SCN250 90-degree PCB turning conveyor board handing system conveyor serial


We design and manufacture Auto Insertion and SMT Machines for Electronic PCB Assembly.

Specialize in Auto Insertion machine and SMT equipments, providing spare parts, sub-assembly, retrofit kit, repair kit, upgrading, training,overhaul service.


This unit is used to redirect PCBs in a production line, usually used for two combined one assembly line, L or U type SMT assembly line.


User-friendly ‘soft-touch’ LED control membrane control panel
Enclosed design with built-in torque limiter ensures the highest level of safety
The top cover can be opened for easy access to hardware during maintenance
Parallel and smooth width adjustment (leadscrew)
Steady and precise scaling (retractable motor)
Minimize transmission clearance between conveyor
Different sizes available upon request
PCB traffic flows can be customized
SMEMA compatible

Technical specifications

Transport height:900mm ±20mm or specify
Transfer direction:L to R or specify R to L
Belt type: ESD belt (round belt)
Cycle time: 15 seconds approx.
Power supply: AC 110 Volts Or 220 Volts; Single Phase
Power consumption:150VA max. or specify
PCB Thickness:0.6~4 mm

Model Dimension (L*W*H.MM) PCB size(MM) Weight(KG) PCB Thickness
SCN250 500*563*1200 50*50-330*250 150KG 0.6~4 mm
SCN330 580*643*1200 50*50-400*330 170KG 0.6~4 mm


90° Turning Conveyor
90° Turning Conveyor
Drawing of Turning Conveyor
Drawing of Turning Conveyor