SBF330 Wave solder input conveyor




This unit is used for transferring PCBs/pallets into the soldering inlet.


Structure stability
Adjustable inclined angle
Aluminum conveying guide rail
Pin chain (3 mm or 5 mm pins)
Conveying motor with speed controller
Parallel and Smooth width adjustment.(lead screw)
Variable speed control to synchronise with wave soldering machine
SMEMA compatible

Technical specifications

Transport height:800mm ±30mm or specify
Transfer direction:L to R or specify R to L
Belt type:35B pin chain or specify
Speed:0.5-20m/min adjustable
Power supply: AC 110 Volts Or 220 Volts; Single Phase
Power consumption:100VA max. or specify
Load bearing:1.5kg/PCB


Model Dimension (L*W*H.MM) PCB size(MM) Weight(KG) PCB Thickness
SBF330 1000*600*1100 50*50-445*330 35KG 0.6~4 mm
SBF460 1000*730*1100 50*50-530*460 45KG 0.6~4 mm