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SMT Industry 4.0 Production Line Construction Solution (Intelligent, Unmanned, Automation)

2023-02-09 17:51:24

In recent years, under the upsurge of Industry 4.0, Industrial Interconnection, Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing, many outstanding manufacturing companies around the world have carried out smart factory construction practices.Among them, the electronics industry has become the focus of intelligent manufacturing due to its wide and extensive industry layout.In the field of SMT in the electronics industry, intelligence can improve the space tremendously, and it has also become a practical gathering place for intelligent manufacturing.

So, what should a real smart SMT factory look like?Let’s first understand the basic modules and functions that an intelligent SMT factory should have.The construction of smart factories in the electronics industry should be built and designed around “lean production”.Smart factories are just a concept, tools and assistants for “lean production” field managers.Its construction is inseparable from the basic factory management philosophy, and it is the direct implementation of TPM, the pursuit of the ultimate factory philosophy. The principles it should pursue: zero defects, zero waste, and zero losses.