Smt Automatic Splicing Machine(mes)

The width of the tape is 8mm.
The thickness is 0.25 ~ 1.3 mm,if the other materials on the market please confirm with us

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    1. Features
    2. 1.Easy to operate; 10 minutes to learn proficient operation, no longer rely on skilled employees, reduce downtime, improve efficiency
    3. 2.Save manpower: mobile operations, can achieve two-line one operation(specifically, customer line planning)
    4. 3.The parts are non-destructive; the use of optical fiber automatic detection of the presence of materials, automatic accurate calibration of the docking position, no parts loss
    5. 4.The recovery tape: Press the button strip realized by a worker recovered length after a successful splicing automatic rewinding, fast and convenient
    6. 5.Accurate and high-efficiency: The preparation of the spare parts can be completed in about8s per pick, and the success rate of picking up can reach 97%.
    7. 6.Equipment out of chance: the receiving unit on the machine passing rate of more than 97%
    8. 7.E rror prevention system: self-provisioned material bar code scanning comparison error prevention (optional customer misplaced)

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 PDF file introduction

  • 1.Built-in industrial computer, and interact data with MES and other systems through the wireless module.
  • 2.the old and new material can be distinguished easily by the auxiliary barcode scanner, which can prevent the wrong material be used
  • 3.precision cams and fiber optic.sensors are make sure the quality of the spliced tape is accurate and.superior
  • 4.with four wheels ,which is convenient for employees to move .
  • 5.Only one –button press, the Tape will rolling up quickly
  • 6.With two lithium batteries sot that it can be charging alternately , and the service time is about ten hours after charging for five hours.

whatsApp:+86 137 6048 1664​


Features of machine

1、Simple operation:  10 minutes of study can be skilled operation, no longer rely on skilled staff, reduce downtime and improve efficiency.

2、Economize on manpower:  Mobile operation,which can realize two-lines and one-person operation (the specific situation depends on the client line body planning).

3、No part loss:  Use optical fiber to automatically detect the presence of materials and automatically and accurately calibrate the splicing position, no part loss .

4、Material strap recycle:  It’s convenient and efficient for operators to long press the unloading switch to automatically recycle the tape.

5、Accurate and efficient :It only takes about 8 seconds and success rate up to 97%.

6、Pass Rate:over 97%

7、Fool-Proof System:  Equipped with bar code scanning material function(optionally connected to the customer Fool-Proof system)

Technical parameter


Product sizeL520mm*W460mm*H1340mm
Operation height910mm
splicing cycle8s(Automatic unloading time is not included)
Connection precision0.1MM
ApplicationAdhesive tape and paper tape (thickness :0.25-1.3mm,width:8M)
Power supplylithium battery  DC 36V or 24V
Work Period>16h with a full battery
Charging voltage220V  50Hz
Low voltage alarm functionThe machine is equipped with low power alarm to remind you to recharge or replace the battery
Material lossEquipped with empty material position detection function
Pass rate of splicing≥97%
Mechanical noise<50 decibel
Rated power150W
Vaccum pressure-30Kpa
Material strap wrapup functionButton control can automatically picking the material
Auxiliary material3000 pieces of tape per roll
Fool-Proof SystemEquipped with bar code scanning material function(optionally connected to the customer Fool-Proof system)
Product weight68KG