Pick & Place S-1200-LV

Mounter 1   FEATURES

  • Standard configuration: 7sets of Visual Identification System + a set of 30 Feeder Port + 6 Mounting Head
  • Optimized pick / place routing design, ensures precisionend speed
  • Each mounting head has its own Z axisservo motor, which is designed for vertical motion
    ● Works with different types of high-precision nozzle
  • Suit forvariety of SMD LED components, and high-power LED/IC
  • Using international brandhigh precision ball screw, motor, electromagnetic valve, cable, etc., effectively improve the placement accuracy, stability and service life of machines.
  • With vision systemand SMEMA communication interface, which can automatically identify the MARK point and transport PCB data, effectively improve SMT production precision, efficiency and capacity


Technical Parameters
Model S-1200-LV
Applicable PCB 50mm*50mm~1200*325mm
Placement Head Quantity 6
Max Mounting Capability 28000 CPH
Placement Accuracy 0.05mm
Applicable Components 06037474, SOP, SOT,QFP, QFN, IC
Component Supply Configuration Tape Feeder
Optional 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm
Feeder Port 30
External Dimension L 2000mm×W 1150mm×H 1500mm
Power Supply Single phase, AC 220V(±10%), 50Hz
Max Working Power 2.0KW
Weight Approx 1200KG

SMT Production Line