SBN250 NG buffer conveyor / SPI Vertical buffer




This unit is used for storage the NG board and flow to the up lever for inspection after the tester(AOI/SPI)


User-friendly ‘soft touch’ LED membrane control panel
Multiple operating modes:
First In First Out (FIFO), Last In First Out (LIFO), and pass-through
Fast, smooth, and precise indexing (frequency inverter controller)
Parallel and smooth width adjustment (leadscrew)
The enclosed design ensures the highest level of safety
Small machine footprint
SMEMA compatible

Technical specifications

Transport height:900mm ±20mm or specify
Transfer direction:L to R or specify R to L
Belt type: ESD belt (round belt)
Cycle time: 10 seconds approx.
Power supply: AC 110 Volts Or 220 Volts; Single Phase
Power consumption:250VA max. or specify
Buffering capacity: 12 PCB or specify.


Model Dimension (L*W*H.MM) PCB size(MM) Weight(KG) PCB Thickness
SBN250 1000*910*1600 50*50-330*250 160KG 0.6~4 mm
SBN330 1200*990*1600 50*50-460*330 300KG 0.6~4 mm


NG buffer conveyor schematic
NG buffer conveyor schematic


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