12 Common Errors that Cause FAI Rejection

First Article Inspection

12 Common Errors That Cause FAI Rejection

FAI First Article Inspection - 12 Common Mistakes that Cause FAI Rejection

First Article Inspection (FAI) is of vital importance to industries that are governed by strict guidelines and a high standard of quality assurance. These are the 12 common errors which cause FAI Rejection:

1. Typos, incorrect knowledge, revisions, numbers, and values are some of the most common causes for FAI rejection.

2. Missing or hidden requirements for detailed Commercial Off the shelf “COTS” parts, where dimensions are not included in the official drawings. Elements & hardware set up should be addressed in the document as specified.

3. All Dimensions and notes are not accounted for. Any notes that include a dimension shall have a bodily measurement recorded.

4. Incorrect or lacking course of action for supplier and buy order requirements.

Specific course of action for provider should be MEC accepted according to buy order necessities.Supplier shall be licensed to construct to RDD (Reduced Dimension Drawing) per buy order necessities.

5. Incorrect tolerances assigned to dimension leading to non-conformance.

Standard dimension tolerances akin to +/- .010 are discovered within the tolerance block.

Tolerances assigned to this dimension are outlined by the Feature Control Frame related to the Basic Dimension.

6. Adherence to Raw Materials Shelf Life. Proper use of expiration dates and labeling.Raw Material required to be indicated on type MEC-0293/AS9102 Form 2Parts for a meeting are required to be indicated on type MEC-0292/AS9102 Form

7. Incorrect Revision Degree

Ensure PO revision matches launched engineering specifications for merchandise(s) on FAI report.

Verify the required revision of MEC specs, like 79P050000. Indicate all revision ranges in block 6 of MEC-0293/AS9102 Form 2

8. Incorrect inspection gear used or not recognized on FAI report.

When inspection gear is listed, be sure that inspection gear has enough measurement accuracy for necessities being measured.

9. Wrong quantities listed on FAI type(s).

There shall be no typographical errors, lacking sprint numbers, and/or designators similar to Q1, D1,TPSS

Example: If the acquisition order requires K/I 7979797-003 Q1 the FAI type shall contain the complete G/I: 7979797-003 Q1

10. Missing Certificates of Conformance

Check & Review FAI types as a part of the FAI Package.

Ensure there isn't any missing or incomplete sub-tier provider information.

11. FAI type(s) not signed, authorized, or dated by applicable consultant.

Form(s) MEC-0293 & MEC -0294 should be signed by the preparer of the FAI.

12. Incomplete recording of a number of actuals.

A function that requires a number of locations also requires recording a number of actuals.

Example: FIN #6 needs to be put in 12 locations (point to those 12 locations or measurements as outlined by engineering).