S4000 Automatic Axial Machine Operation Instruction Manual


  • This “Operation Instruction Manual” is given with each machine,please keep this manual for your reference at any time.
  • Please read this instruction manual carefully before you operate this machine.
  • Due to technology upgrading and product special requirement, machine may be different from instruction manual partially, please be subject to actual machine, we will add additional explaination as much as possible.
  • When the equipment is working normally, please keep some space in front of and at the back of the equipment, which is required for operation and maintenance. Besides, please do not block heat emission of the equipment.
  • Equipment operating environment: temperature:5~25℃, relative humidity:20~95%, place with no direct sunlight, no condensation, no splashing water, oil and chemical.
  • The technician who operates and repairs this machine must be able to use computer.
  • The computer that is equipped for the machine can be only used for this equipment, can not be used for other purposes; it is strictly forbidden to connect any other movable memory device with virus with the machine to avoid damaging control system.
  • The USB flash disk that is given with machine must be protect from virus, do not use it on other computer casually.
  • For the sake of people’s safety, when the machine is running, please do not open the front and back movable door and reach out your body into the machine or move close to the machine without taking any safety protections, otherwise, it will bring unnecessary personnel injury.
  • Turning the power on and off repeatedly will be one reason of machine breakdown. After turning off power, ,you need to wait for at least 20 seconds before you can turn on the power again.
  • Do not let the machine suffer from impact or strong vibration, otherwise it will cause machine breakdown.
  • When you shut off the machine power, please do it according to following sequence; if you do not follow the sequence and shut off the power or restart directly, the data can not be saved completely, it will also cause damage to hard disk. Exit/Shut off procedure: exit from application program exit from Windows     turn off power
  • If you need to temporarily stop using the machine, please keep the machine in the environment as follows:temperature:5~25℃, relative humidity:20~95%, place with no direct sunlight, no condensation, no splashing water, oil and chemical.

In order to avoid dust, you can cover up the machine(for example, put a cover), but must be moisture-proof.

  • If not understand, please contact us, please must not operate blindly.

Note: please pay attention to affairs mentioned above!             Chapter 1  Overview   S4000 series of machines can insert various kinds of tape packed components (electrolytic capacitor, porcelain capacitor, etc). The machine station can dispense material on special W-shape carrier clip, then carrier clips will be transferred to inserter and jump wire and various kinds of electronic component and jump wire will be inserted on PCB automatically, also showing the non performing status on display and detecting missing component, which shows the machine is a automatic equipment with high precision and performance. One outstanding feature of this machine is: it is able to insert cylindrical jump wire to PCB directly without sequencing again, which can save 1/3 of jump wire. Supported by the self-developed software, the machine is featured with three functions all in one: it can not only insert jump wire alone, but also can insert axial electronic component alone, and can insert jump wire and axial component together as well. With one machine and one operator, it can achieve the output that equals to the yield of 40 workers inserting component manually.

  1. Machine Technical Specifications:
Item Technical Specifications
Insertion Rate 24000 pcs/hr
Non Performing Rate Less than 300PPM
Insert Theta Parallel 0°,90°,180°, 270°
Component Span Dual span 5.0mm-20mm
PCB size Min:50mm*50mm; Max: 450mm*450mm
PCB thickness 0.79-2.36mm
Component types Axial tape packed material, such as capacitor, transistor, diode, resistor, blown fuse.
Clinch length 1.2-2.2mm(adjustable)
Clinch degree 0-35°(adjustable)
Station quantity 60 stations(recommended),optional(10-100 stations)
Machine size (length×width×height) Main unit 1700mm×1300mm×1600mm
Station size(length×width×height) 510mm×1000mm×1410mm(10 stations)
Main unit weight 1500KG
Auxiliary unit weight 750KG(40 stations)
Power supply 220V,AC(single phase), 50/60HZ, 2.0KVA;
System protection Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) configuration, run 15 minutes after power outage
Working power 1.6KW (Energy Saving)
Air pressure 0.6–0.8MPA
Air consumption 0.3m³/minute


