S3000 Automatic Radial Insertion Machine Operation Manual



  • This “Operation Instruction Manual” is given with each machine,please keep this manual for your reference at any time.
  • Please read this instruction manual carefully before you operate this machine.
  • Due to technology upgrading and product special requirement, machine may be different from instruction manual partially, please be subject to actual machine, we will add additional explaination as much as possible.
  • When the equipment is working normally, please keep some space in front of and at the back of the equipment, which is required for operation and maintenance. Besides, please do not block heat emission of the equipment.
  • Equipment operating environment: temperature:5~25℃, relative humidity:20~95%, place with no direct sunlight, no condensation, no splashing water, oil and chemical.
  • The technician who operates and repairs this machine must be able to use computer.
  • The computer that is equipped for the machine can be only used for this equipment, can not be used for other purposes; it is strictly forbidden to connect any other movable memory device with virus with the machine to avoid damaging control system.
  • The USB flash disk that is given with machine must be protect from virus, do not use it on other computer casually.
  • For the sake of people’s safety, when the machine is running, please do not open the front and back movable door and reach out your body into the machine or move close to the machine without taking any safety protections, otherwise, it will bring unnecessary personnel injury.
  • Turning the power on and off repeatedly will be one reason of machine breakdown. After turning off power, ,you need to wait for at least 20 seconds before you can turn on the power again.
  • Do not let the machine suffer from impact or strong vibration, otherwise it will cause machine breakdown.
  • When you shut off the machine power, please do it according to following sequence; if you do not follow the sequence and shut off the power or restart directly, the data can not be saved completely, it will also cause damage to hard disk. Exit/Shut off procedure: exit from application program exit from Windows     turn off power
  • If you need to temporarily stop using the machine, please keep the machine in the environment as follows:temperature:5~25℃, relative humidity:20~95%, place with no direct sunlight, no condensation, no splashing water, oil and chemical.

In order to avoid dust, you can cover up the machine(for example, put a cover), but must be moisture-proof.

  • If not understand, please contact us, please must not operate blindly.

Note: please pay attention to affairs mentioned above!






Chapter 1  Overview

S3000 series of Radial Insertion machine can insert various kinds (2.5mm and 5mm) of radial tape packed electronic components (electrolytic capacitor,potcelain capacitor, LED, etc) and bulk LED. The machine can first dispense the component on the carrier clip of the chain in sequency according to pre-set program, then, insertion head assembly will insert the component into PCB, then clinch and fasten.The insertion shaft will be static in horizontal direction, X,Y shaft will move and get component inserted on PCB each areas, and the insertion angle is maintained by worktable  turn plate, head turning motor RH, and housing turning motor RB. All machine movements are controlled by a computer. This series of radial insertion machines  are featured with following several advantages:

△ Completely controlled by computer, Chinese operation system, based on Windows platform,convinent to operate, fast, simple, easy to learn.

△ Use machine visual technology, on-line auto programming, auto correction, auto recognizing MARK point, the automation degree is enhanced.

△  Sequencer station, every 10 stations form a block, convinent for user to select.

△  Use AC servo system and optimized circuit, eliminating the unstability caused by circuit error, ensure the system is stable and rapid also power economic.

△  Insertion angle is 0°─360°, increment is 1°.

△  Worktable can rotate in clockwise and counterclockwise freely.




