S-D601 LED MCPCB Separator/Depanelizer

PCB Details: Material: FPC, MC, FR2,FR4 PCB Size: LengthWidthThickness Is there V-Groove Line or connected with dots Max parts / components hight? Min distance between V-Groove line & component Required output ? (pcs/hour) Samples / Drawings available?


Ideal for singulating metal core LED panels stress‐free.

The multiplecutter mechanism ensures a smooth and precise cut inside the V-Groove slot. Three pairs of precision beveled blades.

The upper blade is adjustable to eliminate stress and deformation between board layers.

Utilizing the panel guides, the panel is aligned to safely transport the panel forward between the blades avoiding misalignment issue


Panel thickness:0.5–3mm

Panel length:Unlimited


Cutter material: SKH7HSS


Dimensions:400x280x210mm(LWH)(*)2.4M base plate standard.

Weight: 36Kg