THT Component cutting&bending machine

Option 1:

  1. Model : SD-909A  ,Fully automatic THT Component cutting&bending machine    bulk feeding, one-time can be placed into the vibrating plate 700 left and right triodes, automatic feeding, automatic molding and cutting step by step
    Into, save labor time, use plane vibration feeding method to feed, splitter positioning, high stability. The length of the foot is adjustable to meet the customer’s length.
    Household demand, strongly recommended.

Option 2:

2 .Model : SD-920A  ,Tube  THT Component cutting&bending   machine     

tube loading/feeding, manual operation according to the speed of the equipment, continuous discharge of one pipe and one pipe, and shoulder height of the triode (H3)
Height adjustable, foot length is fixed, not adjustable. The price has a certain advantage



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