S-3000 Radial insertion machine

Current situation of DIP Line in Electronic Machining
Operators tend to be younger, unstable and mobile, resulting in high labor costs and training costs;
l product quality can not be guaranteed, often appear: floating high, leakage, misinsertion, anti-interpolation and other adverse phenomena;
The output efficiency is low, the output is guaranteed completely by the personnel plug-in proficiency degree or the extension working hours,
the production scale cannot expand, the market competition ability does not have the superiority;
With the advance of industry 4.0 and factory intelligence, and the rising labor cost, the industry is pushing special-shaped plug-in machine instead of manual plug-in. In order to improve the market competitiveness, comprehensive profit level and the strong demand for product quality from the main internal and external customers, the companies must change the existing DIP production mode and realize the fine product management.


-Highest Throughput
•18,000 CPH Spec Speed
-Strong Machine Flexibility
• Expandable from 10 inputs up to 100 inputs
• Inserts at 1 degree increments up to 360 degrees
• Inward clinch option to increase bottom side density
– Lowers Cost of Ownership
• Low Energy costs. • Minimal preventative maintenance required. RMB2,000/Month/Unit
– Easy to Use User Interface
• Easy operation, use Excel program and USB input. • Off-line programming available
• Components available: Capacitors (electrolytic, ceramic,
box, and film), transistors, diodes, LEDs, connectors, tact
switches, coils, potentiometers, lamps, fuses, etc
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