Addressing The Modulation of Light Output – LEDs

The flicker effect is a big topic in the lighting industry and particularly for LED lighting. Low-end LEDs struggle with correcting for flicker, or modulation of light output. Many issues can contribute to a flicker like the stability of the power source or a low-quality ballast to the lighting source can cause a noticeable flickering. Since LEDs have no inherent ability to continue the flow of light once the current stops, immediately dropping to nearly zero, flickering is a big problem for lower-quality products. Maintaining the highest-quality in your SMT production of LEDs and high-quality parts will produce the quality of LED that the market now demands.

We help SMT factories that produce high-end LED Lighting. What is a One-Stop LED SMT solution? One-Stop SMT, Full Line Solutions can guarantee your company more profits by cutting down on manufacturing costs, labor, constantly increasing importation taxes, making you an industry leader and ultimately providing you more control of your product.

High End LED Lighting Full SMT Line

Get the Best in After-Sales Service

Our Process Today Matters

After-Sales Installation Service Get the Best in After-Sales Service

Industrial IoT, exciting words that get thrown around in today’s EMS. While we are actively engaged with developing Smart Factories with embedded technologies, we know that today’s after-sales services are vital. Here’s a look at our process and how you can find confidence in our approach to After-Sales Services.

After Sales Service Plan:

  1. We arrange for your engineers to come to China and offer accommodationsincluding meals, and transportation while learning in our facilities.
  2. Installation –  your equipment is delivered and installed by our engineers
  3. We then send our engineers to your home factory
  4. We recommend 7-15 days of Training and Production for full quality control
  5. Our Engineers are responsible for training your team and work with you to produce your products
  6. Follow-up – our team follows-up to ensure things are running smoothly Get the Best in After-Sales Service

Our engineers are always here to make sure that your EMS Factory is always performing at top capacity. Here are some of the ways we ensure that you have everything you need to maintain top performing Equipment. We offer video trainings, Skype trainings, troubleshooting via Team Viewer, amongst other channels.

The future of After Installation Service with IoT:

With Industrial IoT, we look toward a future where all sensors will be extremely intelligent and collaborate to perform tasks via an entire network geared toward constant monitoring and improvement. Southern Machinery will continue to provide the customer service you are used to but will also have the capability to offer instant feedback with intelligent sensors that constantly read data and measure equipment output and quality. We look forward to this future with you.

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