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How to design SMT factory layout for Smart EMS



How SMT workshop planning? It turned out to be so useful.

How SMT workshop planning!

And only after the plant began production found that some areas have not planned beforehand, need to be adjusted, resulting in a waste of human and financial resources and valuable production time.

Therefore, it is important to check in advance SMT factory layout, especially for new SMT factory business, because there is no experience in SMT plant layout, the need to pay attention to the elements is not very clear, if we find a problem in the layout after production point, will cause some unnecessary losses.

So, when doing layout SMT plant, what to pay attention to what matters in advance to do to prepare? Here actual cases where we work to and we explore this problem.


planning SMT line configure

the client recent planning new on two identical SMT production line, specific device configuration (see FIG. 1) and the size of the apparatus is as follows: According to Figure 1 can be seen, the maximum width of the production line equipment is 1.71 m, the length of all devices sum is 13.6 meters, will add future planning a production line (line bulk on equipment configuration).

Situation Workshop

Workshop length 36 m, width of 12 m, an area of 432 m2, on the ground floor of the factory. Currently common ground for the shop floor, and no established anti-static system, can not meet the requirements of SMT antistatic workshop, but two conductive ground terminals, can establish subsequent workshops antistatic SMT system. Further, there is no air conditioning workshop and humidifiers, can not meet the requirements of SMT workshop temperature and humidity control. There workshop ventilation system, back to meet the requirements of the reflow furnace equipment. Workshop sufficient power to meet the electricity needs of all equipment in the workshop. There are two entrances whole plant, as are required to meet the equipment, raw materials and semi-finished channel. Special materials warehouse in another workshop, the need for planning. Good lighting conditions in the workshop, to meet the brightness of the SMT shop lighting requirements all stations. Whole plant layout situation shown in Figure 2.

Customer requirements

1, the current new move into production lines and related aids, regional positioning;

2, the whole plant to meet future erection and production requirements three production lines, without planning zone realignment;

3, each production line starting position as consistent as possible, so that the whole plant orderly arranged in three lines.

Subject  of

analysisthe customer’s request, we first analyzed how the production line positioning; and before locating the production line, we consider the following points:

1, SMT equipment should avoid column and they maintain a certain distance, the distance is equipment installed at least after a good feed material by a vehicle;

2, SMT crossing equipment required for frame division pitch, and the crossing equipment to extend outwardly after the device installed above the material 50 cm;

3, optimal spacing of the two lines spaced more than 1.2 meters between the outer frame;

4, check the wire tail is generally a repair plan area, quality control personnel can perform sampling line tail region.

Based on the above considerations, the length of each line should be at least 13.6 meters (without regard to the maintenance area and the tail, the case where the sampling area and the thread area kanban), the width should be 2.7 meters (SMT feeding both surfaces), specifically as shown in Figure 3.

Therefore, the production line is positioned in substantially considering plant shown in FIG. 4.

Some details of the requirements of SMT plant layout

after determining the approximate location of the production line, when the need to consider some details of SMT production line requirements, and then to determine the exact location and the location of other auxiliary equipment SMT line.

First, we analyzed the SMT line position and aids required for each area requirements: 1, fire extinguisher drop zone;

fire extinguishers to be placed around the side of the post and SMT plant, placed according to the requirements of fire regulations.

2, the car rack placement region; car rack replacement for SMT production line models and switching material, in order to facilitate production and to improve the efficiency of replacement materials, preferably the vehicle is placed near the rack placement machine.

3, stock units rest area;

stock table mainly used in the production process and dryer materials stock preparation before switching, therefore, to be placed near the preparation station placement machine, and the best car rack together, Preparation facilitates directly on the car frame after a good feed material.

4, the shelf rest area printing station;

printing station for positioning the shelf aids in the production of printing presses, such as wipes, paste, alcohol, etc., to be placed in the vicinity of the printing press to facilitate removal use, improve Productivity.

5, placing solder paste regions;

region comprising placing solder paste storage refrigerator, solder paste mixer, paste warmed cabinets, can be placed next to the plant as required or uprights placed around a fixed area of the plant, However, to facilitate the operator to take place.

