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S-ws250 Wave soldering machine for electronic manufacturing PCBA

2023-02-09 17:51:23

Lead-free or Tin-lead Through-hole Soldering

adjustable dual waves permit lead-free or tin/lead processing of through-hole and SMD boards to a maximum width of 250 mm

As PCBs are loaded onto the adjustable titanium finger conveyor, they are automatically prepped by an adjustable internal spray fluxing system which houses a precision spray nozzle assembly mounted to a reciprocating Y-axis drive mechanism to ensure even and accurate application of flux.

Run as Dual or Single Wave

Solder processing temperature is settable to a lead-free compatible 300°C. The system includes an economical low-volume 200 kg (550 lbs. Approximate weight for lead free solder) capacity solder pot with an easy-handling roll-out feature. A built-in alarm signals when solder level is at the refill point.

Forced Hot Air Convection Pre-Heat

The preheat stage takes place in a 600 mm (23.6″) glass-covered chamber where boards are heat-bathed by energy-saving forced hot air convection, as opposed to power-consuming, uneven IR heat.

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