S3000 Series- Radial Insertion Machine


S3000 Radial insertion machine





Function Feature

1.Full computer control, base on Windows English operating system platform, ensure to studuing easy ,simplicity,operating convenient ;

2.Using for feeling machine techinology,auto design-program online , correct, and identify MARK points, providing the automation degrees;

3.Adapt of AC servo system, making the wire to simplicity, getting out  to because of the flauted wire for making un-stablility,ture to stablily high speeding ,and target to saving energy;

4.20 stations for a section(10-60 satations can choice what you will);

5.Insertion rate for 0-360degrees,and add  addition for one degree;

6.Working platform can exchange unlockwise or lockwise.



Technical Parameters

 * Insertion rate  18000 PCS/H(can upgrass base on system software)
 * Insertion direction  0º-360º ( 1º per addition)
 * PCB size  50*50mm(Min),450*450mm(Max)
 * Clinch length  2.5mm/5.0mm/7.5mm(spacing between the clinch )
 * Component specification  Hight 23mm(Max), Length 23mm(Max)
 * Cutting clinch length  1.5-2.2mm(adjustable)
 * Clinch degree  10º-35º(adjustable)
 * Station  20 stations(can choice 20-100 stations)
 * Machine size  1880*1200*1750mm(L*W*H )
 * Machine weight  2000KG(20stations)
 * Power supply  220v, AC(sinple phase) 50/60Hz,2.0KVA,1.5KW(Saving-energy)
 * System Protection  UPS,keeping machine running 15minutes without power
 * Air Pressure  0.6MPA, 0.3m3/minutes
 * Hole Correct ways  Feelling machine system,identify MARK points Feelling correct
 * Driving  System  AC servo, AC motor
 * Control System  English version  WINDOWS control system platform,LCD monitor
 * Date Input Ways  USB interface input (EXCEL perform)
 * Platform Running Ways  Lockwise and un-Lockwise



Applicable Products

 5.LED lights
6.Light Touch Switches


Applicable Industries

♦ Home Electronics           ♦ Powers             ♦ LED lightings♦             Communications              Others

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