6, visual inspection after the furnace area, maintenance area;

in order to facilitate visual inspection after reflow and rework semifinished product, a shelf generally placed in the furnace, designed for the visual inspection of the furnace and rework.

7, screen placement area;

drop zone comprises a mesh screen plate was placed cabinet, stencil cleaning machine, inspection tools, screen, stencil for storing, cleaning and inspection screen tension, etc., while in the region as much as possible to facilitate the production screen to take place.

8, garbage drop zone;

Production waste mainly from two parts, wipes and the like used in one printing operation, the second is to replace the waste tray and waste material produced with the like. Garbage two parts is generated to be placed separately, specialized recycling, in particular waste presses used. Thus, waste area may be placed next to the press machine or patch, or set beside the column region refuse placed separately placed.

9, kanban placement region;

kanban including the SMT billboards and other signage quality management, may be centrally located on the entrance into the shop, and also set up the production line Kanban state in which each head of the line, in order to view the producers and managers, promptly understand the current state of production status and quality SMT workshop and so on.

10, product placement area;

include products produced finished products in two parts, to separate the two partial regions divided out, strictly distinguished, in order to avoid confusion.

11, SMT placement of spare areas;

Nozzle including the SMT spare parts, a motor, a belt, cylinder or the like, to be placed in a special area, to facilitate the production of access.

12, location area temperature and humidity;

temperature and humidity conditions in order to better understand the SMT plant, depending on the size of the workshop area, several appropriately set the temperature and humidity measurement area, generally placed on the production line next to the column or wall.

13, SMT workshop office area;

let engineers and technicians and management personnel in office SMT shop floor, which can solve the problem on technology and management encountered in the production, to ensure the smooth operation of the SMT production lines.

14, anti-static protection area;

entry into SMT workshop area must have good anti-static measures. You may delineate the area in front of the plant, including the replacement of static clothing, shoes, hats and so on each employee’s locker. Also, the establishment of regional designed to test the static ring in SMT workshop at the entrance, so that each employee to do static loop testing and record test results before going to work. Based on the above analysis, the results of this SMT plant layout is shown in Figure 5.

In addition, SMT workshop also meet other requirements: 1, anti-static processing;

shop floor must be anti-static treatment, a common anti-static conductive flooring and paint and other ordinary places, customers can choose according to the actual situation. In addition, anti-static system must be set up in the workshop, to meet the requirements of the entire anti-static SMT workshop.

2, air-conditioning and a humidifier; SMT workshop to meet the requirements of temperature and humidity control.

3, the material management requirements;

in the warehouse, with particular attention to the way the material is stored, reel packaging methods, the use of hook-type place, wetting elements employed Cabinets for placement shelves to be treated with anti-static manner.

4, patch equipment gas and electrical circuitry;

preferably introduced directly from the production line at the down side of the roof, is arranged below the gas passage in the device and circuit wrapped with wire groove.

5, the ventilation system requirements;

needs to be installed to meet the requirements of the three power lines of the blower, and the third exhaust port reserved line.


1, according to the size of production line and the size of the entire plant SMT, completed the reasonable position of the production line; and

2, for aids, regions, etc. SMT production lines need to make the corresponding position location; 3, according to the SMT the characteristics of the plant, some of the necessary factors to consider in planning, in particular, anti-static; 4, in accordance with the requirements of the current situation and future development of the factory has been take into consideration, unified planning.


For SMT plant layout, but also requires a combination of size and product requirements and other plants to consider a number of factors, but to stimulate here.


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      Characteristics of the equipment.

      PCB Automatic UNloader PCB conveyor

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      1. Stable casting platform structure design, improve the stability of equipment 0.3. Panasonic PLC control, multi-function circuit and program design, performance stability, ensure the smooth and smooth production line.
      2. Humanized programming, 4 kinds of PITCH selection, can set the step distance of receiving/transmitting PCB.

