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Soldering Excellence: Achieve Your Perfect Soldering Process

Solving the Soldering Factor

Soldering Excellence

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Within the mass production sector of electronic manufacturing industry, the soldering process continues to be one of the most precarious processes that can literally make or break your PCBs. Finding the perfect soldering variables that provide reliability to mechanical and electrical joints are essential to keeping your components in place once a circuit has been assembled.

The size of electronics and their components are shrinking while the demand is growing at exponential rates, which forces manufacturers to find better and more efficient ways to create smaller parts, miniature circuit boards and components. Miniaturization of electronics creates a huge room for errors and failures, so every process especially the soldering process should be assessed for the best results for your final product. Having a healthy predictable standard of reproducability, ie. #good boards /oz.solder materials is a must for manufacturers running on slim margins, as one defect in the assembly process can lead to the entire process being discarded and large sums of money wasted on flaws not calculated ahead of time.

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Is your Soldering up to par? Consider these factors for Soldering Excellence:

  • solve speed concerns
  • provides endless flexibility
  • allow quick program customization
  • provides flexible programming to meet needs of wide variety of soldering applications of the automatic soldering machine
  • smaller work area
  • customization for your factory needs
  • provides endless flexibility with automation
  • adjustable heating
  • high speed soldering
  • minimize cycle time
  • excellent temperature control and auto tuning

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