  1. Machine Technical Specifications:
Item Technical Specifications
Insertion Rate 18,000 pcs/hr (can enhance the speed by upgrading the software)
Non Performing Rate Less than 1000PPM
Insert Theta 0° to 360°,increment of 1°.
Component Span Dual span 2.5mm/5.0mm
PCB size Min-50mm*50mm,Max-450mm*450mm
PCB thickness 0.79-2.36mm
Component Specs Max Body height 20mm &max body diameter 10mm,max lead diameter 0.8mm
Component types Radial tape packed material such as capacitor, transistor, triode, LED light, key switch, resistor,connector, coil, potentiometer, fuse socket, blown fuse, etc.
Clinch length 1.5±0.3mm(short blade),2.0±0.3mm(long blade)
Clinch degree 10°-35°(adjustable)
Station quantity 60 stations(recommended),optional (10-100 stations)
Machine size (length×width×height) Main unit 1800mm×1600mm×2000mm
Station size 500mm×600mm×760mm
Machine weight 2000KG with 40 stations
Power supply 220V,AC (single phase), 50/60HZ,2.0KVA
System protection Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) configuration, run 15 minutes after power outage
Working power 1.6KW (Energy Saving)
Air pressure 0.6–0.8MPA
Air consumption 0.3m³/minute
Ambient temperature 5°C-25°C
Machine noise 80 dB
Coordinate calibration Machine visual system,MARK vision correction with multi-points
Drivingsystem AC servo, AC motor
Data input USB interface input(EXCEL format)
Control system English operation interface (WINDOWS system control platform)
Component density Distance between component body 1mm, distance between mounting component and hole can not be less than 3mm
Worktable operating mode  Clockwise and counterclockwise
PCB transfer manual/automatic optional




  1. Machinery Part

1) Mahcine stand

It is composed of insertion main unit and sequencer auxiliary unit as well as other stands. The stand units form the basic structure of this machine, and the machine body is made of resin, its scientific structure ensures high rigidness and stability.The four corners of machine are installed with vibration-proof feet, whose height can be adjusted to achieve proper leveling of machine.

2) X, Y worktable assembly

This machine inserts component to each areas of PCB by moving the worktable, where the PCB is placed.Each worktable assembly uses two hard steel shaft as rail, uses ball lead screw and servo motor in the middle to drive. The two ends of lead screw is fixed, the motor is connected with it through timing belt, lead screw nut is fixed with worktable, Motor drives lead screw to rotate, and lead screw drives lead screw nut and worktable to move in a straight line. On X, Y worktable assemblies, there are positive and negative limits, reduction switch and zero position inspection optoelectronic switch. If the assembly moves out of first limit, the motor will slow down; if it exceeds second limit, the motor will slow down until stop to avoid destructive impact to servo system. The zero position inspection optoelectronic switch determines the position of worktable when it stops.The X worktable assembly is installed on the main unit platform, Y worktable assembly is installed on X worktable assembly. The worktable board is made of imported aluminium of high quality, which helps to achieve light weight. There is a round rotating plate in Y worktable, the round rotating plate is supported and located by four bearing that are installed horizontally. At each side of round plate, there is V-shape locating bracket, normally, the “tongue” of locating structure of work plate stretches out and touches V-shape bracket closely to fix round plate. The locating structure is composed of two single-acting cylinders, one elastic “tongue” and locating board.When turning plate needs to rotate, air cylinder stretches out, “tongue” retracts and breaks away from bracket. The round plate rotation is driven by turning plate motor, the turning plate motor is connected with one elastic round wheel assembly through timing belt. The round wheel assembly is equipped with one air cylinder, when the round plate needs to rotate, this air cylinder stretches out, the edge of round wheel and round plate touches with each other tightly, the rotation of motor drives the rotation of round plate.

