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SMEMA: What is it?

2023-02-09 17:51:22

In the surface mount electronics industry, manufacturing each type of product requires a variety of process steps, and therefore a multitude of process equipment. This production equipment varies greatly not only from manufacturer to manufacturer, but also in its function. However, the different equipment must be able to work together to produce the final goods. Difficulties arise when equipment is not standardized and cannot communicate. To help cross these barriers, the Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association (SMEMA) was formed. SMEMA is a nonprofit organization composed of manufacturers of equipment or software used for surface mount board production. In this article we will give a brief overview of SMEMA and define the mechanical and electrical interface standard implemented on equipment manufactured

SMEMA’s objectives ·

promote standards for the interface and operation of production equipment · assure users that equipment adhering to SMEMA standards interfaces easily · advance surface mount technology and promote its uses · investigate areas where the association can benefit member companies


Interface standard

The mechanical and electrical interface standard provides an equipment specification for single board transfer systems of surface-mounted PCBs. The standard defines the electrical and mechanical concepts of the machine interface. The latest SMEMA-published standard is version 1.2. This article will highlight the SMEMA electrical interface. A mechanical interface overview will appear in a future issue of Product Perspective.


Signal overview, descriptions, and timing

The following diagrams provide a simplified explanation of the electrical signals and their locations, timing, and terminology. The diagrams refer to conveyor-type products, but the concepts are the same for any SMEMA interface. Please note that these drawings are not the actual SMEMA specification, but are simplified interpretations to help you understand the interface. The actual SMEMA specification is more specific; details on how to obtain this specification are provided at the end of this article.




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