIC spare parts list 3  https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC spare parts list 3.html 
117wave soldering line  https://www.smthelp.com/html/wave soldering line.html 
118Wave soldering output conveyor  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Wave soldering output conveyor.html 
119What is SMT Gripper nozzle https://www.smthelp.com/html/What is SMT Gripper nozzle.html
120What is SMT Gripper nozzle  https://www.smthelp.com/html/What is SMT Gripper nozzle.html 
121X_Y_workingtable  https://www.smthelp.com/html/X_Y_workingtable.html 
122Yamaha nozzle YMH-100ll-31 https://www.smthelp.com/html/Yamaha nozzle YMH-100ll-31.html
123Yamaha nozzle YMH-100ll-31  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Yamaha nozzle YMH-100ll-31.html 
124Yamaha nozzleYMH-112-52  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Yamaha nozzleYMH-112-52.html 
125Yamaha nozzleYMH-112-52  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Yamaha nozzleYMH-112-52.html 
126Ymaha nozzle YMH-112-52  https://www.smthelp.com/html/Ymaha nozzle YMH-112-52.html 
127Ymaha nozzle YMH-112-52 https://www.smthelp.com/html/Ymaha nozzle YMH-112-52.html
128Auto Tray n Tube stick feeder with Robot platformhttps://www.smthelp.com/html/Auto Tray n Tube stick feeder with Robot platform.html

THT production line:

ItemProduct NameURL 
1S3010A Radial Insertion Machine https://www.smthelp.com/html/S3010A Radial Insertion Machine.html
2S7000P Pin Eyelet Inserter w loader https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7000P Pin Eyelet Inserter w loader.html
3S4000H JW Axial Insertion machine w loader https://www.smthelp.com/html/S4000H JW Axial Insertion machine w loader.html
4THT   Auto   Insertion full             line https://www.smthelp.com/html/THT_Auto_Insertion_full_line.html
5wave soldering line https://www.smthelp.com/html/wave soldering line.html
6Xy workingtable https://www.smthelp.com/html/X_Y_workingtable.html
7PIN   Eyelet Odd  inserter https://www.smthelp.com/html/PIN_Eyelet_Odd_inserter.html
8S7000T Reel tape terminal inserter w PCB loading https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7000T Reel tape terminal inserter w PCB loading.html
9Manual Assembly line https://www.smthelp.com/html/Manual Assembly line.html
10Terminal PIN Eyelet  Inserter 2 headbowl PCB https://www.smthelp.com/html/Terminal_PIN_Eyelet_Inserter_2_head_bowl_PCB.html
11S-7020TTerminalinsertion https://www.smthelp.com/html/S-7020T_Terminal_insertion.html
12S7000T Reeltape             terminal             inserter             w             PCB loading https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7000T_Reel_tape_terminal_inserter_w_PCB loading.html
13S7040 Oddform Insertion machine x2 w F-B feeders PCB loading https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7040 Oddform Insertion machine x2 w F-B feeders PCB loading.html
14S7040 Oddform Insertion machine x2 w Front feeders https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7040 Oddform Insertion machine x2 w Front feeders.html
15S7040 OddFrom Insertion Machine w feeder PCB loading https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7040 OddFrom Insertion Machine w feeder PCB loading.html
16S7040 Oddform Insertion machine w Front feeders https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7040 Oddform Insertion machine w Front feeders.html
17Manual assemble line 2 https://www.smthelp.com/html/Manual assemble line 2.html
18S3010A Radial Insertion Machine w PCB loader inloader https://www.smthelp.com/html/S3010A Radial Insertion Machine w PCB loader inloader.html
19Wave Soldering machine and Manual assemble line 2 https://www.smthelp.com/html/Wave Soldering machine and Manual assemble line 2.html
20S7040 Oddform Insertion machine https://www.smthelp.com/html/S7040 Oddform Insertion machine.html
21SLD250 PCB Magazine Loader (250mm) w PCB https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250 PCB Magazine Loader (250mm) w PCB.html
22S3010A Radial Insertion machine inline https://www.smthelp.com/html/S3010A Radial Insertion machine inline.html
23SLD250 S3020ASULD250   Radial Insertion  machine inline https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250+%20S3020A%20+SULD250%20Radial%20Insertion%20machine%20inline.html

