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Removal Of The Insertion Head Assembl

2023-02-09 17:51:22

Removal Of The Insertion Head Assembly
To remove the Insertion Head Assembly, proceed as follows.
1.Power down the machine and perform Lockout/Tagout according to
                 local procedures.
                 The machine must be powered down and the local Lockout/Tagout
                 procedure performed to ensure personal safety during this procedure.

2.Open the inserter front cover for access to the insertion head drive

3.Manually rotate the insertion head assembly 90 degrees clockwise.

4.Loosen the hex jam nut and set screw as shown below.

5.Loosen the socket set screw and remove the tooling pin.

6.While holding the insertion head assembly, open the shaft clamp.

7.Slide the insertion head assembly toward the back of the machine until the pusher is disengaged from the shaft.

8.Remove the insertion head assembly from the machine.

End of procedure

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