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How to protect our Earth– Stencil cleaning

2023-02-09 17:51:23

[su_heading size=”25″ margin=”10″] More Reasons to Choose the Pneumatic Stencil Cleaner S-1688: [/su_heading]

1.  Zero pollutants from SMT stencil cleaning machine; protects our earth.

2. 2-grade filter for SMT stencil cleaning machine cleaning fluid circulation use.

3. 3 minutes to complete a SMT stencil cleaning cycle.

4. Improves the quality of your electronic products and PCBA welding effect.

5. Saves Energy & Eliminates Fire hazard (no electrical cord).

6. No VOCs, protection of the environment above regulatory standards.

7. Reduces costs on cleaning solutions, as it is recycled back into the closed system.