What is SMT production line?

Also Called SMT assembly line

SMT is the new technology to produce the circuit. Many years ago, People produce circuit  use wires, so electronic product is big and hard to use and take with. So the circuit develop direction is become smaller, then People inveted the PCB, it can put the circuit on a small PCB, and then the components invented to out the resistors, capacitors on the PCB. All technology rated in this process is SMT.

Traditional electronic components compressed into a volume of only a few tenths of the device directly to the surface assembly components paste, printed on the printed circuit board surface location of the assembly technology.

Compared with the traditional process, SMT has high density, high reliability, low cost, miniaturization, sound field automation and other five characteristics.

Types of SMT production lines

SMT production line can be divided into two types, according to the degree of automation can be divided into automatic production lines and semi-automatic production lines; in accordance with the size of the production line can be divided into large, medium and small production lines.
Automatic production line refers to the entire production line equipment are fully automatic equipment, through the automatic board machine, buffer cable and unloading machine all the production equipment with a production line;Normally it is with these machines: PCB loader, Auto smt stencil printer, PCB converyor, pick and place machine, SMT reflow oven, AOI.
Semi-automatic production line is the main production equipment is not connected or not fully connected, the press is semi-automatic, the need for manual printing or manual loading and unloading PCB.normally is was with these machines: semi auto solder paste printer, PCB conveyor, Pick and Place Machine, Reflow oven, PCB conveyor, semi auto AOI.

SMT production line of the main components are: by the surface assembly components, circuit boards, assembly design, assembly process;
The main production equipment, including printing machines, glue dispensers, placement machines, reflow soldering ovens and wave soldering machine. Auxiliary equipment, testing equipment, repair equipment, cleaning equipment, drying equipment and materials storage equipment.

The importance of SMT testing

SMT inspection is an important step in improving the quality of SMT products, it can improve product quality, and strive to achieve “zero defect.”

The cost of assembling to the instrument and finding the fault is several times the cost of finding the fault when assembling the printed circuit board;

And the cost of finding the product after the product is put into the market will be hundreds of times the cost of finding the fault when assembling the printed circuit board.

In order to ensure the quality of SMT products, it is necessary to carry out effective testing, timely detection of defects and failures and repair, thereby effectively reducing the manufacture of products and failures caused by the cost of repair.

Another reason is nowadays more and more components are very small. some small components already can’t identified by human eyes, like 0201,01005 it’s too small to see the model number , direction by human eyes, need check by machines camera.

ICT tester

ICT is In Circuit Tester English abbreviation, the Chinese meaning is the online tester, is the modern electronic enterprise essential PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly, printed circuit board assembly) production of test equipment.

ICT use, high accuracy of the measurement, the detection of the problem clear, even if the general level of electronic technology workers to deal with the problem of PCBA is also very easy.

The most basic instrument used for electrical testing is the On-Line Tester (ICT), which uses a component-level test method to test each component on the assembled circuit board.

ICT can be divided into needle bed ICT and flying needle ICT.
Flying needle ICT basically only static test, the advantage is no need to make fixture, the program development time is short.
Needle-type ICT can be simulator function and digital device logic function test, high failure rate.

In the SMT production line, the time on behalf of the efficiency.

The use of ICT can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, online tester detection failure coverage of up to 95%, its reasonable configuration in the production line can be found as soon as possible manufacturing failure and timely maintenance, or timely adjustment of the production process, Effectively reducing the cost of manufacturing defective products and repairing.

Why Choose SmtHelp SMT Production Line

The main constitute of the SMT Production Line are: Surface-assembled Components, Circuit Boards, Assembly Design, Assembly process.

The main production equipment includes the Loader, Printing Machine, Dispensing Machine, Pick and Place Machine, Reflow Oven, Wave Soldering Machine. Auxiliary equipment includes Testing equipment, Rework Equipment, Cleaning Equipment, Drying equipment and Material Storage equipment.

The simplest SMT Production Line solution is divided into Semi Auto SMT Line, Full Auto SMT Line.
Semi Auto SMT Line: Semi Auto Printer, Conveyor, Pick and Place Machine, Conveyor, Reflow Oven

If your new project just start, we will recommend you this SMT line. Why?
1. Low purchase cost.
2. Low failure rate.
3. Easy to use and maintain.

Of course, we also will according to the different products and capacity to recommend Full Auto SMT Line. 一Loader, Full Auto Printer, Conveyor, Pick and Place Machine, Conveyor, Reflow Oven, Unloader.

1. Save labor costs.
2. Good stability and precision.
3. High production capacity and quality.

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