SMT production line:

ItemProduct NameURL 
1Mutil Line shuttle to 3 oven   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Mutil Line shuttle to 3 oven.html
2Reflow Oven 8 zones   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Reflow Oven 8 zones.html
3SMT loader Printer SPI NXT M3x4 (R-L)   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT loader Printer SPI NXT M3x4 (R-L).html
4SMT Line Loader DEK SPI NXT   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Line Loader DEK SPI NXT.html
5SMTLineLoaderDEKSPINXT   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMTLineLoaderDEKSPINXT.html
6SMT_mounter   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT_mounter.html
7PCBA Manual assembly with Wave Soldering machine line   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCBA Manual assembly with Wave Soldering machine line.html
8SMT Line L-R loader printer SPI mounter   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Line L-R loader printer SPI mounter.html
9DEK Printer   https://www.smthelp.com/html/DEK Printer.html
10AOI with NGOK Unloader   https://www.smthelp.com/html/AOI with NGOK Unloader.html
11NG Buffer 1M   https://www.smthelp.com/html/NG Buffer 1M.html
12SMTtrayfeederwpickuphead   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMTtrayfeederwpickuphead.html
13Dual Magazine Unloader   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Dual Magazine Unloader.html
14DualMagazineUnloader   https://www.smthelp.com/html/DualMagazineUnloader.html
15SMT Mounter   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Mounter.html
16SMT Mounter.sync-conflict-20220307-122016-RCA3U2I   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Mounter.sync-conflict-20220307-122016-RCA3U2I.html
17PCB NG Buffer conveyor 0.8M length 460mm width   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB NG Buffer conveyor 0.8M length 460mm width.html
18S350DLC_1Mconveyorwithlightingcooling   https://www.smthelp.com/html/S350DLC_1Mconveyorwithlightingcooling.html
19PCB Buffer with cooling L-R 1M   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB Buffer with cooling L-R 1M.html
20PCB NGOK Unloader   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB NGOK Unloader.html
21Dual line Unloader   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Dual line Unloader.html
22PCB Magazine and Vacuum combo loader w PCB   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB Magazine and Vacuum combo loader w PCB.html
23SLD250 PCB Magazine Loader (250mm)   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SLD250 PCB Magazine Loader (250mm).html
24PCB Magazine and Vacuum combo loader   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB Magazine and Vacuum combo loader.html
25Dual line shuttle to Dual rail oven   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Dual line shuttle to Dual rail oven.html
26SMT production line std   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT production line std.html
27SMT product line 1   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT product line 1.html
28Dual rail Oven Buffer AOI Unloader   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Dual rail Oven Buffer AOI Unloader.html
29Mutil Line NXT shuttle to 1 oven.htmhttps://www.smthelp.com/html/Mutil Line NXT shuttle to 1 oven.htm
30SMT production line loader printer mounter   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT production line loader printer mounter.html
31SMT production line loader printer mounter R-L   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT production line loader printer mounter R-L.html
32SMT product line Printer Mounter Over w loader magazine   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT product line Printer Mounter Over w loader magazine.html
33SMTvacuumnozzl   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMTvacuumnozzl.html
34Wave soldering machine   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Wave soldering machine.html
35LED-mounter_semiauto   https://www.smthelp.com/html/LED-mounter_semiauto.html
36UIC FJ 7 head assy   https://www.smthelp.com/html/UIC FJ 7 head assy.html
37SMT tube feeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT tube feeder.html
38Desktop SMT pick n place mounter   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Desktop SMT pick n place mounter.html
39DesktopSMTpicknplacemounter   https://www.smthelp.com/html/DesktopSMTpicknplacemounter.html
40SMTreeltapefeeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMTreeltapefeeder.html
41SMT shuttle machine   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT shuttle machine.html
42Wave soldering input conveyor   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Wave soldering input conveyor.html
43SMT placement head 6 nozzles   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT placement head 6 nozzles.html
44SMT UIC IL 4 head base assy   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT UIC IL 4 head base assy.html
45Magazine S   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Magazine S.html
46SMT Label feeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT Label feeder.html
47Manual assemble line 2   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Manual assemble line 2.html
48SMTLabelfeeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMTLabelfeeder.html
49PCB NG Buffer conveyor 0.8M length 460mm width.htmhttps://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB NG Buffer conveyor 0.8M length 460mm width.htm
50Radial Feeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Radial Feeder.html
51PCBflipperconveyor   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCBflipperconveyor.html
52PCB flipper conveyor   https://www.smthelp.com/html/PCB flipper conveyor.html
53RadialFeeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/RadialFeeder.html
54Wave soldering output conveyor   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Wave soldering output conveyor.html
55SMTAxialFeeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMTAxialFeeder.html
56SMT reel tape feeder 72mm width   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT reel tape feeder 72mm width.html
57S350C Conveyor 1M   https://www.smthelp.com/html/S350C Conveyor 1M.html
58SMT_smalltubefeeder   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT_smalltubefeeder.html
59Desktop robot soldering machine   https://www.smthelp.com/html/Desktop robot soldering machine.html
60SMT GKG Printer   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT GKG Printer.html
61SMTGrippernozzle   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMTGrippernozzle.html
62FUJI NXT M3 Mounter   https://www.smthelp.com/html/FUJI NXT M3 Mounter.html
63AOI machine   https://www.smthelp.com/html/AOI machine.html
64SMT PCB Loader Flipper (turn over) + conveyor w PCBA   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB Loader Flipper (turn over) + conveyor w PCBA.html
65SMT PCB Flipper (turn over)conveyor w PCBA   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB Flipper (turn over)conveyor w PCBA.html
66SMT PCB Flipper (turn over) conveyor   https://www.smthelp.com/html/SMT PCB Flipper (turn over) conveyor.html

