SH8650 3D SPI Machine for Solder Paste Inspection


SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) is the full name of the automatic optical solder paste detector, is based on the optical principle of SMT solder paste printing quality of the optical detection equipment. During the detection, the PCB information is collected by the optical detection system in the equipment. The acquisition mode is divided into 2D plane mode and 3D stereo simulation mode. The image information is analyzed and calculated by the internal algorithm, and finally the solder paste Quality defects.
Fully automatic non-contact measuring equipment for solder paste presses before the placement machine.
Depending on the plane camera, laser measurement, structured light measurement, programmable stripes and other technical means, the PCB printed solder paste for 2D or 3D measurement (micron precision).
So in the component placement before the solder paste found in the bad phenomenon, which as much as possible to avoid the occurrence of finished PCB failure, is a quality process control means.

SPI 3D technology
SPI 3D technology

3D SPI Machine for Solder Paste Inspection,model:SH8650 SPI Technology Architecture SPI 3D technology Light source control technology SPI application Capability of SPI Inspection Capability: less solder Inspection Capability: Offset Inspection Capability: more solder Inspection Capability: Short Circuit The real-time data statistics, and report generation SPI - Bad Mark output Specification of SH8650 Specification of SH8650 Specification of SH8650 SPI - Mechanical system



Maintenance specification

1. Daily maintenance is carried out by the operator of the production department. The maintenance contents are as follows:

a. Clean the surface of the machine casing;

b. Clean the dust on the display screen and the surface of the keyboard and mouse;

c. Clean foreign objects on both sides of the track to prevent unnecessary debris from falling into the machine;

d. Check if the static wire is well grounded.


2. Weekly maintenance is arranged by the technician for maintenance. The maintenance contents are as follows:

a. Check the operation of the lead screw and the guide rail;

b. Check the parallel condition on both sides of the track and the tension of the clip;

c. Check the operation of the motor, whether it is hot or abnormal, etc.;

d. Check the finishing status of the program and the SPC misjudgment status statistics of each model.


3. The monthly maintenance is carried out by the technicians during the month. The maintenance contents are as follows:

a. Check the usage status of the program and make backup updates in time;

b. Check the lubrication of the rotating part of the electric motor and clean it in time;

c. Check if the brightness of the light source is good. If necessary, do camera calibration.

d. Check all belt drive and belt tension;

e. Clean the cooling fan filter cotton.

Maintenance item

In order to make the equipment work properly and extend the life of the equipment, please perform the following regular maintenance work:

After the end of the day, turn off the power of the computer and the machine, vacuum the dust on the machine surface and wipe the dust on the surface of the device with a white cloth. Note: Do not use organic solvents to scrub the surface of the machine as it may damage the surface paint. Never use a wind gun. The air gun will blow dust and debris into the machine and attach it to the screw, rail or lens. Affect the normal operation of the machine.

For maintenance of the screw and guide rails every 1 month, first clean the oil with a clean white cloth, then use the 10-11 oil brush to evenly apply the grease to the surface of the screw and the guide rail. Note: Grease and lubricant must be of good quality. Otherwise, the surface friction of the screw or the guide rail will be increased, thereby shortening the service life of the lead screw and the guide rail, and affecting the accurate positioning of the machine. Recommended: Germany OKS premium grease OKS422, or refer to the grease used in the maintenance of the placement machine.

Clean the filter cotton on the left side of the industrial computer panel every 1 month.

Perform a calibration of the light source every 6 months. Because the brightness of the LED light may change slightly after half a year, in order to ensure the normal test, the light source needs to be verified once.


Packing & Delivery




  1. Can be exported according to customer requirements fumigation wooden box or standard inspection-free wooden box
    2.The wooden box is packed in tin foil and vacuumed to achieve waterproof and moisture-proof effect.
    3.The machine fixes each corner with foam to prevent the impact from being affected during transportation.


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