S 680 a automatic scrap tape cutting machine








ProductName: S-680A automatic scrap tape cutting machine

using voltage: 220V

Finish: steel paint

machine size: L700 * W290 * H510 mm

Weight: 65KG

Product features: Cut scrap tape with the SMT




automatic machine with scissors completely replace manual operations, to achieve a cutting waste strip tape across the board have the function, into the interior of the machine, cut the strip band cutting machines fall automatic vacuum comes antistatic collecting box, to facilitate the operator focus. Bidirectional gear positioning machine feed inlet hard high-speed steel cutting with scissors, scissors completely solve the conventional dicing machine using a shear zone, or due to excessive adhesive tape or trimming occurs continuously stuck phenomenon. This will not only give employees a good working environment, and better show companies 5S management, labor saving, intelligent operation.




The machine adopts microcomputer control system with motor-driven inlet, precision wire guide rail, the gear positioning bidirectional feed imported hard high-speed steel cutting scissors principle band.

  1. This machine is SMT tape cutting apparatus for recovering the tape mounter;

2 typically does not own recovery function placement machine, waste recycling bin tape are used, personnel need to manually with scissors cut, extremely  3.SMT

inconvenient;strip cutting machine is completely replaced with a personnel manual trimming tape, and realized the tape, the film can function across the board; saving time and effort!

  1. When the recovery tape and the film strip into the SMT internal shear cut waste strip, the strip shear, the film may drop in the pumping machine comes antistatic recovered waste tank, facilitate staff collected after the completion of focus;
  2. SMT machine tape with scissors, not only to better showcase the company’s good 5S management capabilities, but also give employees a good and comfortable working environment;

7 with second-generation machine for cutting SMT in various kinds of tapes, films from 0.05mm to 1.5mm thick strip are cut easily;

  1. shear machine with stable performance: imported hard speed steel produced by the vertical knives, the principle similar to scissors, cut with shearing machine with a variety of materials, stable and durable, the effective cutting stroke of this machine range 0-560mm;
  2. shear with a machine stylish appearance, and small footprint, very convenient to use and store;
  3. flexible cutting machine with : weighs only 65KG, 4 are arranged with brake casters for easy handling;

11 equipped with anti-static hollow waste storage box: a tough wear-resistant, corrosion proof, heat shock, electrostatic deleted, economy and durability, etc. .

INTRODUCTION▪ installation



  1. Installation

1.1 Place the apparatus on the desk or floor level of the stable, to avoid shake generated by the machine;

1.2 check use of the machine specifications voltage (AC220V) to be consistent with the specifications of the mains voltage, the power;

1.3 Make sure that the machine tape at the entrance of a foreign body, to avoid unnecessary trouble.


  1. Procedureshearing machine with

2.1a machine to confirm stable placement.

2.2 the strip to be cut into different intersection of the machine, corresponding to the size of the inlet strip, the film is placed behind the aniseed tank, and then start the power switch corresponding to the set time of the respective strip shear, started

strip shearing time adjustment 2.3according to the production

2.4 after the start switch is pressed, the machine automatically begins to cutschedule,the shear cutter to move around the strip.

2.5 with a tank sensor strip, when the strip filled with a predetermined position, the sensor will alarm and stop the cutting material


  1. Note

Please keep it clean 3.1;

3.2 regularly check the loose screws;

machine using 3.3 check before power  SERVICE▪





this equipment from the date of purchase twelve months, during the warranty period, if not a human error, we will repair or, in the case of man-made or warranty period, we will, as appropriate charged for the repair, maintenance of life.






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