Soldering Machine





  • Flexible and diverse soldering methods, soldering at different angles, support spot soldering and drag soldering, all parameters can be set by the user to adapt to various difficult operations and micro-soldering processes.
  • Simple programming method, can directly input the coordinates of the solder joints, teach the coordinates of the solder joints, and simply operate the teaching box, or guide the end of the movement to reach the solder joints.
  • German Wilo heating core, heating and cooling rapidly, the temperature error is ±2°C. Fast temperature compensation, uniform and stable; fast temperature rise, fast temperature compensation, high heat conduction efficiency.
  • German Wilo temperature control system, the temperature is kept stable, and low soldering quality will not be caused by this phenomenon during automatic operation.


  • Spin solder

The soldering iron tip can effectively avoid all kinds of PCB board interference components and

other components.

  • Six-year optimization system

Mature and stable, easy to use, three-stage tin feeding and heating control, adjustable tin

feeding speed, suitable for various processes.

  • Various soldering methods

Both spot soldering and drag soldering are supported, and all process parameters can be set by

the user in handling a variety of difficult jobs and micro-soldering processes.

  • Flip jig

Flip jig, double-sided solder



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