S-4000 Axial Inserter machine

  • The s-3010 offers consistently high throughput regardless of component type, with single-, dual-, triple-, and quad-span insertion variants. Lead span capability up to 10mm virtually eliminates tedious manual assembly requirements to improve throughput, product quality and output per floor space, while reducing associated labor costs and time requirements to provide greater returns.

Labor costs are getting higher and higher;
• General labor force continued to decline;
• Lack of skilled workers, training costs have been rising;
• Quality is not stable and consistent;
• The problems of capacity and reliability;
• Take up a lot of production space …etc.
Contact us to reduce costs by 40%


  • 20,000 CPH – Spec Speed
    13,000 CPH – “Real” Throughput Speed
  • Expandable from 20 inputs up to 100 inputs
  • Jumper Wire Feeder Support, insert JW directly directly without sequencer again to save 1/3 JW.
  • Low maintenance dispenser heads
  • Insertion Directions: 0°,90°,180°,270°
  • Components require: 52mm Taped axial leads;
  • Component lead span: 5.0mm
  • Components available: Capacitor, Transistor, Diode, Resistance, Fuse, Taped axial leads components
  • Lowers Cost of Ownership
    Low Energy costs.
  • Easy to Use User Interface
    Easy operation, use Excel program and USB input.
    Off-line programming available
    PCB Size:Max: 450MM450MM

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