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Bright Idea! Stop importing from China and Invest in LED Assembly Equipment


Today, LEDs are used for bulbs and tubes but increasingly they are being used in the many lighting components necessary for automobiles, airplanes, appliances, computers, electronics, televisions and more. LEDs use a whopping 80% less energy than old Incandescent Lighting and 50% less than Compact Fluorescent Lighting. Soon, international mandates to deal with climate change, like the Paris Agreement, will make an already huge market, topple over with growth and opportunity.

LEDs offer a promising solution to deal with energy agendas set forth by conventional international treaties and local environmental policies that seek to gain quantifiable reductions in fossil fuel usage. LEDs are a simple, yet integral solution to improving energy efficiency and helping to solve the issue of climate change. Are you keeping up with the Paris Agreement and what that means for a BOOMING LED Market?

Souther Machinery provides full-service equipment for LED Manufacturing Solutions. Please call us at 0755-83203237 if you would like more information about our LED SMT Manufacturing Technologies and to discuss how we can help you participate in this expanding global market.

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Your PCB Assembly Quality Checklist ✏

We have EVERYTHING you need…

Your PCB Assembly Quality Checklist

After many requests, we are thrilled to announce our Industry Leader Newsletter. As an Industry Leader, Southern Machinery wants to provide your company with the same excellence we put into our equipment and services. We know your job is important and you must always stay ahead of trends in PCB Assembly. Changes in labor costs, shifting environmental laws and policies, energy conservation efforts, advancing industries, international trade politics, etc., are causing a reemergence of in-house manufacturing systems to be put into place. The tide has shifted and it is now time to begin transitioning to a more self-sufficient manufacturing system.

Welcome to our SMTHelp.com Newsletter! No matter what your company role is, this Newsletter will keep you up-to-date with the most important topics and events that affect the quality and profitability of your manufacturing systems. If it has been a while since we last spoke, stay tuned! We will be delivering important PCB topics to your inbox. In the meantime, we have put a quality checklist together for you!

Your Manufacturing Quality Checklist here:

  • Do you have ROI-Driven Design and Implementation of reliable PCB Assembly Equipment?
  • Is your equipment Low-Cost with High-Intelligence?
  • What is the speed of your PCB throughput?
  • Is your efficiency high?
  • Is your productivity high?
  • Are you increasing your profits by using affordable and reliable equipment?
  • Is your short-term investment low?
  • Is your long-term investment low?
  • Have you eliminated hand insertion for Automatic Insertion for improved time and profits?
  • Finally, have you eliminated your import fees by producing your own PCBs?


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AI, Auto Insertion : Axial Inserter; Radial Inserter; JW (Jumper Wire) Inserter; Odd form Inserter; PIN inserter; Eyelet Inserter; Terminal Inserter IM, Insertion Mount, MI,Manual Insertion, DIP, Wave soldering 5, SMT - Souface Mount Technology: BHS: PCB board handling system, Loader, Unloader, Conveyor,Shuttle Printer: Solder paste screen printer SPI: Solder Paste Inspection Mounter: Chip Mounter, Pick and Place, IC Mounter, High Speed Mounter AOI Reflow Oven

How to use Solder Preforms to improve your Electronic Product Quality


Solder Preforms are used in a variety of applications that require precise amounts of solder. Preforms come in standard shapes such as squares, rectangles, washers and discs. Typical sizes range from .010″ (.254mm) up to 2″ (50.8mm). Smaller and larger sizes, as well as custom shapes, are also available. Dimensions can be held to tight tolerances to assure volume accuracy.


  • Increased solder volume
  • Improved drop test results
  • Fewer issues with flux residue
  • Reduced rework
  • Improved fillet shape and volume







Who is one of the SMT solution provider for Global customers







Who is one of the SMT solution provider for Global customers, we can supply Automatic Insertion machines spare parts, SMT spare parts, (including feeder ,Nozzle,PCB board,feeder parts,motor,laser,feeder bank,feeder calibration jig ,ect)

main Service:

* Supply SMT/ AI spare parts.

* Supply SMT relate equipment.

* Supply SMT ancillary products and tools.

* Repair Service.

