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S1000 Sequencer Machine

2023-02-09 17:51:22


Function Feature:                                                                                   


Technical Parameters:                                                                              

Insertion Rate 20000 PCS/H
Non-Performing Rate Less than 200PPM
Component Special Taped axial leads components,tape width 52mm,leads distance 5.0mm(body length less than 16mm,body diameter no more than 5.0mm)
Components Types Capacitors,Resistors,Transistors,Diodes and so on(Must be tape packed electronic components)
Machine Weigth 300KG(40stations)
Power Supply 220v AC(single phase) 50Hz 1.0KVA
System Protection UPS,keeping machine runnig 15 minutes without power
Working Power 800W(Energy-Saving)
Air pressure 0.6Mpa
Machine Size 3900*1000*1400 (L*W*H) 40 stations
Station Size 550*600*900mm
Circumstance temperature 5-25
Machine Noise 40dB
Driving System AC Servo , AC Motors
Data Input USB interface input(EXCEL format)
Control System English Version interface(windows system control platform) LCD monitor

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