3) Head Assembly

Head assembly moves the component on carrier clip to inserter, and insert it to PCB. H shaft motor is connected with horizontal gear axle through timing belt, gear axle is engaged with gear rack, gear rack is installed on a pair of straight bearing housing, straight bearing housing is fixed on two hard steel shafts, the hard steel shafts are fixed on main shaft housing and auxiliary shaft housing.Upper straight bearing housing is equipped with high speed lead screw and its nut, the top end of lead screw is located at the highest straight bearing housing , the low end of lead screw is connected with material pressing bar, the leas screw and straight bearing housing can slide freely on hard steel shaft; lead screw nut is fexed on bearing by a nut sleeve, and install one gear on nut, the gear is engaged with one vertical gear axle ,and the vertical gear axle is connected with servo motor P through timing belt, motor P roates and brings the lead screw to move up and down; when gear moves up and down, lead screw and other nut will move up and down together. There is one spin bearing inside bottom straight bearing housing, hollow insertion main bar is connected with this bearing, the main bar is located by two bearings that are installed horizontally. There are bearings installed inside the main hard steel shaft housing, main bar sleeve with timing belt is connected with bearing, main bar goes thtough main bar sleeve, synchronzing wheel is connected with motor RH by timing belt, when motor roates, it brings main bar to roate as well, which realizing inserting in different angles. The inserter is installed at the low end of main bar, and there are material clamp structure and material unload structure installed on inserter. When CTA chain transfers material, the material clamp structure will clip the material; when insert component, the metarial unload structure will unload the mterial from the clamp. At the tip of CTA feeder slider, there is arch material feeder, which is installed with material shovel;and there is a set of clip on arch material feeder, the chain goes through it; feeder slider is cooencted with liner slide rail, the silde rail is linked with air cylinder, and air cylinder drives the feeder slider to move back and forth, it transfers component from carrier clip on chain to material clamp on insert and return. CTA assembly is installed in the middle of tray, there is a set of chain at each side of it. When working, CTA assembly transfers component from carrier clip on chain to material clamp of inserter, then return; motor Rh will rotate according to insertion angle, and set the inserter in right angle ;H shaft motor roates, gear will move downwards, inserter and material pressing bar will move downwards together; motor P rotates, metarial pressing bar will move downwards also and insert component into PCB hols, after than material press bar returns and back to original position together with gear.

4) Housing Assembly

Housing assembly is to shear off the excess lead leg after the component is inserted into PCB holes. The shear blade is installed in the housing, and there is one inspection bar at each side of shear blade; normally the inspection bar and inserter as well as shear blade are in isolation, after shear blade moves to right place, blade and inspection bar touches with each other closely, the machine and “ground” form circuit loop. The inserter is fixed on the housing main bar, main bar and main bar sleeve are in flexible connection, main bar sleeve is equipped with synchronizing gear, main bar sleeve is connected with bearing inside housing by fixed joint, synchronizing wheel is linked with motor RB through timing belt. The system drives housing to go up and down and shear blade to open and close is the same system, it is composed of rising air cylinder, air cylinder connector, connecting bar, air cylinder slider, connector pin, air cylinder connecting holder1, air cylinder connecting holder 2, air cylinder connecting rod and clinch air cylinder. When the system is working, motor RB roates, housing roates to the required angle, rising air cylinder works and housing moves up to required position, then shear air cylinder starts to work, air cylinder connecting bar put pressure on shear blade, shear blade cut off the component lead.

5) Chain Tension Assembly

The purpose is to maintain proper tention of chain. It is composed of three sets of chains, which are displayed in the shape of top and twinside bottom, the left side wheel can be only adjusted up and down, other locations are fixed and can not be adjusted. The chain in middle and the chain at right side can be adjusted back and forth to adjust the tension of chain. When loaded with chain, the set of wheel in middle is fixed on two shafts by two compress spring, the shaft is located on shaft housing, the shaft housing can be adjusted forward and backward; on shaft houisng, there is one adjusting screw, one end of screw bears against a pressing board, the pressing board is fixed on two shafts and touches compress spring closely, the working length of spring can be adjusted by adjusting screw, at the same time, the distortion amount is adjusted when the chain suffers from pressure.

6) Tape Cutting Assembly

The purpose of this assembly is to cut off the tape part of component on carrier clip that passing through this location. Air cylinder is linked with slider, there are main shear blade, pressing blade, tape removing blade on slider; on slider cap, there are adjust block and adjust screw to adjust the pressing blade reach limit; there is auxiliary shear blade at the opposite of main shear blade; at the back of auxiliary shear blade , there is chain guide rail; there is one bearing at the opposite of guide rail to locate the carrier clip from its side; above carrier clip, there is a wheel that can press down carrier clip, the wheel touches carrier clip “elastically” under the effect of spring and locates carrier clip in certain position. When the assembly is working, air cylinder moves and slider moves forward, pressing blade moves forward and press down component lead, taping removing blade removes the tape that is higher than cutting position, shear blade cut off the component lead, then there is no tape on component lead.

