S-D4500 Online Routing PCB Separator

Machine Size(L*W*H):1400x1200x1600 mm

Nect Weight(KG):780 KG Max.PCB:400 mm

Max Rotation Speed: 60000rpm/min

PCB Thickness:0.5-2mm,or wider

Shear Ability:capable of shear of straight line, arc, circle, L and U shape



It is suitable for all kinds of electronic industry, which mainly solves the bad situation of products produced by manual breaking off.


1,Using the upper / lower dust absorption mode, a reasonable plan can be customized according to the customer’s requirements, and the dust collection effect is good. (upper and lower vacuum can not be interchangeable).

2, the base plate is fixed more firmly in the cutting, avoiding the cutting accuracy error caused by the bad basic positioning.

3.The special tool is made. It is easy to fix the products to be cut, so as to ensure the high precision cutting requirements.

4, when cutting the main shaft of the main shaft with antistatic generator constantly blowing gas, reducing high speed spindle cutting to produce static electricity, can avoid the damage caused by static electricity.

5, use safety door, reduce noise and dust, improve safety. The vacuum cleaner is attached with a vacuum box (according to the capacity cutting demand or dust collection time for maintenance).

6,PCB could be taken off automatically after work is finished, this machine could communicate directly with front machine , such as SMT magazine Loader.

7,PCB would be put on machine for working by professional fixture, to avoid error caused by wrong position.

8,Self-correction on error of PCB installation, make sure it matches request of high accuracy.

9,Static eliminator applicated to clear static generated during high speed shear of main bearing, which is able to avoid damage and dust piled up by static.

10,Safe door for isolation from noise and dust.

11,Touch screen to display, set and control, simple operation.

12,Able to connect with feeding equipment, and divide them onto plate.

13,Professional Automatic Curve PCB Cutter for Stamp PCB



Machine size L1400mm*W1200mm*H1600mm
Shear Speed of X,Y axis 0-100mm/s,max1000mm/s
Drive speed of X,Y,Z axis X、Y axis at least 700mm/s,Z axis at least 300mm/s, by motor drive servo
Accuracy of Repeat ±0.02mm
Work Area X:350mm,Y1:330mm,Y2:330mmZ:0-50mm
PCB Thickness 0.5-2mm,or specify
Shear Ability capable of shear of straight line, arc, circle, L and U shape
Blade wear set milling tool by intelligence
Table Fuction SingleTable,left and right Table works alternantly, two Tables can work simultaneously
Main axis speed& cool down 60000rpm & By cold wind
Dust collection and power Built-in dust collector, 3.7kw 380v three phase motor
Power Supply 380V ,50HZ
Pressure Supply 0.45Mpa up


Security Device apply safe door or inductor
Working Mode PCBA off line, load and unload PCBA manually
Operation Inteface Windows7, Online program
Visual System CCD Visual alignment system
Weight Approx 780kg
Max.PCB Thickness 4mm
Power (included dust collector) 5000w
Max Rotation Speed 60000rpm/min
Milling Milling by left rotation, DIA of 0.8-3.0mm optional
Error Record automatic memory on all error
Shear Qty Counting Counter on shear quantity and Time recording
Main axis life Tracking Automatic Inspection on Life of main axis