  1. Machinery Part:

1) Mahcine stand Based on scientific calculation, the machine stand structure is made of square iron tube welded with iron plate, then went through aging treatment, which ensures good rigidness and stability. The four corners of machine are installed with vibration-proof feet, whose height can be adjusted to achieve proper leveling of machine. 2) X, Y worktable assembly This machine inserts component to each areas of PCB by moving the worktable, where the PCB is placed. Each worktable assembly uses two hard steel shaft as rail, uses ball lead screw and servo motor in the middle to drive. Lead screw nut is fixed with platform board, and the two ends of lead screw is fixed, the motor is connected with it through timing belt. Motor drives lead screw to rotate, and lead screw drives lead screw nut and worktable to move in a straight line. On X, Y worktable assemblies, there are positive and negative limits, reduction switch and zero position inspection optoelectronic switch. If the assembly moves out of first limit, the motor will slow down; if it exceeds second limit, the motor will slow down until stop to avoid destructive impact to servo system. The zero position inspection optoelectronic switch determines the position of worktable when it stops. The X worktable assembly is installed on the main unit platform, Y worktable assembly is installed on X worktable assembly. The worktable board is made of imported aluminium of high quality, which helps to achieve light weight. Y worktable assembly is equipped with turning plate. The turning plate serves to allow the PCB to rotate in ±90°±180°±360° to insert electronic component in different directions. As to turning plate, there is a round rotating plate in Y worktable, the round rotating plate is supported and located by four bearing that are installed horizontally. At each side of round plate, there is V-shape locating bracket, normally, the “tongue” of locating structure of work plate stretches out and touches V-shape bracket closely to fix round plate. The locating structure is composed of two single-acting cylinders, one elastic “tongue” and locating board. When turning plate needs to rotate, air cylinder stretches out, “tongue” retracts and breaks away from bracket. The round plate rotation is driven by turning plate motor, the turning plate motor is connected with one elastic round wheel assembly through timing belt. The round wheel assembly is equipped with one air cylinder, when the round plate needs to rotate, this air cylinder stretches out, the edge of round wheel and round plate touches with each other tightly, the rotation of motor drives the rotation of round plate. 3) Inserter and housing assembly The inserter is made up with encoder, motor, gear rack, bearing, and timing belt, etc. The inserter assembly is installed on square steel tube with size of 100*150*6. It is equipped with accessories of high precision and stability, such as motor, gear rack, bearing, synchronizing wheel, and a set of camera, etc. The motion of inserter is realized by Panasonic servo motor controlling material transfer and insertion. Note: the insertion motion steps as follows: material transferring is done by double chains of high precision carring component to inserter, then centering component by centering assembly which is of high accuracy, then the component is moved under the inserter by chain; at this time, insertion main shaft(H) gear shaft rotates after driven by servo motor, and brings gear rack to move downward as well as shear blade, then the component lead is cut off, the former moves down also and clinches the two leads of component, the whole component is bent into splayed shape; the pusher continue to move downward, and pushed the bent component into PCB. Meanwhile, driven by clinch motor, the two clinch air cylinder stretch out, and bends the two leads of component that is inserted already, and cut off the excess lead, then the component is fixed on PCB. After that, housing moves down and back to original position rapidly, insertion main shaft will move up and back to original position quickly. These motions will be repeated until next command is given.   4) Jump Wire Assembly This machine can move jumper(jump wire) to the bottom of insertion head for insertion directly without being sequenced by sequencer. Feed motor rotates and drags jumper (jump wire) from left to right, while the jumper is straightened and moved to the bottom of insertion head to be inserted (same motion as electronic component insertion). 5) Electricity and Air Control Device Electricity and air control device supplies power and control signal for machine. All the motion command of this machine is input and output by computer. The detection signal is input to computer through IO board, and motion command signal in input to IO board or servo through computer. This machine will use 220V AC, 24V and 5V DC, and it is equipped with UPS AC power source. There is leakage circuit breaker at AC power source trunk, and protective at each branch circuit. DC is supplied by switch power. Grounding system must be standard and reliable. Every AC servo motor is controlled by one servo. All servo parameters can be read or adjusted through servo screen, or can be read and adjusted in computer with dedicated software. The servo scree can show error code of servo system, which means, the servo is able to “diagnose by itself”. Air supply of machine is input by air control assembly and supplied to relevant aircylinder by each electromagnetic valve. 6) Camera Assembly Camera assembly is used to on-line program and correct PCB insertion coordination automatically. Camera assembly is composed of camera and light source. Camera is installed at the left side of insertion head, and locked on a holder that can be jogged up and down. The camera lens can adjust focus and distance; the light source is installed under camera lens and is used to aid shotting. 7) Servo Control There are total 8 servo systems in this machine shown as below. The servo system ensures motion control with constant torque, wide-speed ration, high speed and high precision, which guarantees high performance of the machine. Since the motors use AC power, the machine is energy-saving. Each servo motor is controlled by one servo. The signals of servo slow down, limit, and encoder are input to control computer; then servo is controlled by control card,  station drive card and computer. All servo parameters can be read or adjusted through servo screen, or can be read and adjusted in computer with dedicated software. The servo scree can show error code of servo system, which means, the servo is able to “diagnose by itself”. Mature servo software and hardware technology ensures that error rate of servo system is almost zero.

