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Pay more attention to safety hazard during operating auto machine!

2023-02-09 17:51:23

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Automation technique is applied to the development of mechanical manufacturing industry ,which  can greatly improve productivity, in other hands, the machinery manufacturing automation technology is currently one of the most valuable in the world of science and technology, it is to promote the development of social productivity and also make people’s life become more quickly, play an important role in improving people’s living standard.

But with the development of mechanical processing manufacturing, also can not avoid artificial operating machinery and equipment, and always heard the sad news, such as workers injury or death when operating the machine.On May 29, a factory ‘s worker body is stuck to the machine unfortunately when operating the machine, while firefighters rushed to the rescue, the women were taken to a hospital successful, but the last,the woman died of his wounds.This let us deep thinking.

So in our SMT/AI industry,every workers must to know the machine security issues and safety guidelines,it‘s very important,we must ensure the safety of workers!







 Security issues and  safety guidelines:

1 Tooling cuff requirements beam, work shoes should be prevented slippery, and can’t wear high heels.

2 When  working alongside the material stack, must press the STOP button bright women scarves.

3 The woman should on long hair to disk, and the men tie to close firmly, prevent into the machine at work.

4 Single machine operation, it is strictly prohibited to many people at the same time.

5 Hands in upper and lower, inside the machine components to use pliers or tweezers (axial element), hands, hands after leaving the plug-in area, then operate the control panel.

6  Must sure to remove all tools sundry machine worktable when start to operate the machine.

7 Work in it is prohibited to put any goods on the worktable, so as not to damage the machine.

8 In the work such as unexplained machine stopped suddenly, may not be reached below the plug-in head.

9 Plug-in mistakes in normal production, may not be reached to the head.

10 For the automatic machine, the machine in normal production, it is forbidden to reach into to send slab bridge.

11 To understand the mesa machine movement area, not collision.

Maybe there are more things we should care,safety is the basis of the production.So please every factory ’s leader pay more attention to the Security issues and the workers must be more care.


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