S4000 Axial Insertion machine



the description

the s4000 series -axial insertion machine can using to have been arranged by progam 52mm wide electronic components(example for resistors,transistors,capacities,etc),and cylindrical jumpers,accroding to the procedure automatically  inserted into the PCB holes,and bending and cutting feet, the fixed components on the PCB.


S4000 Axial Inserter

Axial Inserter

Axial Inserter

















Insertion rate 22000PCS / H
2 Insert direction Parallel 0°,90°,180°,270°
3 Components span Dual span: 5.0mm-20mm(Insert jumper wire can reach 5mm-20mm)
4 PCB Size (Min)50 mm x50mm、(Max)450mm x 450mm
5 Components available Capacitors, transistors, diodes, resistors, fuse and so on, must be Tape packed electronic components.
6 Jumper Wire (JW) Independent feed device, no need sequencing.. diameter 0.5mm-0.7mm copper wire plated with tin.
7 Clinch Length 1.2-2.2MM (adjustable)
8 Clinch degree 10-35°(adjustable)
9 Machine Size (L × W ×H) 1830mm×1200mm×1720mm
10 Machine Weight 1500KG
11 Power supply 220V, AC (single phase) 50/60 HZ, 1.5KVA;
12 System Protection UPS, keep machine run 15 minutes without power
13 Working Power 800W (Energy-saving)
14 Air pressure  0.5 Mpa
15 Air consumption 0.1 m3/minute
16 Coordinate correction Machine vision systems, multi-point MARK vision correction.
17 Driving system AC Servo、 AC motors
18 Data input USB interface input (EXCEL format)
19 Control System English version interface (WINDOWS system control platform)LCD monitor
20 Rotary table Clockwise or anticlockwise
21 PCB transfer mode Manual /Automatic optional


The ideal Solution for any market:

Electrical industries appliances:Air conditioner, Television, Microwave, Electric cooker, Electric kettle, Induction cooker etc.













Vehicle industries application: Vehicle power supply, Vehicle light, Car audio etc.












Auto Insertion 贴出贴子