S3000 Series- Radial Insertion Machine

S3000-radial auto insrtionS3000 

S3000 Radial insertion machine

The Radial S3000 offers consistently high throughput regardless of component type, with single-, dual- and triple-span insertion variants.

Lead span capability up to 7.5mm virtually eliminates tedious manual assembly requirements to improve throughput,

product quality and output per floor space, while reducing associated labor costs and time requirements to provide greater returns.


Function Feature


LED insertion
LED insertion

1.18,000 CPH;

2.Highest reliability in the industry;

3.Manual Load or Automatic PCB Load/Unload;

4.Configurable sequencer (10~80 stations optional);

5.Multiple clinch options;

6.Windows base,Simple-to-use operator ;

7.Bulk feeder for LED components;



Technical Parameters

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 * Throughput rate  18000 CPH(can upgrass base on system software)
 * Insertion directions  0º-360º ( 1º per addition)
 * PCB size  50*50mm(Min),450*450mm(Max)
 * Insertion Pitch  2.5mm/5.0mm/7.5mm(spacing between the clinch )
 * Component specification  Hight 23mm(Max), Length 23mm(Max)
 * Cutting clinch length  1.5-2.2mm(adjustable)
 * Clinch degree  10º-35º(adjustable)
 * Component Inputs  20 -100(Expandable)
 * Machine size  1880*1200*1750mm(L*W*H )
 * Machine weight  2000KG(20 Inputs)
 * Power supply  220v, AC(sinple phase) 50/60Hz,2.0KVA,1.5KW(Saving-energy)
 * System Protection  UPS?keeping machine running 15minutes without power
 * Air Pressure  0.6MPA, 0.3m3/minutes
 * Hole Calibration  Machine auto identified ,and view calibration http://phentermine-med.com MARK points .
 * Driving  Systems  AC servo, AC motor
 * Control Systems  English version  WINDOWS control system platform,LCD monitor
 * Date Input Ways  USB interface input (EXCEL format)
 * Platform Running Ways  Clokwise or Couterclockwise



Applicable insertion electronic component

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S3000-radial auto insrtion

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Radial taping packaged component,such as Capacitors,Resistors,Transistors,Diodes,LED pin,Switches,etc

radial capacitor2  Radial tape component 

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Applicable Industries

LED application?LED lighting, LED display, LED lights, LED control systems, LED luminous characters.












Electrical industries appliances?Air conditioner, Television, Microwave, Electric cooker, Electric kettle, Induction cooker etc.