 Item H shaft C1 shaft X shaft Y shaft C shaft C2 shaft B shaft W shaft
Name head Sequencer chain X shaft Y shaft span  centering housing  jump wire
power 1000W 750W 400W 400W 400W 400W 400W 100W

  8) Electric This machine uses monophase power of 220V AC with frequency of 50HZ. Power consumption rate is 1600W. This machine is equipped with UPS, which can keep the machine continue to work around15 munites and avoid waste of components waiting to be inserted when the plant has power outage. Design of electric control circuit is very scientific,and material of electric component comes from famous brand with high quality. Besides of 220V AC power, the machine also uses +24V DC and +5V DC through switch power. 9) Equipment / System Grounding There is a grounding connecting wire on the machine for equipment/ system grounding. User is supposed to ground the machine properly to effectively control power obstruction and differential electric potential of large system. Note: Please refer to international electric code and relevant local electric code to identify correct size and position of grounding connector. These grounding connectors are additional (not substitution) to the grounding wire for signal cable and power cable. The grounding connector of power cable also needs to be grounded, which is usually processed through conduit of wiring system. The ground must be powerless, not only neutral, you can not select power cable conduit as the only grounding point. If possible, the system power board should also be grounded. No matter what kind of grounding system is applied, the earth empedance must be maintained within DC-10mHZ and lower than 10OHmS. The grounding system should be separated from power obstruction source to prevent the obstruction from being transferred to equipement/ system through grounding system. 10) Adjust equipment leveling After the machine is moved to target place, you can put down the machine foot and adjust the machine leveling by placing a leveling instrument on the machine. Proper machine leveling can minimize machine vibration and enable the machine to work more smoothly with less nosie and longer life. Steps to adjust machine leveling:

  1. Lift the machine in the air completely and move it to target place.
  2. First adjust the machine right & left leveling; since the machine gravity center is in the rear part, thus adjust the two rear feet.
  3. Then ajust the machine front and back leveling; you only need to adjust one front foot because three points finalize one surface.
  4. Revolve down the foot hanging and revolve a little further, and tighten the locating nuts on four feet.

