0 Automatic SMT S-1688 stencil cleaning machine,Save Much Energy

Product Description


1.Use full pneumatic control cleaning, pneumatic logic control
2.Without electricity, avoid fire hazards
3.Can use water or solvent, safe and reliable
4.Totally enclosed cleaning process, to avoid direct contact with cleaning fluid
5.Liquid can be recycled, save cost,envirnonment protect
6.Spray pressure, and the size of the diaphragm pump air pressure is adjustable
7.The machine maintenance is simple, all 304 stainless steel body, can resisit any hurt by acid and alkali cleaning chemistry.

8. Cleaning and drying process can be easily control with one-button operation.




Application stencil,glue screen ,copper screen
Application stencil size Standard 29 inch and below
Clean liquid capacity Max 50L ,Min 20 L
Cleaning fluid volume 40L
Cleaning mothed  Rotary double side pressure injection and high pressure air praying ( cleaning and drying )
Clean time 2~4 min(stencil and copper net)
Rinse time 2~4 min(stencil and copper net )
Dry time 2~5 min
External air supply 0.4Mpa~0.6Mpa
Air consumption 400~600L/Min*2
Air outlet size Φ125*25mm
Weight  320Kg
Dimension  980mm(L)*700mm(W)*1730mm(H)
Tin filter mothed Three class filter(10μm,5μm,1μm)





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