SMT conveyor

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How length conveyor do you need?
What is the maximum width of you PCB?
Do you need inspection with lighting
Do you need dual rail?
Do you need cover with cooling fan?
Do you need buffer bad boards?
Do you need working table both side?
We are able to customize conveyors

ItemModelLength(mm)Max PCB Width(mm)Remark
1S-350C500350No Lighting
2S-460C500460No Lighting
3S-350C-L500350With Lighting
4S-460C-L500460With Lighting
5S-350D1000350No Lighting
6S-460D1000460No Lighting
7S-350D-L1000350With Lighting
8S-460D-L1000460With Lighting
9S-350E1500350No Lighting
10S-460E1500460No Lighting
11S-350E-L1500350With Lighting
12S-460E-L1500460With Lighting

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