Note: it will be rapid and efficient to adjust leveling by putting three feet on the ground. 11) File System Introduction The D: disk in home directory contains following important file folders: 1) File folders S4000: the file used to keep application program S4000.exe. 2) File folders Installation: is to keep files that already registered for Southern Machinery AI equipment, it is temporary data file generated from registration. 3) File folders Southern Machinery data: is to keep parameters of equipment, component parameter, camera, original position test, statistic record, and factory default for relevant application program in Execl work sheet. 4) Equipment parameter: keep some parameters of AI equipment, such as insertion head excursion constant CX, insertion head excursion constant CY. Insertion head stroke constant HL, etc. 5) Component parameter: keep parameters of component specification, diameter, lead span for the equipment (the parameters can be added based on the type of component to be inserted). Warning: Deletion or manual modification of above files is forbidden, otherwise the application program will be damaged and can not run normally, which will result in mal-function of equipment or even equipment destruction.. 12) Industrial Control Computer and Software Installation: 1) Open mainframe box, install image collection card and motion control card Matters need attention: be careful about ESD protection. Installation and set up of motion control card: (1) make sure that your computer  system is stable (2) make sure the computer is registered by Southern Machinery (3) make sure there are at least three PCI slots on computer mainframe (4) first run the file: D: install  →Win2k_xp →PISO_DIO_Win2k_V241, then run REGIST2K in borad card, next run REG2K, then shut down the computer, insert the control card PISO-C64 into PCI1 slot, insert two DMC1000 (motion control card) into PCI2 slot and PCI3 slot seperately (5) open the computer, and copy Southern Machinery data and XG-2000E file folder into D disk, then install the safety dog into USB slot (6) after finish computer self-check and enter operating system, right click my computer attribute→hardware→ equipment device managers, click the “+” of Leisai Controjjer (motion control card), and find DMC1000, right click attribute driver→ update driver→ search for the suitable driver for my equipment → next step → appoint one place→ next step →browse (find D: installboard cardDMC100) and open→sure→ next step, the driver is installed automatically; the installation procedure of second motion control card is same, browse (find D: installboard cardREGISTER) open →sure→ next step, then the driver of the board card is installed automatically. (7) Install P32-C32 motion control card, run PISO_DIO_Win2K_v241 in installWin2K and install. (8) Open and run S4000E.exe 2) Matters need attention: set up of computer mainframe BISO,

  • CPU configuration →Hyper Threading Technology [Disabld]<close hyper-thread technology>Onboard Devices Configuration →Onboard AC’97 Audio [Disabled]<close mainframe intergrated soft soundcard>
  • Drive A/B→1.44M,3.5 in[None]<close floppy driver start>
  • USB Cinfiguration →Legacy USB Support [Disabled]< prohibit USB memory disk autostart. If not prohibited, USB memory disk will start computer, it is possible that the computer can not start or get infected by virus.>
  • Boot Settings Conftguration →Boot Num-Lock[off]

3) Divide computer into three areas: C: 20G; D: 30G; E: 30G; and formatting them all as NTFS system; NTFS formatting is more stable and reliable than FAT32. (Note: take 80G hard disk as an example, equipment does not have any special requirement for hard disk size) 4) Install system software WINDOWS 2000+SP3/SP4 5) Install computer mainframe driver 6) Install computer display card driver 7) Install motion control card 8) Install safety dog (4000) driver 9) InstallDatabase Driver 10) Install: WINRAR, five-stroke input methoh, Execl, etc. (not required by equipment, customer can install according to actual need) 11) Copy S4000E file folder 12) Copy Southern Machinery data file folder 13) File Backup

  • In order to avoid production data loss, we recommend you use clean USB memory disk without virus to copy Southern Machinery data file folder and file folder of camera as backup every two or three days.
  • If the machine shows “execl table incompatible” or “file format incorrect ”, please conduct overall virus detection and destruction under safe mode, and install Office software again, then delete all files that have execl table.

13) Computer Setup 1) Display color: 32 bits true color 2) Scree resolution: 1024×768 pixel 3) Set Screen Protection as “Non”, and Power Management as “Always on”. 4) Vertual memory: initial size: 500MB, maximum size: 1000MB Attention: install and run antivirus software casually, because when AI is working, it needs to access to hard disk file frequently, and antivirus program usually first check read-write file, which affecting the AI performance and system stability. If the computer is suspicious of virus, you can create and install antivirus software, after destroying virus, uninstall the antivirus software or stop running it. Warning: if data exchange with outside is needed, please make sure that outside device (USB flash disk, CD, Floppy disk) does not contain virus!   14) Safety Check before Operation

  • Check if the power supply is appointed rated voltage.
  • Check if mainframe is connected to machine, if safety fuse is in good condition.
  • Check if the equipment is properly grounded.
  • Check if there are impurities in power control panel.
  • Whether conveyor belt derails during transportation.
  • Press emergency stop switch, push and pull X, Y Assembly, see if they can move flexibly.
  • Limit check, check if limit switch is dislocated.
  • Check if bearing, lead screw, rail, gear friction assemblies are in good condition.
  • Check if emergency switch can bounce.
  • Check if UPS or regulator can work normally.
  • Check if all the sockets in power control panel are connected properly.
  • Make sure all connecting cables are connected properly, no loose.
  • Check general electric switch is at OFF status.


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