3D PCBA model view SMT THT product

We design and manufacture SMT/Auto Insertion PCB assembly machine for smart SMT factory in Shenzhen China. We help companies looking to low cost equipment with intellegent, ROI-driven assembly equipment solutions. Please take a look below 3D PCBA model and talk to us today to learn how we can help you。 info@smthelp.com


SMT THT PCB boards

3D view SMT THT machine and spare parts model



THT Auto Insertion machine
1,Auto Insertion Axial Radial Oddform Production line.html

2,SLD250+S3010A+S7040T(tray feeder)+SULD250
AI machine production line.html


3,SLD250 S4020A+S3010A SULD250 AI machine
production line.html


4,S7000 Oddform insertion 3 bowl feeder.html

5,S-7040T Oddform insertion w Tray


6,S-7040 Oddform insertion w 4 bowl


7,Odd form insertion Feeders w



1,Bowl Radial reel feeder w JUKI cart.html

2,JUKI Radial tape L lead feeder .html

3,SMT tube feeder.html


4,SMT tray feeder -B.html

5,SMT label feeder.html

6,SMT Tray feeder.html


1,SMT nozzle list 1.html

2,Juki Nozzle 500 Assembly.html

AI Spare Parts
1, Panasonic AI Spare parts

2,UIC Radial Carrier Clip.html

3,UIC Radial Feeder and Carrier Clip (1).html

4,UIC spare parts list 3.html

Southern Machinery design and manufacturing SMT machine in Shenzhen China



We specialize in Auto Insertion machine and SMT equipments, provide spare parts, sub-assembly, retrofit kit, repair kit, upgrading, training, overhaul service,  quality problem free replacement.And we will provide customers with high quality after-sales service, free technical support etc, welcome inquiry: info@smthelp.com

[embeddoc url=”https://www.smthelp.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Southern-Machinery-logo-SMThelp.html” download=”all”]

3D SMT machine drawing supporting Smart EMS factory

The unit loads your production line automatically by pushing PCB’s out of a magazine onto the conveyor of the down-stream machine



[embeddoc url=”https://www.smthelp.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/SMThelp-PCB-Conveyor-3D.pptx” download=”all” viewer=”microsoft”]

3D RS-1 Vibration Feeder

3D SMT PCB conveyor

3D SMT PCB Magazine

3D Southern Machinery logo

3D UIC Radial taped feeder housing

3D JUKI Gripper nozzle