      3. Standard SMEMA communication interface, which can communicate with other automation equipment.

      4. The material box shall be transported by the engineering plate.

      5. Adjustable push plate speed control.

      6. Three-point positioning type upper and lower pneumatic clamping, ensure the location of the material box is accurate.

      7. Push plate protection system to ensure that PCB board is not crushed, reducing process loss. This equipment adopts SMT circuit board production line operation

      PCB size: (mm):   50 x50~330 x445
      Working height (mm): 900 + 20 (STD)
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      Step selection: mm
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      Tank replacement time: about 6 seconds
      Machine dimensions:1920(L)845(W)1250(H)

      Step Select: mm
      Power Supply: AC 110/220V±10V, 50/60HZ
      Magazine size (LWH,MM):355(L)320(W)565(H)
      Barometric pressure and gas flow rate: 4-6bar/up to 10 l / min
      Weight (KG):260KG

      PCB Automatic UNloader
      PCB Automatic UNloader


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      SMT loader
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      How to improve Auto insertion machine spare parts lifetime ?

      Continuity Tube Life Expectancy

      Applies to tubes used in Generation 8 clinch units.

      The expected life span of a Continuity Tube is dependent upon a number of factors including:

      • Lead Composition

      A Continuity Tube that is subjected to steel leaded components will cause more stress between the cutter, the cutter Bushing, and the continuity Tube. Expect to experience a higher wear rate on a continuity tube that is subjected to stiffer lead material than a continuity tube that is subjected to softer leaded material.

      • Lead Diameter

      A larger lead diameter will cause more stress between the cutter, the cutter bushing, and the continuity tube. Larger leads being cut will accelerate the wear of a Continuity Tube.

      • Tooling Maintenance

      Worn Tooling (cutters and cutter bushings) will cause the scrap lead to ‘tear’ instead of cut with a sharp clean cut. This ‘tear’ in the lead will accelerate continuity tube on both the metal tube and the plastic surrounding the metal tube. The tooling should be changed at recommended intervals, sooner if tearing of leads is noticed.

      • Working Environment (dust, humidity, temperature, etc.)

      The continuity tube should be kept as clean as possible. Dust buildup caused as a result of the cut/form process and clinching process will grind into the metal tube and the plastic surrounding the metal tube possibly causing accelerated wear of the continuity tube.

      There are too many variables associated with the performance of a continuity tube to allow Universal to list it as ‘consumable tooling’ and publish an estimated life span. The greatest life span will be generated by keeping the continuity tube as clean as possible, keeping the lead length within the middle of acceptable lead length range, and changing the cutters and cutter bushings on a regular basis.

      Continuity Tubes and False Insertion Errors

      Proper continuity lead sense is dependent upon the relationship between:

      • the continuity tube
      • the cutter
      • the angle of the lead being cut
      • the lead length as the leads are cut.

      It is important the lead is bent and touches the continuity tube before the cut takes place, making the position where the lead enters the cut and clinch assembly very important.

      As the cutter moves across to the cut position, the lead begins to bend in the direction of the continuity tube.  However, once the lead is pinched between the cutter and the cutter bushing, the scrap portion of the lead will no longer be pushed toward the continuity tube.  At this point the scrap portion of the lead will actually be forced in the opposite direction of the continuity tube as the cutter shears through the lead.

      The following scenario describes what happens if the lead length is set too short.  In other words, the lead entrance to the cutter bushing set so the lead is very close the cutter bushing shear point.

      By setting the lead length too short, (the lead too close to the cut point of the cutter bushing), the scrap portion of the lead will not be bent far enough to reach the continuity tube as the cutter bends the lead, resulting in a false insertion error.  In other words, if the lead reaches the cut point before it has been bent far enough to touch the continuity tube, a false continuity error may occur.

      On the other hand, having the lead length too long may cause accelerated wear and damage to the continuity tubes.  Forcing the lead into the continuity tube with too much force will cause denting of the continuity tube and wear of the plastic insulation, resulting in premature failure and false continuity errors over time. 

