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China Quality Outpacing Major Brands

China Quality Outpacing Major Brands

The Constant Rise of China Machinery

How “Made in China” became a badge of honor. Admired China brands are now sought after and have great respect in terms of quality and advanced features. As with the 70% plus of high-end smart phones by Nokia, Samsung, and Apple in extremely high-tech and high-quality China SMT Factories, many more manufacturers are being recognized for their superior commitment to quality.

Where once the go-to brands for Chinese consumers were foreign companies, now Huawei (who invests more in research & dev than Apple) and Xiaomi are smashing the competition with their higher standards of performance and quality. Teamwork, innovation, and continual improvements serve as the general backbone of this commitment to quality.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is at the forfront of these high quality standards and innvotions for electronic production in today’s ever advancing standards. As the future of electronic manufacturing continues to change and include smaller and smaller electronic parts while including a lot more features, high quality SMT and THT is not just the standard in China, but now, the norm.

The evolving industry needs superior manufacturing as the electronic industry is exploding in the many different diverse sectors and ever increasing demands. In order to adapt to these constant changes and high demands in all business industries, it is important that your factory adapts to this evolution, and automation with high-quality affordable equipments and parts is the only way to adapt.

Superior quality Chinese robotics are the most important role in getting the biggest return from your manufacturing factory. Producing high quality PCBs are the only way to create new electronic products with extreme efficiency, speed, and accuracy to be competitive in high demand markets.

Labor Modes

With tighter labor markets and product control requirements on electronic parts, processing quality and production speed increasing. There is a growing need for machines to replace manual production to keep up with the needs of AI/SMT technological advancements.

Moving from labor to automation is often a matter of when, not if, especially in terns of quality. Manual labor now means higher costs, less quality, a more difficult process, higher defective rates, scrappage rates, higher overall manufacturing cost, returns are very long term, as well as higher spare parts and maintenance costs.

Automation gives you low cost with maximum efficiency, lowers labor intensity, solves a high turnover of staff and high wages. Fully automatic assembly is more stable, reliable, and maintains high performance, output, and efficiency. This is the future for China and high-quality is the standard.

"Made in China" has been an honorable badge for some time now. Old thoughts on these idea have faded into the past. You will now see China developing the machinery and relaible high-quality products that will forge the future of electronics. While not just producing the end-user products China will forge forward to produce high quality SMT and THT factories that are required for automating electronics parts.

Southern Machinery is dedicated to this highest standard quality. We are commited to elevating the automation of electronics manufacturing to the highest level. It is only with highest standard levels that we approach design and manufacturing. Our capabilities allow us to offer the highest level of reliable parts and machinery. Let us guide you with your SMT/AI automation efforts.