Contact me for more details:

Tel/WhatsAPP:(+86) 17773027293

Email: jessica@smthelp.com ;

Skype: Jessica SMT Sales


50% PCBA cost saving for your current AI SMT spare parts purchasing ;

After the PCB is completed, the electric elements ought to be attached in order that a functional PCB assembly is formed. There are two construction processes which can be utilized to be able to type the PCB assembly. One could be the through-hole building in which the component leads are inserted within the holes although the other one may be the surface-mount building wherein the components are situated on pads positioned around the external surfaces on the PCB. Each sorts of construction have element leads that are fixed mechanically also as electrically towards the board through a metal solder which has melted.

Additionally, you’ll find a variety of soldering solutions to become utilized as a way to connect the PCB elements to ensure that PCB assembly could be achievable.

Production that is definitely of higher volume have to be carried out by means of machine placement and bulk wave sort of soldering. Having said that, expert technicians possess the capability to solder incredibly minute parts by the hand beneath a microscope. This is typically completed together with the use of tweezers and a soldering iron with a fine tip which is made for compact volume prototypes. Yet, there are parts that are impossible to solder together with the hands just like the ball grid array.

Visit PCB auto to know more about

PCB’s which would make up the PCB assembly have conformal coating that is certainly applied by way of dipping or spraying once the elements are carried out soldering. This coat will generally protect against corrosion plus the leaking of present or achievable shorting because of condensation. PCB assembly is static sensitive, thereby; it should be placed inside antistatic bags although it can be becoming transported. Improper techniques in handling could transmit static charge by way of the board and because of this may well damage the elements.


图片1Odd-form Component Mounter

Are you finding the automatic nozzles cleaner?We can provide!

nozzles cleaner

In the process of SMT, the suction nozzle is quite easily adhered with solder paste or dirt etc. If maintenance has not been done for a long time or the cleaning is not thorough enough while maintaining it, the paste and dirt will be hardened so as to increase the difficulty of cleaning, even it will result in blockage and scraps after long-time accumulation. It practically proves that the S-U24cleaning machine can effectively deal with inflexible solder paste and thoroughly clean the suction nozzle with complex structure.


Equipment size    L× W×H (mm)505 ×570 ×500
Equipment weightquality70KG
Cleaning liquor  Cleaning liquor typeIndustrial purify water
Liquid usedAir sourceCompressed air
Pressure range0.5 -0.6Mpa(While cleaning)
Jet pressure0.4Mpa
Air consumption280NL/min.or less
Rated power consumptionMax. 200W
Suction nozzle traySpecificationDefault 24 positions
Object to be cleanedMounting nozzle 01005-2125

Are You Finding the Odd Form Components Machine?

We designed and manufactured Auto Insertion machine in Shenzhen China, — Decreasing labor cost — Easier manufacturing and operations management — Predictable Product Quality – Less repairs — No wrong parts nor wrong polarity — Less risk of damage due to human contact (contamination, ESD, physical damage to components) — Better clinching, less risk of solder issues. — Smaller factory space required to produce same volume of product.

Odd-form components are the only remaining discrete components left to hand assessmbly of a Printed Circuit Board.

The reasons are many,but the fundamental reason is that there are no standards that govern the shape,lead count,packaging,etc.Therefore,most manufacturers are left to handle the components as a special request for proposal and address the problem with a very customized platform.

Our odd components machine is one of the best automation machine for the job can handle components ranging from a 0.01“single pin to a 12”square block if required and do it without tool change or at least an automatic tool change.

This machine also be equipped with vision to inspect the leads and the top of the device for orientation or even position correction.




What is the NEXT of Through Hole Technology in Electronic Manufacturing

We designed and manufactured Auto Insertion machine in Shenzhen China,  -- Decreasing labor cost  -- Easier manufacturing and operations management  -- Predictable Product Quality – Less repairs  -- No wrong parts nor wrong polarity  -- Less risk of damage due to human contact (contamination, ESD, physical damage to components)  -- Better clinching, less risk of solder issues.  -- Smaller factory space required to produce same volume of product

Welcome to visit Through Hole Technology Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvX1BREsZIKMSFBXKVGCCg

One way to insert Through Hole Components by SMT Pick and place machine

Solder Preforms, Pin-In-Paste, Intrusive Reflow, Mixed Technology, Selective Wave Soldering.

We design and manufacture An Auto Insertion machine:

1,Fully automatic PCB loading same as SMT gantry platform

2, One machine can handle both axial and radial lead components

3, Simply operation

4,Quickly production changeover.

5,Feeder slots : 10

6, No need cut and clinch

7, High density.