      Cutter Stroke Speed and false Continuity Errors

      The length of time necessary to drive the Cutter from the home position, to the extended ‘cut’ position, can affect continuity sensing.  If the cutter speed is set too slow, the cutter air pressure is insufficient, or a mechanical assembly used in the operation of the cutter stroke binds, the cutter will not reach the component lead in the ‘window’ of time necessary for continuity to be sensed.  This will result in a false continuity error.  Examples of cutter stroke speed problems:

      • Pneumatic flow control for the cutters not properly set
      • Poor air flow from the valve to the cutter
      • Binding in the mechanical linkage from the cutter piston to the cutter
      • Lack of sufficient lubrication in the mechanical linkage from the cutter piston to the cutter
      • Incorrectly set cutter backstroke (the starting position for the cutter)
      • A torn O-ring on the cutter piston which causes a bind in the cylinder
      • Lack of sufficient lubrication on the O-ring for the cutter piston


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      Upgrade Universal stand alone auto insertion machine to Automatic Board Handling System

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      Odd-form components are the only remaining discrete components left to hand assessmbly of a Printed Circuit Board.

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      UIC spare parts

      Parts of common UIC spare parts list.

      Common UIC spare parts  
      142804703CARRIER CLIP ASST
      226462017SHOULDER SCREW
      343871802 ANVIL CUTTER (VCD)
      545798406CONTINUITY TUBE
      630820201DAMPING PAD
      745744401CUTTER BUSHING (ONE EAR)
      944241607SHEAR BLOCK-LONG (5.63MM)
      1110249029SPRING COMPRESSION
      1746287002FLAG MOLDED (RADIAL)
      1844426606UPPER PUSHER
      2144426701PUSHER LOWER
      2244241409INSIDE FORMER
      2344241509INSIDE FORMER
      2830792201RING WIPER
      2940506801END CAP SHIM
      3030899801SPRING RIGHT (FEEDER)
      3141897211CUTTER LH SEQ
      3245592425FORMER OUTSIDE-RH
      3345592526FORMER OUTSIDE-LH
      3445592606BLADE SHEAR-RH
      3541897212CUTTER RH SEQ
      3845592706BLADE SHEAR-LH
      3941428501CLINCH NUT ASSY( 41428501)
      4140546701LINK ANVIL
      4343077005TIP DRIVER (ONLY JUMPER) L.H
      4443077105TIP DRIVER (ONLY JUMPER) R.H
      4721760002FUSE HOLDER
      4840229201PIN GROOVED (FEEDER ARM PIN)
      5314084000CLAMP (SPRING PIN)
      5443461801ANVIL EXTERIOR
      5644426607PUSHER UPPER-2.5
      5745373901SPRING EXTENSION(cta)
      5943461501CUT FROM INTERIOR
      6343077109TIP DRIVER-RH
      6443871702CUTTER BUSHING (2 EAR)
      6641848601CLAMP RETAINER (vcd)
      6812784000SLEEVE L.H (HEAD ASSY) SMALL
      6944906901SWITCH P.B.MOM, 6292 D.H VCD
      7243461701ANVIL INTERIOR
      7343461601CUT FROM EXTERIOR
      7443077009TIP DRIVER-LH
      7545711601ANVIL CONTINUITY(2J5B)
      7742513302RAMP BLK
      7844241604SHEAR BLOCK
      8043461601CUT FROM EXTERIOR
      8143461601CUT FROM EXTERIOR
      8244241506INSIDE FORMER - LH
      8412788000SLEEVE R.H (HEAD ASSY)
      8518164000GUIDE WHEEL
      8740049504RETAINER LEAD
      8830647903DRIVE WHEEL (NON METAL)
      9044896901GUIDE BOTTOM
      9112516001FEED ARM -RH
      9245744404CUTTER BUSHING
      9344629702CLAMP JAW 10.5 MM
      9444629902CLAMP DUAL JAW 10.5 MM
      9511037003FEED CYLINDER
      9744241608BLOCKSHEAR 5mm
      9812516000FEED ARM -LH
      9917298000PULLEY ( X/Y -MOTOR )
      10027199000SPACER (TABLE LOCK ASSY)

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