7) Chain Driver Assembly

This assembly will drive chains to rotate. It is composed of servo motor,planetary gear, reduction gear box, diaphragm type coupling, and driving chain, etc. At the end of driving chain, there is one optoelectronic inspection plate with eight even slots, it is to detect zero position od chain.

8) Dispenser Assembly

This assembly is to cut off and seperate tape component from tape, and transfer component to carrier clip on chain rapidly and accurately.  Material rolling gear is installed at the rear end of tape guiding board, electromagnetic valve and air cylinder assembly are installed at the rear end of station, the output bar of air cylinder is connected with driving slider by a flexible connector, and on the other end of driving slider, there is furcation material pushing piece and inspection board, and main blade to cut off tape at side; there is one shaft installed vertically at the rear end of driving slider, the shaft and connecting rod are connected flexibly, the other end of connecting rod is connected with pawl and ratchet wheel, the other end of shaft on ratchet wheel is connected with material rolling rubber wheel, there are tape material pressing board and auxiliary blade for tape cutting at the side of rubber wheel, the auxiliary tape is installed on an adjustable blade holder, it is to adjust the gap between it and main blade. One driven slider is installed flexibly at the side of driving slider, and there is one Z-shape material catching pawl on the top of driven slider, the other end of material catching pawl is located by two locater pin, which limits the travel of driven slider, there is tooth socket at this end, the tooth socket is engaged with the flexible pin inside driven slider, the pin is held against by a compressing spring, the other end of spring is connected with locater pin. On the auxiliary blade housing, the missing component inspection piece is installed there; when there is no material at place, the inspection piece touches with the conductive copper of PCB inspection surface and forms circuit loop; otherwise, the circuit will break. When the system is working, air cylinder stretches out, the main shear blade and auxiliary shear blade on driving slider will cut off the tape component that is at place; meanwhile, Y-shape material pusher and material catching pawl as well as driving slider surface will function together to locate and clamp component tightly; Y-shape material pusher tip touched carrier clip first, and locate carrier clip firmly first, then push the component into clip on chain, material catching pawl opens; air cylinder retracts, ratchet wheel assembly moves, and brings material rolling rubber wheel to rotate once, then send one component into material catching pawl, air cylinder moves again……This cycle continues.


3.Electricity and Air Control

Electricity and air control device supplies power and control signal for machine.

All the motion command of this machine is input and output by computer. The detection signal is input to computer through IO board, and motion command signal in input to IO board or servo through computer.

This machine will use 220V AC, 24V and 5V DC, and it is equipped with UPS AC power source. There is leakage circuit breaker at AC power source trunk, and protective at each branch circuit. DC is supplied by switch power. Grounding system must be standard and reliable.

Every AC servo motor is controlled by one servo. All servo parameters can be read or adjusted through servo screen, or can be read and adjusted in computer with dedicated software. The servo scree can show error code of servo system, which means, the servo is able to “diagnose by itself”. Air supply of machine is input by air control assembly and supplied to relevant aircylinder by each electromagnetic valve.



  1. Dispenser Safety Inspection

Its purpose is to ensure: when the dispenser is working, only after the slider returns to safe location, can the chain continue to run, which helps not to damage carrier clip. There is a set of infrared optoelectronic switch at each side of module; in each set, one is to emit light source, another is to receive light source and output signal. By adjusting the optoelectronic switch up and down, right and left, to make sure the light sent out from light source can be received by receiver; and when dispenser slider does not return to safe position, at the same time, the light transmission is blocked by optoelectronic inspection board on slider, the chain will not continue to run.



5.Camera Assembly

Camera assembly is used to on-line program and correct PCB insertion coordination automatically.Camera assembly is composed of camera and light source. Camera is installed at the left side of insertion head, and locked on a holder that can be jogged up and down. The camera lens can adjust focus and distance; the light source is installed under camera lens and is used to aid





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